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SP Jain is a world-class business school with campuses in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney. Our education ethos is strongly influenced by our mission of crafting global business leaders for the 21st-century workplace. We pride ourselves on providing a learning experience that is modern, relevant and truly global.


Business may be universal, but there is no universal way of doing business. A conventional business education may give you the skills to excel in one country, but what about all the others?

At SP Jain, you will learn how business practices differ around the world. Our multi-country learning model provides a unique opportunity for global exposure and experience. This will give you the edge in a competitive global business environment.



How you do business in Dubai is so different from how you do business in Singapore, Australia or even the United States. You may be a great success in your home country, but a miserable failure in another if you have not understood that business practices, political systems and consumer preferences can differ. Helping students understand this is something that we, at SP Jain, do uniquely through our multi-campus learning model. All of SP Jain’s full-time students live and study in not one, but in a minimum of three different cities. We have campuses in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney. So, in addition to learning the various tools of business (like most students), SP Jain students understand the global nature of business in the most compelling way – through actual exposure to diverse cultures, political beliefs, traditions and technological innovations.

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Master in Global Luxury Management

Campus Full time 1 year August 2017 India Mumbai Singapore United Arab Emirates Dubai + 3 more

The program exposes the participants to the world of global luxury and relates and connects it to the bursting emerging luxury markets like India. The industry centric curriculum and real life projects both in India and Milan would give them a complete grip over the nuances of the developed European luxury markets and the rapidly growing emerging markets. [+]

Luxury is all about experience, it is all about aspiration, it is about dreams and the well travelled Indian wants to re-live the same international experience in their own country. Over the last few years, with the economy doing well and more disposable income, there has been a change in the consumption pattern of the Indians. The spurt in affluence, and the emergence of a new breed of young population has led to a rapid growth of the luxury sector. There is a voracious appetite for luxury products such as jewelery, cosmetics, fragrances, electronic gadgets, automobiles to luxury services like hotels, spas, real estates,exquisite holiday destinations, to the big fat Indian weddings. India has become the prime destination for top-notch global and domestic brands. Many high-end luxury brands have set up shop here, some are at the threshold waiting to enter and many more are eyeing India. The latest ASSOCHAM report said ‘Indian Luxury market will cross $18.3 billion by 2016; India’s luxury market will break all times record in 2016’ One of the gravest challenges that the growth of the luxury industry in India faces, is a dearth of skilled and talented persons who understands the Indian luxury consumers, who can understand the luxury product and services, the marketing, financial and operational aspects of luxury and who understands the idiosyncrasies of both the domestic and international Luxury industry. In order to bridge this gap SP Jain School of Global Management in collaboration with MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School... [-]

Master of Global Business

Campus Full time 16 months August 2017 Singapore United Arab Emirates Dubai India Mumbai + 3 more

Adapt to different business environments, cultures & market conditions. Immerse in new cultures, step out of your comfort zone, develop cross-cultural understanding, gain real-world experience and engage some of the world’s top companies with our Master of Global Business (MGB) program. [+]

Adapt to different business environments, cultures & market conditions. Immerse in new cultures, step out of your comfort zone, develop cross-cultural understanding, gain real-world experience and engage some of the world’s top companies with our Master of Global Business (MGB) program. Designed exclusively for graduates with little or no work experience, the program trains you to appreciate and adapt to different business environments, cultures and market conditions, preparing you for a lifetime of decision-making and leadership. CURRICULUM We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. That’s why, as a postgraduate student at SP Jain, you will be engaged and motivated using a wide variety of teaching tools like simulations, online lessons, decision-making laboratories, global immersion exercises, guest lectures, industry sessions, research projects, student boardrooms and interactive discussions. A vibrant new feature of the postgraduate curriculum is the introduction of a Blended Model of Learning. Conventional MBA programs are made of a combination of knowledge-centric courses and their application in the real world. SP Jain’s recently revamped postgraduate curriculum, on the other hand, uses advanced online tools (like webinars, multimedia lessons, problem solving sessions) to deliver foundational and knowledge-based courses to students. It is believed that the discipline of online learning enhances learning agility (the ability to self-learn) and better retention of business fundamentals since students learn at a pace that suits them. On campus, the focus is on more advanced application-based topics that teach students to: Ask the right questions to frame issues Use the right tools to analyse data Synthesise... [-]