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CESTE was founded in1987, and it is the first International Business School to be established in the Autonomous Community of Aragon. it was founded with the clear vocation of offering services to the business world.

Its mission is to train, advise and guide present and future directors of Organisations and Companies by collaborating in the improvement of company management, not only at a managerial level but also at an operative and tactical level.

Our daily work is aimed at fostering the professional and work insertion of young people, by adapting their training to the needs of the Business World and by motivating them to achieve utmost development as regards their own Business Initiatives.

We are strongly focused on the task of projecting our Centre as “The School for Companies” in our Community, both at a national and international level, enabling young people to offer added value to our Community.

Our Mission and Values

  • Train, advise and guide present and future directors and staff belonging to Companies and Institutions, in order to improve administration in Managerial and Operative areas.
  • Foster the professional and work incorporation of young people, by adapting their education to the needs of the Business World, and motivating them towards greater development regarding their own Business Initiatives.
  • Position CESTE, in Aragon, as one of the first Business Schools in Spain with international projection, which will enable young people to offer added value to our Community.

What differentiates us from the rest is:

  • The care is taken in the preparation of our schemes of study.
  • The high rate of our students” professional incorporation to the working world
  • Our teaching staff and collaborators.
  • The effectiveness of our teaching methodology
  • and above all….

Our way of doing things and our commitment to people and our social environment.

Know us

The teaching staff of all the schemes of study taught at CESTE, International Business School, corresponds to a very specific profile.

First of all, our teaching staff have the highest level of education in both university studies and postgraduate courses related to the specific area they teach.

Secondly, they have wide managerial experience which enables them to transmit, not only technical knowledge, but also a real, authentic and practical vision concerning the application of concepts and tools related to real business situations.

Thirdly, they are renowned for their capacity to communicate easily, using the right words and they master a wide range of methodological resources.

All our lecturers are assessed by our students in periodic surveys and their level of satisfaction is analysed and taken into account by Schemes of Studies Management.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Spanish

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