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The Institute of Education (IE) is a new teaching and research unit of the University of Minho (UMinho) created in 2009 by joining the Child Studies Centre (IEC) and the Institute of Education and Psychology (IEP), regarding its Educational component. According to its Statutes, IE's mission is to develop projects on education, research and interaction with society in the broad area of Education, thus contributing to the development and well-being of individuals, groups, education organisations and society alike.

The teaching activity of IE is divided by undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees specific to IE or shared with other Schools of UMinho. IE also covers advanced scientific internships, doctorates in partnership with foreign universities and post-doctorates. In conjunction with the teaching activities, research developed in IE is focused on the educational processes, agents and contexts, on teaching, learning, training and socio-educational development. The activities concerned with the interaction with society, involving in-service training courses, studies and opinions, for example, are a way of making the knowledge and skills of the Institute's professors and researchers available to the community.

The various projects of IE extend beyond the national context, and internationally the cooperation with nearby countries in terms of culture and language, as is the case of the Portuguese Speaking Countries, is worth being highlighted. To achieve its Mission, IE establishes partnerships with national and international institutions aimed at mutual enrichment and at attaining common objectives.

As a Teaching and Research Unit of the University of Minho (UMinho), the Institute of Education (IE) develops projects on education, research and interaction with society in the broad areas of Education and socio-educational development.


The Institute of Education is the teaching and research unit of the University of Minho, whose mission is to develop projects on education, research and interaction with society in the knowledge area of Education and related fields.

The Institute of Education endorses an understanding of Education as a scientific and professional field that, within a framework of interdisciplinary enhancement, aims at generating, disseminating and applying knowledge on multiple contexts, discourses, individuals and processes that shape education as a research and practice field, while contributing to the promotion of democratic citizenship and the development and well-being of individuals, groups, organisations and society.


The fulfilment of the mission mentioned in the previous article is guaranteed by the existence of a sustainable, high-quality scientific, educational and differentiated intervention project, carried out by the teaching and research unit and served by consistently defined and appropriately structured subunits, with a focus on the following target goals:

  • university training at the highest level through a diverse educational offer that includes both graduate and post-graduate training, as well as training not leading to a degree, initial and in-service training for educators, teachers and other personnel and training agents, and socio-educational intervention for all levels of school or non-school education, as well as for all sectors that comprise areas of education, training and lifelong learning;
  • conduct systematic and organised research, within a framework of international reference, in formal, non-formal and informal education, including in particular: the values, ideas and educational systems; the historical, socio-cultural and organisational contexts, as well as socio-educational practices; the forms, methods, technologies and communication practices; curriculum and evaluation; learning and human development; individuals and groups, trainees and trainers, covering a multitude of educational, training and lifelong learning processes;
  • the transfer, exchange and enhancement of the scientific and educational knowledge through the development of intervention and cooperation projects at regional, national and international levels through educational and in-service training programmes and actions within a more general framework of permanent interaction with society on a mutual appreciation basis;
  • scientific, educational and cultural exchange with institutions and national and international organisations through the mobility of students, teachers, researchers and non-teaching staff, the teaching and research partnerships and other international cooperation actions, especially with Portuguese speaking countries;
  • promote activities that enable the access and enjoyment of cultural property by all individuals and groups, internal and external to the Institute and the University.
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