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Maastricht University, Faculty of Law

MA Netherlands Almere Maastricht Aruba Oranjestad September 2018 + 1 more

The Faculty of Law at Maastricht University consists of approximately 2,500 students and 250 staff members. The faculty is located in an imposing building in the city centre, fully equipped with all electronic and other facilities. The faculty’s central location in the city centre, with its numerous pavement cafes, bars and restaurants, and the proximity of several other faculties, makes it an authentic inner-city campus. Problem Based Learning The faculty’s courses are cha… [+] racterised by their small-scale approach. During the first year there is a maximum of only 15 students in each tutorial group, which makes education intensive and student-centred. Students learn how to acquire new knowledge by solving problems. This method, referred to as Problem-Based Learning (PBL), was originally developed in Maastricht, and has been replicated in many other places. PBL increases students’ knowledge and in particular their ability to deal with new problems, rules, laws and complex situations – an important skill for every lawyer. Skills are important The acquisition of new skills is central to PBL: the tutorial groups are guided by a tutor and chaired by a student discussion leader; a student takes notes of the results of the tutorials; a student gives a presentation at every meeting; and students have access to the electronic learning environment. This enables the acquisition of knowledge and insights to be combined with the acquisition of all necessary skills. Proven to be the best way of learning, this method is highly appreciated in professional practice and in continuing education. The small-scale approach allows for individual attention for all students. A great deal of effort is made to guide students in writing papers and preparing presentations. Additionally, students can practice in the faculty mock courtroom, where a lawsuit is imitated in detail. Moot courts The faculty is actively and successfully involved in several national and international moot courts. Can you picture yourself pleading before the European Court of Justice, after several years of study, in a moot court with faculties from all over Europe and the United States taking part? This becomes reality for a dozen UM students each year! An international faculty The faculty’s education is truly international: considerable attention is devoted to European and International law and comparative law in all bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. Its staff, too, are composed of many different nationalities; every year there are foreign guest lecturers and many English-taught elective courses are offered. Moreover, the faculty’s cooperation with universities outside the Netherlands allows students to spend a period of study or an internship abroad. 

Students at the law faculty are given the opportunity to work as student assistants in the area of education or research – a perfect opportunity to gain more knowledge and skills while earning some extra pocket money. Research Faculty research is concentrated within two research schools: the Human Rights research school and the Ius Commune research school. Comparative law, international and European law and the relationship with national law and human rights are the most important fields of research in these schools.

Four times a year, the faculty publishes the Maastricht Journal on European and Comparative Law. Research into European law and comparative law is published in the Ius Commune Europaeum (Intersentia). Furthermore, the Faculty publishes research results in its own series of working papers. Many research results are also published on the internet via SSRN

The Maastricht Graduate School of Lawcoordinatesindirect government funding, funding from contract research, organises the educationofPh.D students, faculty conferences and publications and coordinatesthe Ius Commune research school. Please follow this link for a full campus tour [-]

La Salle Almere

Netherlands Almere September 2018

La Salle, Almere is the newest branch of the international La Salle University family. The La Salle Universities combine the prestige of 300 years of history in 74 universities and business schools across the globe. La Salle, Almere Campus offers a wide range of high-quality educational programs including executive education and professional training designed to specifically fit the needs of the emerging global work market. Our mission is to offer a world-class education… [+] within a global framework in order to provide students with the skills and hands-on experience required for professional success. At La Salle Almere, we elevate our students to the realm of 21st century innovators, thought leaders and agile change agents. Via experiential learning techniques, (learning by doing) La Salle, Almere Campus offers courses and programs in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Project Management, International Business, Online Marketing, Multimedia (Design, Production & Development), Serious Games & Gamification Campaigns, Data Mining and Caring Robots. La Salle, Almere is dedicated to cultivating vibrancy in an environment in which people, ideas, business, and technology collide in new and interesting ways. La Salle, Almere Campus has partnered with Carnegie Mellon University and the CMEC, Tufts University, MIT, and Windesheim University to form a coalition of like-minded institutions dedicated to being on the bleeding edge of education and technology. If you would like to be informed about our developments, please follow us on social media or send us an e-mail. [-]

Aeres University of Applied Sciences

Master Netherlands Almere Dronten Canada Halifax Regional Municipality September 2018 + 1 more

Aeres University of Applied Sciences Talent to grow. That is what Aeres University of Applied Sciences stands for. Our university is rooted in the agricultural and educational higher education. We focus on education, research and sharing knowledge. This is how we contribute to the development of innovative professionals. Professionals who are capable of taking responsible decisions in a complex world, with a natural talent for acting sustainable. Aeres University has three… [+] faculties: Dronten, Almere and Wageningen. We used to be two separate universities, but we fused in 2013. We share the same vision and mission, but we each have our own profile and identity. Bachelor programmes Our bachelor programmes lead to the nationally recognised Ingenieur qualification, which is equivalent to the British BSc (Honours) and the French Licence Professionelle. This university degree is nationally accredited and internationally recognised by companies and civic organisations. The duration of the programme depends on the professional qualification of the student and can take 1- year, 1.5- year, 2- year or 4 years. Our bachelor programmes are: Animal Health & Welfare Aquatic Ecosystem Analysis Major International Agribusiness (EED) Major Plant Production (EED) EU Structural Funds Management European Food Business Food Chain Management Food Entrepreneurship Food Safety Management International Equine Business Management International Food Business International Horticulture & Management International Livestock Production We also offer one Master programme in Agribusiness Development. [-]