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To choose to study in Barreira AD is to choose to enter a different, diverse, creative environment; an environment where you can be who you want, because students and teachers not only respect the difference, but also the construction of personality, talent and the voice itself.

In Barreira AD, Fashion, Graphic Design, Interior Design, 3D Animation, Videogames and Cinema are taught in different official programs - intermediate and higher degrees, higher studies equivalent to University Degree - and in masters, with a method based on applied knowledge: our students They learn as they work on creative projects with real correspondence in the professional sector they are targeting.

Many of these projects are carried out with companies as relevant as Porcelanosa, IKEA or El Corte Inglés, as well as in international training experiences in capitals of the importance of New York, San Francisco, Milan or Copenhagen.

Our classrooms and workshop classrooms are equipped with the latest technological means so that the student has at his disposal the tools with which he will work when he finishes his studies at the center.

Because if something is sought in Barreira AD, in addition to developing individual and collective talent, it is to prepare our students and students in such a way that they leave the labor market with the guarantee that what they have learned will allow them to choose to work at Highest level thanks to the differences that make them unique. That make them more.

Get to know the center

The school is located in what was once an old brush factory located in the Gran Vía Fernando el Católico, which by its unique character constitutes itself a source of inspiration and creativity.

The campus has a total area of 3000 m2 distributed between technology classrooms equipped with the latest generation computers, workshop classrooms, theoretical classrooms, multipurpose room, common areas, study area and a space of its own, La Cepillería, which usually hosts conferences, events and exhibitions organized by the center.

The technology classrooms are equipped with the specific software of the different artistic disciplines and internet connection positions that allow students to use their personal computers occasionally; Likewise, the campus has a Wi-Fi network available in all its facilities.

Teaching method

The Brush method is a methodology of Barreira AD whose philosophy is the result of research and years of experience acquired.

The teaching revolves around the development of the individual abilities of the students with the aim of maximizing their creativity and helping them develop their particular skills and abilities.

The subjects are based on projects in which the student works in an environment connected with professional reality. Teamwork and multidisciplinarity between the different branches of design are determining factors in the methodology applied in Barreira A D.

The constant commitment to teaching innovation and the use of new technologies as a fundamental support of applied artistic training make the Brush method a reference in design education.

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Our city

Valencia is the third most important city in Spain, the European destination that most Erasmus students receive, and it does not surprise us: the capital of the Valencia Community bathed by the Mediterranean provides a great quality of life to its inhabitants, the regulars and the occasional . Safe, warm, friendly, green, cultural, alive, well connected: living in Valencia is an experience marked by light, joy and opportunities for personal and work growth that the city offers.

Hiring of vulnerable groups

Barreira Arte y Diseño has been a beneficiary in the 2019 exercise of the subsidy from SERVEF - LABORA (Valencian Employment and Training Service - Generalitat Valenciana) provided for in the resolution of December 28, 2018, of the general director of the Servei Valencià d'Ocupació i Formació, published in the DOGV of January 17, 2019, by which the program for the promotion of the indefinite hiring of certain vulnerable groups in the territorial scope of the Valencian Community, regulated in Order 10 / 2018, of July 12, of the Conselleria d'Economia sustainable, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball, published in the DOGV of July 16, 2018.

Subsidy granted for the indefinite hiring of vulnerable groups.

Professionalization Program

The Official Center for Higher Education Barreira AD offers students who finish their studies the possibility of being informed of the different job offers that arrive at the school. Private companies and official schools are among the contacts that are interested in our students to offer them a work outlet.

From the internship department and through the so-called Employment Exchange, offers are sent to those interested, thus maintaining contact with former students and serving as a bridge between them and the world of work.

There are many companies that send us their interest in our graduated students or in the last years of their career to incorporate them into their workforce: communication agencies, fashion and architecture firms, workshops, design, animation or development studios. Video games contact Barreira AD in search of new talents.

Collaborations and practices in business

Companies and organizations from different economic sectors have Barreira AD to complete the training of students through internship agreements that prepare applicants for the real working world.

Our students must carry out curricular practices to obtain the degree they are studying. In addition to this, we have our own plan for the realization of voluntary practices, which will be combined with the teaching activity of each student, but which will be individualized so that the company profile and the student's interests and their needs fit together.

Each year, new companies interested in welcoming trainees get in touch with the school and many are the ones that repeat year after year, thus collaborating in the formation of new generations of creatives.

The best team of teachers in design

Our commitment to education is manifested in the quality of our teaching staff: a good teaching starts from there, that's why our teaching team, from the fixed teachers to the different collaborators we have to teach the courses, masterclasses or workshops, are professionals constantly updated, which allows us to offer students the latest trends and market.



Gran Vía Fernando el Católico 69
Valencia, Valencian Community, Spain