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The Faculty of Food Processing Technology at The Banat’s “King Michael I of Romania” the University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine had been the second high-profile superior school in Romania. More than 45 faculty and staff members work in three departments of our faculty: Food Sciences, Food Technologies and Food Control conducting research and teaching courses. Additionally, there are associate professors - specialists well known in the country and abroad. The main goal of our faculty is to prepare students to be successful professionals in the field of the food industry or as research. To achieve this we offer our students four comprehensive undergraduate programs, with duration of four years, the graduates receiving a bachelor’s degree in the following fields: Food Engineering, Food Control and Expertise, Consumer and Environmental Protection and Extracts and Natural Food Additives. The students receive training in basic science, food science, nutrition and health, food safety, food technology and quality management. Our faculty offers graduate programs leading to a master’s and a Ph.D. degree. The master’s degree programs, with duration of two years, provide an opportunity for students to improve their knowledge and skills in the following fields: Processing Systems Natural Bioactive Principles, Advanced Technology for Processing Agricultural Raw Materials, Safety and Bio-security of Alimentary Products and Food Human Nutrition. The Ph.D. degree program offers to graduates a Doctor of Food Processing Engineering degree. Also offered are numerous opportunities for post-doctoral research. After graduation, our students are prepared for careers in the food industry and research, educational institutions, and government agencies. Scientific research, development, and innovation activities are a main interest of the faculty members. Our main research programs are conducted in the following fields: food engineering and processing; food quality and safety; food chemistry; flavor chemistry. In addition to investigative research, our faculty members apply their skills and expertise to instructional courses, as well as provide mentoring environments for visiting faculty, research associates and students.

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Faculty of Food Processing Technology