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LUISS Business School, accredited by EQUIS, is the School of Business and Management of LUISS Guido Carli University and it is based in Rome (Italy). The School leads the development and the growth of individuals and companies. It trains talents that will be able to promote social and business growth within small and large institutions, combining entrepreneurial spirit to unconventional qualities: creativity, with the ability to challenge all difficulties.

Whether your ambition lies in starting a business or changing a large organization, transforming your world or changing the world, LUISS Business School has the connections to your future.

LUISS Business School is fuelled and surrounded by innovation, creativity and opportunities. Here you will learn from and have access to world-class faculty, guest speakers and industry leaders.

An international campus in the heart of Rome (Italy). There’s no Place like Rome! LUISS Business School is a top-level Business school in the world’s heritage city of Rome (Italy), where beauty, history and culture provide an amazing environment. The School is situated in one of the most remarkable, historic and artistic parts of Rome and its buildings mirror the atmosphere and the beauty of the city. With the rich history and culture of the city and the creativity of Italian businesses, there’s everything you need for a transformational experience.

Experience a Business School in the Top 1% Worldwide

LUISS Business School gained the gold standard EQUIS-accreditation, ensuring you have a learning experience of the highest quality.

Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability

The Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability Hub (ERShub) has been created to give value to ethics, responsibility and sustainability in management education and in economic action in general. ERShub promotes the idea that an ethical, responsible, and sustainable approach in doing business is instrumental to achieving significant and long lasting economic results while allowing to properly interpret the today’s world dynamics and the global challenges characterizing it.

Planning to Start a Business. If it’s business start-up that’s the focus of your next career step, the School provides access to modelling, planning and funding opportunities for students that what to become entrepreneurs.

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This school also offers:


Master in Big Data Management

Campus Full time 12 months March 2019 Italy Rome

The Master aim to teach students how to work effectively with a heterogeneous, real-world data, and to create value from it. [+]

The Master in Big Data Management program prepares students to work effectively with complex, real-world data and to create value from it.

Big Data Management focuses on improving the understanding of customer patterns to increase business and improve profitability. Working in big data management requires a hybrid set of competencies: computer expertise with a good knowledge of advanced statistical techniques, a thorough understanding of the business world and excellent communication skills. Finding this set of competencies in a single person is rare. They need to be developed with the right mix of classroom and field learning.


The Master in Big Data Management curriculum is designed to prepare students to create analytical models and interpret them from a business-oriented perspective. It prepares young professionals to pursue a career as a data scientist or business analyst for companies including large industrials, consulting firms and marketing specialists.... [-]

Master in Corporate Finance

Campus Full time 12 months September 2019 Italy Rome

The Master has the goal to shape young professionals interested to face increasingly complex financial challenges. [+]

Today the management of financial resources and the relationships with financial markets and investors are critical objectives for firms, financial institutions and other organizations. The strategic role of Corporate Finance has become increasingly important due to the greater attention that managers dedicate to raising capital, financial planning, risk management and investment activities. The current financial environment requires new skills and competences to keep up with the demands for successful professionals in these times of rapid change.


This program prepares you to deal with increasingly complex financial challenges, providing solid technical knowledge and skills, as well as the transversal competencies required to manage complex financial situations in an international environment. You will acquire a thorough knowledge of the conceptual and empirical tools to respond to emerging financial challenges and create new opportunities.... [-]

Master in Fashion & Luxury Management

Campus Full time 12 months October 2019 Italy Rome

The master aims to provide students a 360° vision of the features of the luxury industry and fashion system. [+]

The Master offers two different tracks:

Major in Luxury

It allows to understand the operating mechanisms in the various Luxury segments and in the Luxury industry as a whole.

Major in Fashion

It offers concrete competences to face a very fascinating world, characterized by extremely complex mechanisms and continuous transformations.


Master in International Management

Campus Full time 12 months October 2019 Italy Rome

A unique training programme aimed at young graduates who are motivated to become global managers. t combines theory with practice, bridges academia and industry and integrates hard and soft skills. [+]

The Master in International Management (MIM) is a unique program aimed at young graduates motivated to become global managers. It combines theory with practice, bridges academia and industry and integrates hard and soft skills. The MIM Program blends traditional courses with Learning Labs to promote critical thinking and push students to think systematically about culturally- and intellectually-demanding tasks.


This program exposes students to top academics and seasoned executives to develop the business skills required to operate in international contexts. The LUISS Business School MIM Program will build on your passion for excellence and take you out of your comfort zone. You will learn management concepts and frameworks and apply them to real world situations. Ideal candidates are dynamic and open-minded, enthusiastic about international challenges and willing to work with a multi-cultural and diverse cohort.... [-]

Master in Management & Technology

Campus Full time 12 months October 2019 Italy Rome

The programme is tailored for students willing to learn more about business digitization, sustainability and new trends of the risk management. [+]

The Master offers 3 tracks:

Major in Digital Ecosystem

It develops distinctive capabilities and valuable knowledge required to merge business and technology-driven strategies.

Major in Energy Industry

It provides participants with a solid knowledge of the energy ecosystem to face challenges such as: the global warming, the exhaustion of fossil fuels, the threats to sustainability.

Major in Risk Management and insurance

It provides a comprehensive overview of the risk management field to evaluate and aggregate different risk typologies and assess their cumulative impact on the whole organization.


Master in Tourism Management

Campus Full time 12 months September 2019 Italy Rome

The Master offers an enthusiastic learning experience to make your attitude towards tourism industry a competitive capability on the job market. [+]

The Master in Tourism Management at LUISS Business School offers an enthusiastic learning experience to make your attitude towards Tourism Industry a competitive capability on the job market. The tourism industry is expected to continue growing and increasing in economic relevance for the next two decades. This growth will result in industry changes, more intense competition and new forms of cooperation among public and private actors as well as small companies and large international groups.

In this environment, the quality of human resources will be even more important for a company’s success. It will require a mix of capabilities to exploit opportunities offered by technology, to build networks among different actors and assets and to create complex tourist products.... [-]


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