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We are the neo- university, exponencializa development professionals and entrepreneurs to turn them into the lifelong learners.

In the same way , we support corporations and organizations to become places where these professionals develop and grow exponentially .

What do we do ?

We connect learners with collective knowledge to re- evolve the future together .

How do we do it ?

1. We heal content of the leading institutions of the world.

2.- We reprogram your mindset so that it is one of constant learning .

3. We have a system of continuous learning.

Collective Academy , along with its network of mentors , is made up of experts in Higher Education, Edutech , Psychology and Entrepreneurship .

We are part of the lives of more than 250 students and three thousand executives in development , forming a community of around 3,500 members .


Miguel Hidalgo

Calle Bahia de Sta. Barbara 145,
Verónica Anzúres,

11300 Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City, Mexico

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