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Humanitas University’s mission is to train globally minded healthcare professionals through state-of-the-art interactive teaching methods and close integration with its clinical and research community. TEST_4A25231-300x199The pillars of Humanitas University’s project are:

  • A 14-year-strong legacy
  • Strict interconnection with Humanitas first rate hospital facilities and cutting edge research
  • International vocation
  • State-of-the-art interactive teaching methods

At full capacity, Humanitas University will host around 1000 students, of which 130/year in the Medical school, 60/year in the Nursing School and 30/year in the Physiotherapy School.

Humanitas University's new Campus is located in a green area of 20.000 square meters just beside Humanitas Research Hospital including student dorms, labs, individual and group study rooms, recreational areas, sports areas, international canteen and coffee shop and a last generation Simulation Center of about 1.000 sm with 4 operating rooms, 3 multimedia rooms, 2 ambulatories, 1 emergency room, 4 rooms for clinical and surgical skills, 1 microscope room and 1 wet lab.

A 14-year strong legacy

Humanitas University has been built upon its 14-year experience in education gained through the fertile collaboration with the University of Milan. Humanitas has been hosting the Degree Course in Nursing since 2000 and the Degree Course in Medicine starting from 2003 (in English language since 2010).

Strict interconnection with Humanitas first rate hospital facilities and cutting-edge research

TEST_4A24176-300x199 A close integration between healthcare, research and training to offer our patients the world’s best affordable care: this is the mission at Humanitas. Humanitas believes there is a close link between therapy quality, research and training. Patients are expected to be treated better where research is performed and centres of clinical excellence are also dedicated to training and research. Offering patients the best assistance means attracting talented researchers from all over the world and providing young physicians with an international training. Humanitas University is built by the hospital, inside the hospital. All the tutors are specifically trained and work as medical doctors or nurses in the hospital. All campus facilities are located within the hospital area. Studying at Humanitas University, you will get in touch with the operations of a leading hospital and you will be able to interact with medical doctors, researchers and healthcare professionals involved in ambitious research projects. Humanitas Research Hospital has been cited by the Harvard Business Review and has been studied three times as a Harvard Business School case of management. It was accredited by Joint Commission International for its clinical quality and it is organized along disease-centres. Humanitas Research Centre is the third in Italy, the 27th in Western Europe and in the Top 6% in the world for the impact of its publications according to SCImago SIR Report 2013. Researchers from 15 foreign countries work in the centre.

International vocation

Humanitas would like to attract and train people and professionals of high value, from Italy and abroad. It aims at becoming an international reference for the education of physicians, nurses and researchers capable to cope with the future scientific, technological and social evolution. TEST_4A25194 Humanitas has decided to put the English language at the core of its activities. Both the IMAT admission test by Cambridge assessment and all the Medical School teaching activities are carried out in English. The students have the chance to study and learn from Professors and Researchers with international experience, together with Visiting Professors – among whom there are Nobel Prize winners and worldwide acknowledged researchers. Moreover, Humanitas University is developing a network of collaborations with foreign research and education institutions. According to international standards, the educational offer consists of an integrated curriculum. Humanitas University students study in a truly international environment with a big portion of students coming from abroad.

State-of-the-art interactive teaching methods

TEST_4A26050-300x199 What makes Humanitas Medical and Nursing School unique is the coalescence of established educational practices, rooted in the renowned Italian academic system, combined with state-of-the-art interactive teaching methods. Humanitas University aims at training medical doctors and nurses able to sustain a self-directed life-long learning process. It stimulates in medical students a special attention to the patient treatment experience and cross-cultural issues related to illness and healing. Through the use of active learning methods, students are engaged to interact in small groups and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. These methods, along with the clinical experience, are supported by a strong tutoring system with a high tutor-to-student ratio. The main state-of-art teaching methods adopted at Humanitas are the Problem-Based Learning, the Case method, the Concept maps and the Simulated patients.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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