HandsOn International School of Filmmakers


Our “HandsOn” curriculum provides you with experience in creative and commercial productions for your film portfolio, which is what is required to enter the Film Industry. This approach combines action with thought, replacing “passive” classroom learning with high-quality filmmaking workshops, masterclasses, modules & courses with a mix of indoor & outdoor classes. The filmmaking courseware is designed for applicants, who would like to start or further their education, in cinematography.

The Film School experience is not about just learning, creating or producing but it also gives you the added benefit of meeting like minded students from different parts of the world with whom you can work with to produce your own productions whilst in turn helping them gives you extra credits from their productions.

Other opportunities given by the school are an amount of experience hours on set, giving the students the opportunity to both explore and understand the various skill sets required and available in the Film Industry. Benefits also include individual tutor guidance and support during out of class hours. For the full time students we also help them to enter the industry or open their own companies/promote their skillset.

The 8 modules available, each over 3 weeks, with 3hrs classes from Monday to Thursday, cover all the stages of filmmaking and students can choose to enroll in a specific module or a combination of modules that are of interest t them or to advance in their careers. These are 1) The Filmmaking Skillset, 2) Development & Pre-Production, 3)Practical Principal Photography, 4) Digital Cinema Post Production, 5)Digital VFX Compositing, 6) Colour Keying & Masking 7)2K & 4K Workflows 8) The Colorist & Colour Grading

The 6 + 2 month free, full time, film course, with 6hrs classes from Monday to Thursday covers the full production process, from pre-production and production to post production. Full time students on producing their own short film and/or documentary during their stay, will be further given the school's support to distribute their production, both to International Film Festivals, as well as commercial channels such as Online, TV, Satelite ... etc

Website: www.handsonmalta.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Handsonmaltacom

This school offers programs in:
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