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The Architecture’s School at the University of Minho is an organic unity of teaching and research autonomy of academic (scientific, educational and cultural) and administrative. In exercising its autonomy open to interdisciplinary perspectives and proposes to develop a framework of complementarity of knowledge, research, and advanced training, and promote the provision of services to the community, in collaboration with other departments and institutions. The Architecture’s School brings together human and material resources adequate and consistent development of its scientific and educational activities within individual projects or in partnership with other units, national or international. The Architecture’s School provides, since nineteen ninety-six, even then, with the appointment of Autonomous Department of Architecture, the creation, dissemination, and utilization of knowledge in the field of architecture. It is the specificity of education provided that by promoting an "integrated knowledge" - not by challenging the various disciplinary autonomies but overcoming their status as a mere sum of knowledge - contributes to the formation of a methodology of the project essential to the exercise of Architecture in its multiple valences. By building a route itself, the Architecture’s School has been able to survive in a system where, until recent years, pontificated oldest institutions and anchored in the national urban centers. A balanced combination of strategic focus, scientific merit and persistent work it has achieved a clear recognition. Emphasis is also the location of the Architecture’s School at the center of the University of Minho in Guimarães, endowed with a historical center recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage, a city in 2012 will be European Capital of Culture.

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