International Institute Of Management LINK

EFMD Equis Accredited
AACSB Accredited

LINK offers:

  • A set of study programmes in management, marketing, economics, finances and English language.
  • Prestigious British Diplomas and Russian State Diplomas within single educational programmes.
  • Partnership aimed to establish, in cities and organisations, study centres providing tuition through distance technology.
  • Training of leadership teams capable to improve operation of their organisations.

What is specific to studying with LINK

  • Integrated educational programmes. LINK uses internationally acknowledged programmes and technologies which meet also Russian state standards. Given successful completion of the programme of the Open University, LINK students are awarded the OU Professional Certificates or Diplomas; on studying some more subjects according to Russian standard, they are awarded Russian state Diploma of higher education in management.
  • Active distance learning. Widely used are active learning components such as business games, in-group discussions, training, interactive study materials. All the above allow students to shorten time required to master the programmes and provide a real opportunity for leaders to study without interrupting their business.
  • International level. LINK teaches internationally acknowledged programmes, students who successfully complete them are awarded British Diplomas and Certificates.
  • Relevance to job. This is realized due to study being based on real students' job situations.
  • Quality standards. A quality standards system is developed to support single norms of tuition and students' knowledge. It includes tutor monitoring procedures, co-ordination, statistics procedures, etc.
  • Study materials. Students own the full set of unique study materials required to learn the course.
This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Russian

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Address Central office 8/1, Moskovskaya st.
140180 Moscow, Russia
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