The School of Engineering is active in traditional fields of Engineering, as well as in emerging and unique areas at national level. It is characterised by a strong research component, the excellence of its teaching projects, internationalisation and interaction with society. It is supported by a faculty of more than 300 doctorate professors, approximately 400 researchers and a staff of more than 90 technical and administrative employees.

There are eleven research centres, 70% of which have been classified as Very Good or Excellent. These are internationally recognised centres thanks to the various awards attributed to professors and researchers of the School of Engineering and to important research partnerships with national and international universities. The collaboration with MIT, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Texas at Austin, under the Portugal_MIT and Portugal_CMU / AT programmes, is also noteworthy.

Thanks to International Mobility programmes such as Erasmus Mundus, teaching projects have a very high demand at national and international levels. There are approximately 6.000 students of the different cycles of studies, with around 700 belonging to the 3rd cycle.

The School of Engineering is oriented toward Society, where the relevance of its action is evident in numerous partnerships with national and international companies.

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