Barcelona Executive Business School (BEBS)


BEBS is an executive business school with international experience in business management and training. BEBS has been in the forefront of executive education, inspiring, challenging and contributing to the development of current and future leaders of many countries and sectors.

BEBS seeks to be differential, causing a positive, comprehensive and consistent impact on people, businesses, and society. BEBS success is based on an academic approach, but especially professional and humanistic of Business and Leadership: during any of our Programs our teachers and executives professionals bring reflection, dialogue, critical analysis, projects and initiatives to ensure excellent education involving consequently a valuable contribution to business and social transformation.

BEBS’s Mission is empowering people around the world so they can become highly competent professionals and fully understand their role in the company and society. Our Business School has a firm commitment to intellectual rigor and academic excellence, and a clear focus on people – on their personal and professional development.

Three reasons why we are different:

  • BEBS “Barcelona Executive Business School” is a business school created by executives for executives. We want you to learn by doing and not just academically.
  • BEBS offer Masters with double accreditation.
  • Our teachers are a group of executives and managers with great careers in the business world.
  • Our model is based on what businesses need today. Not on old patterns that no longer fit in our current business system.
  • In BEBS we seek not only that you learned, but that you put into practice what you learned, through an educational, creative and disruptive approach.

What is BEBS offering you?

BEBS aims to offer, through its training programs, a global development experience where the academic world meets the business one, this one having a totally important role: as a result of it, you will have an innovative, differential, global experience, no matter if you are a student, manager or an executive. With this focus, BEBS contributes to:

  • Promote an innovative approach to Management.
  • Boost the process of innovation, sales growth, and internationalization in companies.
  • Impulse the Entrepreneurial Spirit by promoting the global development of businessmen and women.
  • Promote the strategic vision, which is such a huge need for our economies, so that their leaders were able to design and promote innovative and sustainable business models.
  • Develop social responsibility in the company with teams who can combine professional competence with committed leadership and service to society.
This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Spanish

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This school also offers:


Master in International Business Innovation (MBI)

Online Campus Full time Part time 10 - 12 months Open Enrollment Spain Barcelona + 2 more

The Master in International Business Innovation (IMBI) prepares you to be able to innovate in a global environment where understanding the importance of new technologies, personal improvement, etc. would allow you to build disruptive Business Models, which would provide new value to the society and greater positioning for your business. [+]

The Master in International Business Innovation (IMBI) seeks to develop the capabilities and skills of companies’ staff from different sectors and departments to enable them to respond to the new challenges they face in the current society. An environment that has suffered a structural change needs a different, more entrepreneurial approach.

Modules of the Program

Module 1: The Capacity to Innovate: one of the few lasting competitive advantages - 9 Credits ECTS

Module 2: The Key Factor of Innovation: People - 6 Credits ECTS

Module 3: Identification of Innovation Challenges (Innovation Strategy) - 9 Credits ECTS

Module 4: How to Manage and Systematize the Innovation Process - 6 Credits ECTS... [-]

Master in Internationalization of Companies & Access to New Markets

Online Campus Full time Part time 10 - 12 months Open Enrollment Spain Barcelona + 2 more

The Master in Internationalization of Companies and Access to New Markets will provide you with the necessary tools to implement the internationalization in your own company. [+]

The Master in Internationalization of Companies and Access to New Markets will prepare you to:

Step up company internationalization and to promote foreign trade activities. Develop a wide perspective and comprehensive framework of all the aspects integrating entrepreneurial relations at an international level. Provide professionals and companies with practical and useful tools and guidelines, from both a strategic and operational point of view, aimed at managing the internationalization challenge in a secure and successful way. Serve as an engine and turning point for companies and professionals to carry out their internationalization plan, especially small and medium enterprises. Bring in solutions in all sectors involved, from both a commercial (trading, documentation, payment methods, risk protection) and operational point of view (logistics and global operations). Raise professional and entrepreneurial concern in relation to international trade activities. Modules of the Program ... [-]

Master International in e-Supply Chain Management

Online Campus Part time 10 - 12 months Open Enrollment Spain Barcelona + 1 more

The International Master in e-Supply Chain Management is intended to develop the necessary criteria to enable you to have a clear, current and comprehensive overview of operations and see how they efficiently and effectively interact in our current environment. [+]

The International Master in e-Supply Chain Management aims to train professionals on having a strategic vision, so that they not only mastered the logistics but that they focused on developing the internationalization of the company, going beyond transport and storage, so that they mastered all the needs and areas such as planning, management, and control of logistics strategy and internationalization of the company.

Modules of the Program

Module 1: A Strategic and Global Vision of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) - 6 Credits ECTS

Module 2: SCM Innovation and Optimization - 9 Credits ECTS

Module 3: Demand, Strategy, Purchasing, Sourcing, and Procurement in SCM - 6 Credits ECTS... [-]


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