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CEUPE is a marked Business School international character with presence in more than 30 countries, leading Online Postgraduate Training by their own methodology and the quality of its training programs and OFFICIAL PARTNER CENTER of the two major Spanish public universities at European level, the KING JUAN CARLOS UNIVERSITY (URJC) and the University of Alcalá (UAH)Ensuring college and career academic excellence that marks those institutions.


Mission, Vision and Values


Mission CEUPE is to train students through training 100% practice and its own online methodology called "Alumni" serving its human dimension, to guarantee a quick and efficient integration into the labor market or updating knowledge to improve and become more competitive professional profile.


Being a Vision CEUPE Business School Online Spanish international benchmark, both for its teaching methodology, for the excellent quality of its training programs.


There are three convictions CEUPE bringing to Work philosophy and values:

1ª.- Every human being has the right to form and access to quality programs, especially those with limited resources, for which CEUPE - European Centre for Graduate and Business offers a wide variety of programs to Study Financial Aid Direct. All training provided is quality, global, socially responsible, providing fair and ethical to the same values.

2ª.- Customization through adapting its training to each student, for each of its students is unique and so it is customizing their training through mentoring activities, encouraging their active cooperation and promoting networking and interpersonal relationships for results immediately applicable in your daily activity.

3ª.- Empathy, since at all times, the whole team of people forming CEUPE strives for, becoming instead the student better understand their training needs and provide the best solutions.


Why choose CEUPE

Several reasons make the European Centre for Graduate CEUPE Business School is selected by thousands of students worldwide each year, including:

No. 1 Business School Online Training Spanish.

Official Collaborating Center of the two most important Spanish Public Universities in Europe, the University Rey Juan Carlos (Rey) and the University of Alcalá (UAH)

Titles of International Recognition

Training programs are supported with two prestigious qualifications: University and Professional.

International Direct Program Study Grants

It offers a comprehensive International Study Program to Aid Direct, accessible to all who need it, such as the International Global Learning Program provides financial assistance on all master's degrees, which cover up to 65% of its cost.

educational methodology

  • It offers the option of studying under the Online Mode, allowing combine studies with other activities. You can download the teaching materials, participate in forums, deliver activities or watch videos of lectures, all to the rhythm of the student, without having to rely on established schedules.
  • tutorial support continued, with personalized service and a practical application of knowledge through the Learning by doing method in which the student learns by doing.
  • Excellent Virtual Campus and updated communication tools. Networking and collaborative environments.
  • 100% of teachers currently working in Multinational Companies, Startups and SMEs in emerging sectors, ensuring upgraded to business reality and work on real cases of company content.
  • The price per credit with excellent value for money compared to other options of the same characteristics.

Teaching Model CEUPE

CEUPE - EUROPEAN CENTRE FOR GRADUATE has developed, after several years of thorough analysis, collaborations with research groups from different international universities and large investments in R + D + i a ACADEMIC own unique model called ALUMNILeaning on a Virtual Campus advanced and collaborative tools (forums, wikis, blogs) supported and guided by a Teaching faculty of recognized standing and extensive experienceWhich remains at the disposal of students actively to make your training experience one efficient and rewarding process and get through its continuous mentoring, your learning be unique and personalized. Similarly, all training activities are designed and managed so that, in a very practical way, students acquire the competencies and skills that enable them to develop specific professional functions in an efficient way, prepare them for undertake new professional challenges or provide them new knowledge applicable in its sector.

Virtual Campus

Its aim is to prepare the student a practical way for a 100% quick and efficient integration into the working world, Or updating knowledge for improving your current job.

  • Constant guidance and academic support team: At all times the student has a Personal Academic Advisor who will accompany you throughout your training and, together with the team of tutors, guarantees a high quality educational experience.
  • Virtual sessions: Online classes where the student participates with peers and guided by his tutor / a, in specific throughout the Master lessons. The sessions will be saved and will be available on campus for you view them whenever you want.
  • Academic Videos: Developed and recorded by the teachers responsible for the matter, including the most important parts of each module are explained, which will help you understand more clearly the content. The student can view them as many times as needed. It also has a video library where you can access videos from other areas of interest, organized by subject.
  • Real case studies: They are the primary form of evaluation of the study areas, each tutor will propose real business cases that will be solved with the help of the material studied. This will help to implement all the theoretical contents of the Master.
  • Flextime: The Campus is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for students to access at times that he himself established. Always guided from the Academic Coordination CEUPE through a proposal times will help you organize your training, support your professional and personal life.
  • Online tests: These self - assessments, which in real time can get about the assimilation of knowledge and their understanding-back feed.
  • Dynamic and Networking forums: They will be in contact with other students of the Master. Through this medium also Professor intervene with news and discussion topics, to generate an active communication between students and teachers, as well as ties netwoking and professional collaboration.
  • Downloadable and printable agenda: Agenda in digital, downloadable and printable and accessible format from any mobile device.
  • Supplementary Material: For those students who want to deepen a specific subject, will have additional content that complements the study material (lectures, articles, websites, audiovisual, etc.)

Online training has many advantages, including:

  • Flexitime: The student is the one who chooses the study schedule, mark your own learning pace and Allocates hours depending on the circumstances, in this way may collation with your work and personal life.
  • Accessible without displacement: Allows you to study from anywhere in the world save time and money it can get a European Qualification Recognition without having to bear the costs of maintenance and displacement during the studies.
  • Continuous updating of content: The online training is a constant updating of content, thanks to the speed with which changes in the Virtual Campus and our tutors permanent contact with business reality are made.
  • Personalized training: The teacher makes a personal tracking of each student, since he knows at all times where you are within the study area and the percentage of evaluation that has passed so far.
  • Skills Development in New Technologies: A while acquiring new knowledge, develop skills and ICT - related, aspect widely valued by companies and necessary to the current professional performance skills.

Pedagogical Model CEUPE of the certainty that "Studying online does not mean being alone"Therefore it serves the human dimension of student seeking to meet their training needs from a personalized treatment through three concepts aligned with the values ​​that enacts:

  • Humanism.
  • Personalising Learning: Each student is unique and as such is treated, personalizing teaching and learning process and always guided by his personal tutor.
  • Empathy: At all times the entire team of people involved in learning put in place the student to understand their needs and educational expectations.

Its main methodology is the "Learning by doing" "Learning by doing", in which the student participates actively in learning using the advantages of multimedia technology and all this is instrumentalized in the following conceptual tools:

  • Social constructivism: Exposes the optimal learning environment is one where there is a dynamic interaction between instructors, students and activities in order to provide opportunities for students to create their own truth through interaction with others. Emphasizes, therefore, the importance of culture and context for understanding what is happening in society and to build knowledge based on this understanding.
  • Mentoring and Cooperation: As synonymous with Support and Cooperation, ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development), support is given to the tutor (mentor) and cooperation exists between the various participating students in the teaching-learning process.
  • Personal Responsibility and Learning by Doing: As synonymous with individual responsibility by the student and the maxim of "Learning by Doing".
This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish


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