Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland


Adam Mickiewicz University

AMU is proud to bear the name of Adam Mickiewicz - a Polish bard who believed strongly in a free, multicultural Poland and was one of the most important poets of European Romanticism.

AMU is one of the largest academic centers in Poland. In addition to its facilities in Poznań, it has campuses in Gniezno, Kalisz, Piła, and Słubice. The University currently employs nearly 3,000 teaching staff, including 357 tenured professors, 482 AMU professors and 1,519 doctors and senior lecturers. In 2002-2009 our professors coordinated or were partners in 13 research projects funded by the 5th European Union Framework Program for Research and Technological Development (FP5), 31 projects funded by the 6th European Union Framework Program (FP6) and 7 projects funded by the 7th European Union Framework Program (FP7).

AMU is a member of EUA - European University Association, EUCEN - European University Continuing Education Network, The Compostela Group of Universities, The Santander Group - European University Network, European Chemistry Thematic Network and other European Research Networks.

Everything is possible once you have studied at AMU

• ENIGMA or breaking secret codes. The best students graduating in mathematics in 1929, received training from the army cipher office. This was probably the first cryptology class ever! Among those students were Rejewski, Zygalski, and Różycki who all greatly contributed to cracking the Enigma code. Their work played a crucial role in ending WW II in Europe.

• The first woman Prime Minister of Poland (1992-1993), Madam Hanna Suchocka graduated in law. Since 2001, she has been Polish ambassador to the Holy See.

• 2005 Oscar for Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score, was awarded to Jan A.P. Kaczmarek for his music to Finding Neverland. Mr. Jan P. Kaczmarek graduated in law.

• Nobel Peace Prize 2007 was jointly awarded to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and to Al Gore. One member of that prestigious panel is Professor Piotr Tryjanowski of AMU Faculty of Biology.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Polish

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This school also offers:


MA in Civilisation of English speaking Countries

Campus Full time October 2018 Poland Poznań Łódź

available as M.A. of English Philology and as M.A. of History (at the Faculty of Historical Studies) [+]

Areas of study:

History of the British Isles, History of English and Modern English, Discovering the New World, Culture of North American Indians, African American Civilisation (Ethnic and Racial Problems), American Revolution, British and American Political System, Consequences of the English Reformation, Elizabethan Theatre, History of the United States, Economic Changes, Political Parties, Platforms and Doctrines, Social and Economic Effects of Wars, Literature in English, Art and Culture in Britain and the United States, British and American Life and Institutions, German as a foreign language

MA seminar


EU/EFTA students only registration fee: 85 PLN... [-]

MA in Cultural Studies Intercultural Communication

Campus Full time October 2018 Poland Poznań Łódź

Courses focus on intercultural communication, similarities, and differences among various patterns and theories which are relevant to their understanding. [+]

Courses focus on intercultural communication, similarities, and differences among various patterns and theories which are relevant to their understanding.


B.A. in Cultural Studies or related fields in the humanities.As all lectures and seminars are conducted in English a good knowledge of spoken and written English is a must. Candidates must prove it with a certificate or in practice (entry interview).

EU/EFTA students Registration: 85 PLN

Other students Registration: 200 EuroTuition fee per year: 3200 Euro


MA in English and Celtic Studies

Campus Full time 2 years October 2018 Poland Poznań Łódź + 1 more

During this M.A. in English and Celtic Studies program our students will gain knowledge through the courses English as a foreign language, Welsh as a foreign language .... [+]

M.A. in English and Celtic Studies

-- English as a foreign language

-- Welsh as a foreign language

-- Irish as a foreign language

-- Descriptive grammar of Welsh and English

-- Descriptive grammar of Irish

-- Introduction to European studies

-- Subject seminars

-- Additional seminars

-- Monographic lectures

Language of instruction

English, Welsh, Irish

Admission requirement

B.A. in English, Celtic studies


MA in History Central European Studies

Campus Full time October 2018 Poland Poznań Łódź

The goal of the programme is to equip the student to make contribution to the EU community as well as his/her native country in one of the fields covered in this programme. [+]

Students will understand the development and evolution of "Central Europe” in modern times and how these changes affect business, politics and societies. Cooperating institutions/international partners:Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic)Masaryk University, Brno (Czech Republic)Comenius University, Bratislava (Slovakia)

Applicants from the EU who register by 15 May and are accepted, may apply for AMU scholarship.


EU/EFTA students Registration: 85 PLN

Other students Registration: 200 EuroTuition fee per year: 3200 Euro

ECTS points 120 Requirements B.A. in arts or social sciencesIELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 570 (230 computer-based) [-]


Master of Science in Environmental Protection

Online & Campus Combined Full time 4 - 4 semesters October 2018 Poland Poznań Łódź + 1 more

The Programme is primarily offered to graduates of Environmental Protection, Biology, and Biotechnology (or a related discipline). The whole programme contains 1252 hours of lectures, laboratory classes, workshops, seminars, and field trips. Practical workshops, conducted by international experts are also available. [+]

The studies are intended for those who want to become specialists able to identify and evaluate the biotic components of ecosystems in accordance with the current rules and regulations of the national and European law. The graduates will be able to evaluate and interpret various ecological processes, especially those that are important for making any decisions about the environment. Moreover, the graduates will be acquainted with the methods of effective teamwork. The programme of the studies offers a number of courses which will teach the students data analysis and statistical methods. The students will also learn how to prepare projects according to the official directives of the European Union and to apply for financial support for the development, management, and conservation of the environment, both at the regional and national levels.... [-]

MSc in Applied Chemistry

Campus Full time October 2018 Poland Łódź Poznań

Core courses prepare students to work in industry, research institutions and public administration where expert knowledge of ecology, chemistry and production processes is required. [+]

AMU Applied Chemistry programme introduces students to advanced theoretical chemistry (the quantum world) and inorganic and organic (syntheses, retrosynthetic analysis, chiral compounds) chemistry to progresses to advanced physical chemistry, crystallography(diffraction) , spectroscopy, instrumental analysis (design of analytical instruments/tools, their performance and limitations) and chemical technology (modern industrial technological processes) .

The programme includes a number of elective courses the wide offer of which meet students’ individual interests.

Requirements B.Sc. in Chemistry and good knowledge of English


EU/EFTA students Registration: 85 PLN... [-]

MSc in Biotechnology

Campus Full time October 2018 Poland Poznań Łódź

Funded by the European Social Fund this MSc study programme introduces you to the biomedical aspects of biotechnology, intellectual property management, business and entrepreneurship. [+]

The programme covers the latest concepts, achievements, and methodologies of medical biotechnology. It will develop the necessary practical skills in biomedical and molecular biology techniques, project management, will give a hands-on experience with commonly used as well as sophisticated instrumentation, and will explore the requirements of bioeconomy and biotechnological legislation. Although finishing with an MSc title, the programme will also result in the award of three skills certificates in Advanced Scientific English, Patent Law Regulations, and BioEconomy.