Facts and Figures

The academic community of “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati is composed of the following:
  • 12.500 students
  • 1000 teaching staff
  • 14 faculties
  • 67 Bachelor Study Programmes
  • 52 Master study Programmes
  • 3 Doctoral Schools
  • 13 Doctoral Study Programmes
  • 230 doctoral students
  • More than 2500 international students
  • “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati has concluded more than 100 partnership agreements with universities from 34 countries.
In order that the teaching and research activities be carried out in optimal conditions, the university has:
  • 38 research centres
  • 3 student campuses
  • Accommodation for 2800 students
  • 3 cafeterias
  • 12 reading rooms
  • 1 student chapel
  • 2 gyms
  • 1 medical office

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Mission and Objectives

A forward-thinking, modern and student-oriented institution, „Dunărea de Jos" University of Galati has a firm commitment to generate and transfer knowledge to society through:

  • Initial and continuous education – through undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for self-development and career orientation, in an attempt at meeting the demands of the social and economic environment;
  • Research, development, innovation and technology transfer – through individual and collective creativity in science, engineering, economics, arts, letters, sciences, humanities, medicine, legal sciences, providing sports performance and physical development, and the dissemination of results .

The university offers all members of the community the necessary conditions for putting into practice their personal aptitudes by means of education, scientific research and social-cultural activities.

The University assumes the role of cultural and civic centre meant to contribute to the formation and dissemination of cultural values, to promote pluralism of options and the development of political and civic culture.

The University also assumes the role of scientific and technological creation pole, to support all economic, educational and social entities in the region. Its mission is to promote free thinking and the values attached to the principles of the universality of knowledge.

The university fulfils its mission by achieving the following objectives:

  • Creating specialists with a superior training for education, science and culture, health, technology, economics, judicial and social activities, according to the study programmes included in the structure of the university, to the educational standards and to the needs of the society;
  • Updating and improving the training of specialists by master programmes, doctoral studies, post-doctoral studies and continuous training;
  • One of the objectives of the university is ensuring the quality of teaching activities at national and international standards:
  • Improving the curricula, the syllabus and the teaching and evaluation methods;
  • Improving education based on transferable credits, to ensure students the possibility of transfer from one study programme to another, and to obtain international recognition of the diplomas awarded by the university;
  • Development, diversification of and results from computerising the teaching-training process;
  • Uncovering, stimulating and valorising the aptitudes of students, giving special attention to individual values.

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Programs taught in:

This school also offers:


"Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati

The Faculty of Food Science and Engineering (FFSE) is the oldest food faculty in Romania and has top research and educational programs at national level. ... [+]

Partnership for Performance

The Faculty of Food Science and Engineering (FFSE) is the oldest food faculty in Romania and has top research and educational programs at national level. It encompasses two departments:

Food Science and Engineering and Applied Biotechnology Aquaculture, Environmental Science and Cadastral Measurements

FFSE offers a broad range of educational programs in food science and engineering and environmental protection at Bachelor, Master and PhD level

6 Bachelor programs 7 Master of Science programs 3 PhD programs Research subjects developed by the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering

Research directions

New processing technologies that ensure food safety equilibrated nutrition and sustainability Food safety strategies correlated with equilibrated nutrition and sustainability Sustainability of aquatic bioresources Management of natural bioresources ... [-]
Romania Galați
October 2019
2 years


"Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati

Master in Naval Architecture ... [+]

Curriculum Master in Naval Architecture

Year I

Advanced Ship Hydrodinamics Project Management Computational Fluid Dynamics Structural Analysis and Hydroelasticity Complements in Propulsion Dynamics

Year II

Computational Fluid Dynamics Integrated CAD-CAM Tools in Naval Architecture CAD-CAE Tools for the Initial Design R&D Fundamentals Master thesis defense [-]
Romania Galați
October 2019
2 years

”Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați