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North-Caucasian state university for mining and metallurgy was founded in 1931 and it is one of the oldest technical universities in Russia that trains highly-qualified specialists for the leading companies of mining and smelting enterprises for the Russian and world economy.

The university is located in Vladikavkaz city, the capital of the Republic of North Ossitia-Alania (the Russian Federation), among picturesque foothills of the Northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus, one of the Russian Centers of the mountain hiking and alpine tourism and at the same time one of Russian warmest and sunniest cities.

In the contemporary world it is easy to notice a continuing growth of interest towards treasure of the soil, as well as oil and gas production, mineral resources and precious metals (gold, diamonds, emeralds, etc.) that defines the most important place of geological, mining and metal sectors in the world’s economy. It is an irreplaceable raw material resource of the industry, transport, construction, economy and other branches without which the humanity won’t manage to develop both at the present and in the future. North-Caucasian state university’s own mines, where working side by side with real highly-qualified geologists, colliers and metal-makers, at 100 meters depth students can see with their own eyes the soil structure and learn the beauty and treasure of invisible part of the mineral wealth. It is amazing to look into full of admiration students’ eyes when they see oil and mineral resources for the first time: see admiration of the girls while treating precious metals when they find gold and brilliants in a small amount of soil which afterwards will turn into jewelry. It is nice to witness students proudly looking into their future while being granted with the University Diploma of the North-Caucasian state university for mining and metallurgy.

These days the North-Caucasian state university for mining and metallurgy has:

  1. 12 faculties whereof mining-and-geological and metallurgical faculties are of high interest among foreign students;
  2. exceptionally highly-qualified and professional academic personnel counting 500 lecturers whereof 80% are professors, assistant professors, PhDs and ScDs;
  3. more than 6,000 of students from different parts of Russia and countries of the world;
  4. landscaped and well-kept campus aimed to be comfortable and cozy for Russian and foreign university students. Campus includes 22 academic and laboratory buildings: a stadium, sports center with 21 sports clubs, indoor swimming pool, students’ cafe, university press, comfortable students dormitories, health and creation resorts, sports and health center ‘Tsei’ – one of the best high-mountain centers in the region;
  5. 124 laboratories equipped with laboratory tests facilities for scientific work, training areas for mining machines, 12 scientific and academic subdivisions;
  6. business incubator providing with 200 workplaces built and equipped on the expenses of the awarded grant of the Russian federal target program. ON the basis of this business incubator 9 small innovative enterprises are performing its scientific and breakthrough work;
  7. scientific centers and laboratories in the area of metallurgy, sustainable use of natural resources, construction, power-engineering, human sciences;
  8. diverse sports clubs and amateur-talent groups are located on the territory of the campus;
  9. students have an opportunity to undergo industrial internship in different parts of Russia in order to solidify theoretical knowledge and acquire skills of the practical work;
  10. guaranteed successful employment! In 2015 on the basis of concluded between the university and the employers contracts about 90% of the graduates were employed into the structural subdivisions of the university strategic partners including the world’s biggest company ‘Norilsk nickel’. Totally the university has concluded more than 130 contracts with other companies concerning the cooperation in the employment sphere for the university graduates.
  11. A well-stocked research library with its constantly renewing science book collection consists of more than a half of a million of technical, social, political and fiction literature.

North-Caucasian state university of mining and metallurgy is one of the co-founders of the Association of the Universities of the mineral resources sector, coordinator of the International innovative scientific and research centre ‘Sustainable development’ which in 2015 became a member of the International mining partnership aimed to improve life of mining society and to protect eco-system.

Among strategic partners there are such huge joint stock companies as world famous ‘Norilsk nickel’, ‘Russian copper company’, ‘Gidrometallurg’ and others.

Expert poll held in 2015 by an influential Russian magazine found that 6 educational programs taught in the North-Caucasian state university of mining and metallurgy were granted to be the best according to the quality of specialist training in Russia.

High level of education and training regardless of the educational process is based not only upon professional training but also on fundamental training what enables the students to master successfully applied part of the profession.

North-Caucasian state university for mining and metallurgy is a state institution that has all needed state licenses to carry out educational activities, is equipped with up-to-date and constantly renewable material and technical base for theoretical and practical training. Highly-professional professors are devolving not only great fundamental knowledge to their students but also pedagogical and scientific traditions formed in the Institution during 85 years of its existence.

Regardless of where the graduate of the North-Caucasian state university for mining and metallurgy will be working, top-quality higher education received in the university gives a great chance to find well-paid job and build a rewarding career. This all means that the University’s graduates will occupy a rightful place in the society, work successfully and contribute into development of science and industry in their own country.

These days the graduates of the North-Caucasian state university of mining and metallurgy are its pride! Upon graduation from the University the graduates get gobernment issued Dplomas proving that they have received the higher education recognized in all countries of the world. The graduates are in high demand among Russian and foreign companies working in different spheres of mine, metallurgy, oil and gas industry.

Excellent quality of education, wide range of specializations, which meet the demand of the modern employment market, convenient living conditions and friendly atmosphere are undeniable benefits while choosing a place to study – North-Caucasian state university for mining and metallurgy!

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