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ICC, only Centre Official Training over 20 multinationals in Spain, is now a community of more than 60,000 students from over 30 countries, with all approvals from leading global companies of which we give its Official Training and a staff of teachers trained professionals from the most prestigious Spanish production companies.

This result of constant work over more than 30 years of professional experience as a Professional Training School Specializing in Design and New Technologies.


The mission of ICC is to provide Training Programmes supported by the use of new technologies, using the best technical and human resources, reaching agreements with major Companies Sector of new technologies and ensuring a renewed awareness of teacher professionalism and high quality .


Being a leader in the sector of New Technologies Training, training the best professionals in areas as diverse as design and audiovisual production areas, Digital Imaging, Application Development and Communications.


  • Customer Focus - Excellence in Management - Teamwork - Innovation and Creativity The definition and the above purposes, materialize on the one hand, in the activities and behaviors of all people within the Organization of ICC, and another, in the generation and transmission of knowledge for society (its companies and its institutions), through a professional relationship aimed at making ICC, a reference model in the areas of knowledge that are peculiar.
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Master Of Big Data And Business Intelligence. Big

Campus Full time October 2018 Spain Madrid

Predictive analytics is the science of predicting behavior, and it is present in every aspect of our lives. It puts value in the power of data and affects every day the taking of millions [+]

Predictive analytics is the science of predicting behavior, and it is present in every aspect of our lives. It puts value in the power of data and affects every day the making of millions of decisions. Banks, companies, politicians and organizations use it to convince us that we need their products or services. Business Intelligence is an approach to business management that allows an organization to define what information is useful and relevant to corporate decision making. This concept helps organizations make better decisions and gain competitive advantage in the market. Big Data as a concept is the set of technologies and tools to collect, store, process and visualize huge amounts of data at a cost and in a reasonable time and acceptable to an organization. Business Intelligence focuses on helping the organization to make decisions in a fast and agile way, the Big Data focuses on the process and visualization of large amount of data. And, simply, if a company is not able to handle huge amounts of data effectively and taking advantage of that information to improve, this will result in loss of productivity, opportunities and benefits. There are many technologies for processing and analyzing large amounts of information. Apache Hadoop has made it possible to "popularize BIG DATA" being able to write programs with ease and carry out large-scale data analysis. This Professional Master prepares you as an Expert in BIG DATA and Business Intelligence. Career prospects BIG DATA Expert with Hadoop Modalities Classroom [-]