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The School of Science is characterized by great complexity generated by the merger into a single organizational structure of numerous educational and scientific realities related to the basic sciences. This complexity makes the provision of training of the School of Sciences extremely wide and varied. It ranges from computer science to mathematics and physics and astronomy, chemistry and industrial chemistry, biology, geology, environmental sciences and natural to the technologies for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage. All these disciplines, although apparently very distant from each other, are united by the same rigorous and systematic approach used to address the research in their respective fields, and that is based on the formulation of models and their experimental confirmation. In alignment with European standards, the three-year degree courses in School of Science fulfill the priority task of providing basic training, while it is left to the Master of Science professional preparation updated on issues of great scientific importance and relevance. Characteristic of the School of Science is the close connection between the educational activities conducted by teachers and the research they developed within the Departments involved in the school. This activity is characterized in many cases to levels of excellence and for this reason, the results found and are widely spread and recognition nationally and internationally. Thanks to the intense scientific activity conducted within the departments, the student during his training (especially in the context of the Master of Science) has the opportunity to attend workshops and participate in them directly to the research conducted using the same instrument at the disposal of the teaching staff. The student also has the opportunity to complete their training by participating in "stage" at outside companies. The ' internationalization is a dimension inherent in all the educational offer of the school: the student can choose from courses of study offered in partnership with other universities (Joint Programmes and Double Degrees), degree programs offered entirely in English and has the opportunity to participate in programs of international mobility in Europe and in other countries for periods of study, training, and research.


The organization of university studies is divided into three cycles: Degree Courses of the first cycle and single-cycle (Bachelor, Master single-cycle), Curriculums of the second cycle (MSc) degree programs of the third cycle (Doctorates Research and Graduate Schools). Are also active professional courses like Master of the first and second level, Higher Education Courses, Training permanent and intensive courses, Summer and winter school.

Master of Science

The degree program, which can be accessed with the high school diploma, lasts for three years at the end of which he graduated and obtained the title of Doctor. The Master Course, which can be accessed only with the degree, lasts two years at the end of which follows the Master and you get the title of Doctor of Science.


For each course provides information about educational objectives, curriculum, teaching and the organization of texts examined All the teachings of the School can be searched for teacher, type, of course, course of study and AA


The Ph.D. is the highest level of education provided in the Italian academic and is aimed at acquiring the skills necessary for carrying out highly qualified research activities at universities, public and private entities.

Specialization Schools

Schools of specialization courses are post-graduate vocational and Specializing, fundamental to the conduct of certain professional activities.

University Courses of Higher Education and Continuing Education

University courses of Higher Education and continuing education courses offered by the university are aimed at workers who want to deepen their knowledge and updates on topics related to their work.


The University Masters titles are postgraduate scientific specialization and high permanent and recurrent training, after obtaining the first degree or degree. A Master's Degree is an ideal completion of the course of study and is an entrance to the world of work.

Summer and winter school

The Summer and Winter School is a program of intensive courses teaching the offer varied, designed to meet new demands of cultural studies and interdisciplinary.

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