The International Theatre Academy Norway


The International Theatre Academy Norway TITAN is an actor training for students who have ambitions and a drive for creating something themselves. TITAN creates independent actors who are entrepreneurs in the arts and culture: If you desire to develop as a creative artist, using your ideas to create theater from scratch, and film and theater unlike anything the audience has seen before, then TITAN education for you.

TITAN was founded in 2004 and was created as a reaction to several problems that exist in most theatre training programs.

Most programs offer arts technique only. So, graduates know how to create works of art, but not necessarily how to make a living from their art. This leads to the “starving artist” stereotype and of actors “really” begin waiters.

TITAN is designed, from start to finish, to increase your chances of improving as as theatre artist and of making a living.

Our program is unique, in that you will gain experience in not only Acting, but Directing, Producing, Writing, Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

We are looking for students who desire to take risk, want to challenge themselves as artists and desire to perform a great deal.