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MF Norwegian School of Theology (1908) is an accredited Specialized University in the field of Theology, Religious Studies and Social Studies. MF is located in Oslo and has three departments; the Department of Theology, the Department of Religious Education and Pedagogical studies, and the Department of Religion and Society. MF educates scholars, teachers, ministers, and other professionals on Bachelor-, Master- and Ph.D.-level for leadership and service both nationally and internationally.


MF will strengthen its position as a leading school of theology through research at high international level of excellence, dissemination and application of knowledge, and through the pursuit of education in a context of freedom, credibility and ecumenical cooperation, aiming at the personal growth and formation of students.

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History of Religions (M.Phil)

Campus Full time 2 years August 2018 Norway Oslo

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Religion and History in the Pre-Modern World:Encounter and Conflict [+]

Language of Instruction: English Interdisciplinary Approaches to Religion and History in the Pre-Modern World: Encounter and Conflict Why is Jerusalem still such a contested place? What are the reasons for the systematic destruction by the Islamic State (IS) of the cultural heritage of the past? Why do sacred texts produced centuries ago continue to shape the lives of people today? How are they used and abused? Why does the sword sometimes replace the word in religious matters? How did religious groups, ideas and artefacts travel from one continent to another and how did that migration transform them? In other words, how did religious conflicts and encounters shape the modern world and why do they still matter today? These are some of the topics MF Norwegian School of Theology tackles in its new M.Phil programme in History of Religions, with a primary focus on Religion in the Pre-Modern World: Encounters and Conflicts. The programme is focused on the issues of religious cross-pollination, coexistence and conflict in three target areas: Europe, South-East Asia and the Middle East. Addressed in a long historical perspective stretching from Late Antiquity to the European Renaissance, the programme seeks to illuminate the roots of present peaceful coexistence and interchange, as well as of today’s antagonisms and conflicts. The underlying idea of the programme is that, in order to fully grasp current religious conflicts and alliances, we need to understand how the perceptions of past and present are intertwined, reciprocally dependent and constantly reshaped. Based on a multidisciplinary... [-]

Master in Religion, Society and Global Issues (M.Phil)

Campus Full time August 2018 Norway Oslo

This Master’s programme aims at providing insights into various relationships between religion and society in an increasingly global and multicultural world. [+]

The programme is based on courses in social sciences and religious studies. An essential part of the programme is to give insight into the different ways by which religion is shaped by various local and regional social conditions. It aims at giving a more profound understanding of the relationship between religion and society in a global perspective and includes courses in: ethics sociology of religion intercultural communication human rights, conflict and reconciliation Career opportunities The programme provides education for positions in the field of research and education. Furthermore it qualifies for jobs in institutions and organizations where knowledge of religion in an international and global perspective is required. It is also relevant for positions of leadership within the public and private sector. Admission requrements A BA or equivalent degree in Theology, Social Science, Religious Studies or related fields. The study presupposes insights into one or more of the world religions and basic competence within religious studies. Grade average equivalent to Norwegian C level. Qualification Master of Philosophy Religion, Society and Global Issues More information The Master´s programme aims at providing education for positions within research and education, as well as within Norwegian and international institutions and organizations, where knowledge of religion in an international and global perspective is required. It is also relevant for positions of leadership within the public and private sector. The Master´s degree qualifies for further studies on a doctoral level. The Programme Master of Religion, Society and Global Issues consists of 120 ECTS, including a thesis... [-]

Master of Theology (M.Phil)

Campus Full time 2 years August 2018 Norway Oslo

Master of Theology is a two-year programme that focuses on various theological subjects. You can either examine the full range of theological disciplines, or specialise in certain subjects. [+]

Language of Instruction: English General Informations The programme Master of Theology as a whole will give the student: - in-depth knowledge in fields relevant for academic theological study and research - an academic and interdisciplinary understanding - ability for independent academic reflection, methodical study of academic literature and written presentation thereof - insight on philosophy of science and methodological questions, and experience in conducting independent scientific studies - a basis for further academic research - necessary skills for working in school, church and society - a better foundation for communicating academic theological insights in dialogue The degree Master of Theology amounts to 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), included a written Thesis for 30 or 60 ECTS. The programme is usually completed in 2 years Admission requirements Application: To be admitted to the programme a student must satisfy the following requirements: - fulfilment of the General Matriculation Standard of Norwegian institutions of higher education ("Generell studiekompetanse"), - either a university bachelor degree in theology or a comparable field based on three years of study beyond Norwegian matriculation level or equivalent Norwegian educational qualifications approved by the school, - grade average equivalent to Norwegian C level, - documented knowledge of Greek and/or Hebrew if the student are including original language studies in The Old Testament or The New Testament in his or her degree. - documented knowledge of English (IELTS-test with a minimum score of 6.5 or better) enabling the student to study in the English language and to write an... [-]


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