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Université Internationale de Casablanca

Master Morocco Casablanca August 2017

Our mission is to train future professionals who are more efficient and immediately operational in order to contribute to the qualified human resources needs necessary for the development of the Moroccan economy and its international openness. The International University of Casablanca (UIC) has been designed for the real world and is committed to preparing the best candidates for professional integration and success. The development of the soft skills of our students,… [+] whatever the field of training, is at the heart of our pedagogical approach, notably through the LPA (Laureate Professional Assessment), which helps develop personal and behavioral skills. Student for better adaptability to the professional world. Other tools such as project-based learning and project-based problem solving are the hallmarks of this pedagogical model. The International University of Casablanca confirms its high standards of quality by obtaining the recognition of the State and becomes "University recognized by the State" The International University of Casablanca (UIC) is an institution of reference in Morocco and in the region. Proud to announce that it has obtained recognition by the Moroccan State. Recognition by the State attests to the quality of the university and its respect for the very strict specifications drawn up by the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Training of Managers. It thus crowns an approach oriented towards a teaching of excellence. This recognition enables UIC laureates to obtain automatic equivalence to national state diplomas and to integrate both the private sector and the civil service. Committed to preparing the integration and professional success of its laureates, UIC's primary vocation is to contribute actively to the qualified human resources needs necessary for the growth of the Moroccan economy and its openness to the world. To see the virtual tour, click here. [-]

Ecole Supérieure Ouverte à Distance

France France Online Belgium Belgium Online Switzerland Switzerland Online Lebanon Lebanon Online Luxembourg Luxembourg Online Algeria Algeria Online Tunisia Tunisia Online Morocco Morocco Online Canada Canada Online French Guiana French Guiana Online French Polynesia French Polynesia Online Martinique (Fr.) Martinique Online Guadeloupe (Fr.) Guadeloupe Online Reunion (Fr.) Reunion Online Mauritius Mauritius Online September 2017 + 25 more

4 GOOD REASONS TO CHOOSE ESOAD SA SPECIALTY ESOAD is the only school in France to exclusively offer FEDE diplomas. EXPERTISE For over 15 years, Esoad supports its students in the success of their personal study plan. SOUND MANAGEMENT A commitment based on an effective and humane educational relationship. A team of referring teachers and educational advisers who accompany and support you. ITS QUALITY Course content conforms to the repository FEDE Course designed… [+] by our expert teachers in European formations. Why opt for e-learning solution? Balancing study and professional life No scheduling constraints and displacement Access to courses when I want and where I want Having an interactive training E-learning is a simple way to work from home at your own pace while maintaining your current job, for example. Courses are available on an online platform. Software installed on your computer, you can access the courses and the associated supplements such as videos, audio format explanations and summaries of courses. You have a referent teacher you can easily contact by phone, email or through Skype instant chat software. Distance learning He realizes the means of lectures, audios and videos. Your individualized access to e-learning platform is 24H / 24 and 7/7 Coaching You have a framework and a individual, personalized educational support. A referent teacher and school counselor accompany you throughout your training path and answer your questions. Everything is done to achieve your goals The custom progress Respecting your rhythm and your schedule, course modules are delivered gradually. The audit The audit is a regular appointment with your academic advisor. It allows to track your attendance, redefining your goals for improvement, a Planning and preparing your exams. [-]

ESCA School of Management

Master Morocco Casablanca August 2017

Founded in 1992, the ESCA School of Management has successfully fulfilled its mission as a higher education institution in the field of management.   Created to accompany business development through the training of high level executives in various management positions, the school has adapted t progressively to the fast changes of the Moroccan economy.     Mission   The current wording of the mission of ESCA School of Management is to train managers, help them suc… [+] ceed and serve the development.   Train Managers « Training Managers entrepreneurs capable of managing the complexity at various stages of their careers »   Help them succeed « Revealing the true ambitions and the best potential of trained managers; assisting them in their development project, teaching them to decipher and understand the world and create value »     Serve the development « Participating in the training of the human capital which is a pillar of economic development and modernization of society ».     Three basic values form the ultimate reference and the basis on which the ESCA School of Management culture was built: Ambition, Innovation and commitment.     Ambition   We believe that ambition in Business Education is the real catalyst of progress; We welcome people who have ambition for themselves and for entities in which they will contribute to the creation of value; We experience in our work models based on the dynamics of the development in Morocco, we share with our partners.     Innovation   We continually question we put to clear new opportunities and progress; We are open to other worlds; We cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit.     Commitment   We want to be a major player in the economical development by training innovative and socially responsible managers; We keep our promises to all stakeholders (teachers, students, academic partners, companies…); We always obey, in all our actions, to the principle of fairness with respect to equal opportunities and diversity. [-]

ESJ Paris - École Supérieure de Journalisme

Master France Paris Senegal Dakar Belgium Brussels Cameroon Douala Morocco Casablanca Lille Algeria Algiers Rabat Tunisia Tunis Algeria Online Belgium Online Cameroon Online France Online Senegal Online Tunisia Online September 2017 + 18 more

L’ESJ Paris est la plus ancienne école de journalisme au monde, créée en 1899. Elle comporte trois types de cursus en journalisme, communication et web : un niveau « bachelor », du bac à bac +3, des formations de niveau « mastère », en un ou deux ans, généralistes ou spécialisées, ainsi qu’une formation à distance. L’école est privée, reconnue par l’Etat (RNCP), située dans Paris. Elle est liée avec 7 écoles ESJ dans le monde et plus de 70 écoles étrangères. Elle est … [+] membre de l’European Journalism Training Association. La plus ancienne école de journalisme au monde, créée en 1899. Elle offre plusieurs cursus, la formation au journalisme prend au minimum deux ans pour un niveau optimal en vue de l'insertion professionnelle : cycle Bachelor/niveau licence, avec une année préparatoire intégrée mastères spécialisés ou généralistes : tous médias, sports, presse féminine et de mode, communication, journalisme et animation radio. mastères spécialisés, de janvier à décembre , réalisés avec l'EICAR : web, JRI/TV cycle à distance Des échanges d'un semestre à l'étranger sont possibles : USA, Irlande, Espagne, Maroc, etc L’OBJECTIF COMPÉTENCES DE L’ESJ PARIS Quel que soit le cursus dans lequel s’engage l’étudiant, l’objectif pédagogique de l’ESJ Paris reste le même, former aux savoir faire ou techniques journalistiques, tout en intégrant dans son enseignement les règles déontologiques du métier de journaliste comme le respect des sources ou la vérification de l’information. Autant d’éléments constitutifs du savoir être journaliste. L’ESJ forme ses futurs journalistes à la presse écrite (y compris agence), à la radio, à la télévision et aux médias Web. Les genres journalistiques enseignés : L’enquête, le reportage, le portrait, la brève, la mouture de dépêches, l’interview, l’animation de débats, le reportage sonore, le diaporama sonore, le Web documentaire, etc. Mais aussi forme: aux métiers de correspondant et d’envoyé spécial. à l'’anglais technique des médias au marketing personnel, relationnel et les parcours professionnels à la connaissance des médias et de leurs métiers, à la législation et la déontologie applicables au journalisme et aux médias aux institutions européennes Techniques enseignées, entre autres : Angler, structurer, titrer un article , écrire un chapô, légender une illustration Scénariser et hiérarchiser l’information Rechercher, archiver et partager l’information Paramétrer une caméra, la prise de vues, transférer les données, monter, encoder aux formats broadcast, web, smartphone… Paramétrer un enregistreur sonore, la prise de sons, transférer les données, monter, encoder aux formats radio, web, smartphone… Expression orale et prise de parole en public Les outils du Web, les réseaux sociaux, l’édition en ligne [-]

Ecole de Gouvernance et d'Economie de Rabat

Master Morocco Rabat August 2017

Since 2014, the School of Governance and Economics Rabat (EGE) has become the political science school at the University Mohammed VI Polytechnic. The EMA was established in 2008 by a non-profit foundation, the Foundation for Teaching Economics, Political and Social (FESEPS) with the aim of reintroducing a high-level training in political science and economics in the Moroccan university environment.

emlyon business school MBA programs

France Écully Paris China Shanghai Morocco Casablanca Lyon September 2017 + 3 more

emlyon is a global, digital and entrepreneurial leading Business School with triple accreditation (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB). emlyon is a learning experience like no other. For over 140 years we equip our students with the entrepreneurial skills, values and attitudes they need to succeed as leaders in today’s challenging global environment. Our mission is to increase business managers and leaders worldwide performance, thanks to training solutions and development of innovative a… [+] nd efficient competencies solutions. EML Experience to follow a training program in developing competences is a pedagogical experience, and also the opportunity to enter in an information hub, where conferences, workshops, meetings with leaders, debates with teachers are permanently offered...which are occasions to expand knowledge and to enrich career vision. To design and implement creative pedagogical experiences for managers and leaders Our mission is to develop agile and reliable managers in a changing world for a positive impact on the company performance and on ecosystem at an international level: that is based on emlyon academic rigor, in direct contact with business realities, and a tradition of pedagogical innovation and of an entrepreneurial management approach. backed by an ambitious development strategy called « Nouveaux territoires 2020 » ("New 2020 territories"), in line with the current/future needs of the participants and companies. Global and innovating solutions emlyon stands out for offering a unique MBA program with international orientations. Our MBA is delivered in 2 tracks: executive mba and full-time mba. Our programs benefit from the progressive generalization of Blended Learning and from the integration of new pedagogical methods based on Action Learning and Design Thinking. [-]

Casa Education

Morocco Casablanca August 2017

Are you committed to achieving your educational and career goals? CasaEducation gives you the opportunity of enrolling one of the online programs offered by the one of the top and famous British Universities. Students do not need to cut jobs and move to UK. It is highly flexible and convenient, with no compromise on service and quality. All it requires is a device and Internet access. Degrees are 100% British. The online platform is simple… [+] to use, accessible from any part of the world. Our Values Achieve: We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by a flexible programs tailored to suit individual needs Perform: Using high standard facilities to perform and develop your knowledge Progress: Improve and support a new generation of global business leaders Our Vision CasaEducation and Edinburgh Napier University are partners for career improvement by delivering a best online and offline educational experience with an unmatched commitment to student success. Our Mission CasaEducation is dedicated to providing innovative undergraduate, graduate, and continuing professional online and offline education in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University (United Kingdom). The programs offered foster student learning with opportunities to launch, improve, or change careers in today’s diverse global society. [-]

Université Internationale de Rabat (UIR)

Master Morocco Rabat August 2017

The International University of Rabat includes men and women who are fully engaged in the fields of research and higher education to support Morocco's development. The teams are all committed UIR around clear missions and shared by all. Propose formationsdiplômantes quality, adapted to the labor market, open on the International and supported by renowned academic partners. Promote an institution, supported the Moroccan diaspora and African mobilizes around her foreign … [+] Universities and Schools as well as major international industrial groups. Developing laboratories devoted to applied research in advanced fields in line with the needs of industry, in terms of technological innovation, and the African continent, in terms of knowledge. Encourage communication and increase exchanges between the various actors in the political, economic, scientific and civil society to discuss contemporary issues at the regional and international. The International University of Rabat has the ambition to be a key player in developing the knowledge economy mainly in Morocco and more generally in Africa, addressing the concerns of developed countries, international organizations, and the Union for the Mediterranean. A university permeable to different influences, listening to the changing world and animated by a spirit of excellence, to meet the economic issues, political and social, of the countries of the south shore of the Mediterranean. An original vision built on a willingness to share knowledge in order to optimize the conditions for socio-economic development through strengthening the leadership and expertise Mediterranean and African. A socially responsible and engaged university that promotes diversity and encourages social mix, developing a policy of openness to all students (scholarships 's studies). [-]

American University of Leadership

USA Orlando Morocco Rabat Marrakech Casablanca Tangier Algeria Algiers Libya Tripoli Turkey Ankara September 2017 + 8 more

At the American University of Leadership, we've been thinking ahead on an innovative  idea: make higher education highly accessible for working students .Many of the conveniences that 21st-century students now take for granted— evening classes, online classes, flexible scheduling, continuous enrollment, a student-centered environment, practitioner faculty, online library, e-books, computer simulations—were pioneered or made acceptable through AUL's efforts. Today, AUL is a… [+] private university offering an American degree worldwide in the language of your choice, English or French, at a reasonable cost.     A.U.L Learning MethodAUL offers Physical and Elearning classes, students are linked to a global   environment which is essential for our programs.  Our university’s commitment to molding leaders and entrepreneurs who are trained within a culturally diverse community and who possess the skills to enter into an international setting is made  possible through the recent explosion of distance education.AUL students are linked throughout the programming and ultimately from international teams within each course and within the culminating multicultural experience. As the work place begins to evolve   into a blended   work environment   to   include   both face-to-face   and   online   employee interactions, students from around the world  enroll in the American University of Leadership inspired to  experience the blending learning environment. [-]