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Innopolis University is a Russian higher education institution focused on education and research in the field of IT and Robotics.


The educational process at Innopolis University is based on the best international programs and Russian teaching methodologies. Students benefit from integration of famous Russian traditions of fundamental science and best international practices. Specific focus area allows Innopolis University to involve industry experts in the educational process, thus keeping programs up-to-date. Participation of experts helps students acquire professional and real-world knowledge and skills. Over 40% of the academic programs is devoted to practical activities in the form of team projects. Students do their internship and projects in partner-companies of the University. This help them to gain valuable experience and start working there upon graduation immediately.

Innopolis University employs professors and researchers who received their degrees from or worked in the world's leading universities: Carnegie Mellon University (USA), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), National University of Singapore (Singapore), University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Republic of Korea), Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy), EURECOM (France) etc. 80 faculty members from all over the world are teaching in Innopolis University. All undergraduate and graduate programs are taught in English.

Innopolis University is engaged in projects and partnerships all over the world. Innopolis University promotes international academic exchange and develops a solid network of partner universities. Academic exchange is a unique opportunity to spend a part of a study program at one of the world’s universities. This is a great chance, and not only in terms of education: exchange promotes global collaboration and intercultural understanding. In the world that turns to become cosmopolitan, it is important to have an international background. Academic exchange is an improving, life-changing experience.



Innopolis University develops a global network of academic partners in order to integrate famous Russian traditions of basic science and best international practices, create and support a high quality system of education and research, and comply with international standards.

Students and graduates of Innopolis University are involved in cutting-edge research and development under supervision of reputed professors and experienced researchers considering the demands of our industry partners. Programs of Innopolis University foresee intensive combination of fundamental and practical courses, and internships in companies starting from the very beginning of studies. University offers a high-quality IT education for young specialists and development engineers in the following programs: Software Engineering, Cyber Security, Data Sciences, and Robotics. The curriculums were designed in close collaboration with leading world partner universities. Due to internationalization strategy Innopolis University trains the world-class specialists, create and commercialize break-through technologies, and contributes to the growth of knowledge in the world.

The most research activities of the University are conducted by the initiative of industry representatives. The success of these studies is confirmed by the fact that a significant share of the budget comes from industrial partners. Moreover, professionals from different sectors are involved for the research implementation, which makes them cross disciplinary. 13 laboratories are in operation now in Innopolis University.



Innopolis University integrates science, education and business. Innopolis University was established for the benefit of industry. Partner companies are involved in development and adjustment of academic programs, determination of research areas, selection of students, internships and employment of our graduates.

Key areas of academic cooperation include joint development and delivery of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, joint research, faculty training, academic exchange (faculty and students) and organization of events of common interest. Innopolis University collaborates with a number of highly reputed institutions from Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia and other countries.

Innopolis University cooperates intensively with high-tech companies operating in the field of IT by involving them in our educational activities and initiatives. The aim of cooperation is the synergy of Russian traditions and international experience, training of world-class specialists, creation and commercialization of break-through technologies and contributing to the growth of knowledge.




Convenient classrooms for lectures and teamwork help our students to focus on their studies. In the sports complex with a swimming pool, gym and sports facilities they can attend group and individual training under the supervision of coaches. Spacious rooms of the four campus buildings are equipped with all necessary items for a comfortable living.


The daily routine at Innopolis University is full of interesting events. The University hosts festivals, conferences, open lectures given by representatives of the high-tech industry on a regular basis.


University Innopolis offers scholarships covering 100% of the tuition fee and monthly allowance.

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Master of Science in Information Technology – Software Engineering

Campus Full time 2 years August 2017 Russia Kazan

The Master of Science in Information Technology – Software Engineering (MSIT-SE) degree is designed for professionals with one to two years of work experience in software development and who want to boost their career and become technical leaders, software architects or project managers. [+]

The program is designed for experts having 3 years of experience in software engineering who are focused on career growth and aiming to become a technical leader, a software architect or a project manager. In the beginning, students are offered 7 core courses and 4 elective courses and then have to work on their final projects. As part of their final assignment, students develop industrial projects in cooperation with the partner companies of the University. Thus, students are able to demonstrate the skills they have acquired while working on their practical tasks. Project groups work under the supervision of mentors. Mentoring allows students to make decisions and carry out the project while being supported by experienced practitioners. Core courses Introduction to Personal Software Process Models of Software Systems Methods: Deciding what to Design Managing Software Development Architectures of Software Systems Analysis of Software Artifacts Communication for Software Engineers See details here. Acquired skills and knowledge Project planning and tracking Time management Assigning resources to tasks Communication with project stakeholders Management of requirements Requirements elicitation Modeling software solutions Analysis and quality assurance of software products Documenting software deliverables Developing state-of-the-art software architectures and designs Taking responsible technical decisions with clear decision-making record Quality assurance planning, monitoring, and reporting Dealing with team issues Learning what it means to be professional software engineer Job prospects Our graduates have the skills able to help them in their career and quickly become: Senior SE Developer Software Architect Technical Leader Project Manager IT-professional, software developers with... [-]

Master of Science in System and Network Engineering

Campus Full time 2 years August 2017 Russia Kazan

The Secure Systems and Network Engineering is a one year master program which was originally brought to Innopolis University from University of Amsterdam (SNE at UvA). The program itself is very extensive, and students will have to devote their time fully to the study process. [+]

The Secure Systems and Network Engineering is a one-year master program which was originally brought to Innopolis University from University of Amsterdam (SNE at UvA). The program itself is very extensive, and students will have to devote their time fully to the study process. Program requires from 1.5 years of experience in security. Because of the complexity of homework assignments and topics covered during the year, we have comprehensive admission procedure, which includes tests and presentation. Core courses Fundamentals of Secure Networks Secure Systems and Networks Classical Internet Applications Distributed Systems Offensive technologies Inter-networking and routing Advanced networking Cybercrimes and forensics Advanced security Acquired skills and knowledge

 Obtain knowledge of computer security, including security protocols and cryptography Understand the architecture and protocols of classical Internet applications (DHCP, DNS, the Email system, WWW) Understand to a large extent the intricacies related to designing and developing a distributed computer systems Understand the challenges and building a scalable IT infrastructure that is flexible and efficient to manage (Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Workstation and Server deployment, Datacenters, and Infrastructure management methodologies) Obtain insight and skills in the subject of practical IT security (Physical security, Network security, Database security, Application security, Web app security) Expertise in conducting computer forensics and cyber crime investigations Knowledge in identifying and assessing vulnerabilities in IT systems including computers, networks and applications software Expertise in designing and building security systems and its components Job prospects Our graduates are employed as: Expert in Internet Security Computer security architect Penetration tester Vulnerability... [-]