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About Ca’ Foscari

Originally established as Italy’s first business school in 1868, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is now a multidisciplinary institution offering a wide range of study programmes in economics and management, foreign languages, the humanities and the sciences, and it has become one of the country’s top-ranked universities. Ca’ Foscari has a student body of 20,000 undergraduate and 4,000 graduate students, and hosts over 1,000 foreign students each year.

Thanks to its location in the awe-inspiring historic centre of Venice, the university provides the unique and rewarding opportunity of studying and carrying out research in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, representing a context in which cultural tradition and intellectual innovation come together.

With a reputation for excellence in research, it has earned more of the EU’s coveted Marie Curie grants than any other Italian institution in recent years, and in the 2018 QS subject rankings, Ca’ Foscari is among the world’s top 150 universities for Modern Languages, in the top 200 for Economics & Econometrics and in the top 301-350 for graduate employability.

The university also fosters a well-rounded study experience through its provision of a panoply of student services and a variety of sports activities and student associations.


Ca’ Foscari University is located in the world-famous city of Venice, a unique urban centre situated in a lagoon on the north-eastern coast of Italy that is directly connected to the Adriatic Sea.

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. It is built on an archipelago located in a shallow lagoon that comprises over 100 islands connected by footbridges. Since canals take the place of roads, people move around the city by foot and by boat. In fact, Venice is Europe’s largest modern urban car-free city.

The city is characterized by a wealth of stunning historic architecture and art because the historical Republic of Venice was a thriving trading port and major maritime power during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, so some of the city’s sites are included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

In addition to a colourful past, however, Venice has an equally vibrant present, for it continues to be a hub of contemporary art and culture.

Living in the historic centre of Venice means living an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Due to the need to walk most places, the city’s public spaces become social hubs. In fact, one of the most eagerly awaited moments in a Venetian student’s day is the so-called aperitivo in campo, or outdoor aperitif: from the afternoon through to late evening, areas such as Campo Santa Margherita and the Erbarìa at Rialto turn into venues where people gather to chat and listen to music while they drink spritz and eat cicchetti – the traditional local aperitif and snacks that Venice is famous for.

Study Experience

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice’s study offer is divided into 8 Departments responsible for research and teaching activities of Bachelor’s and Master’s, 3 schools and the prestigious Collegio Internazionale (International College). Three other structures exist alongside these :

· Ca' Foscari Graduate School, which coordinates Research Doctorates (PhDs);

· Ca’ Foscari Challenge School, which organises Professional Master’s Programmes (1st and 2nd level) and other opportunities for executive education;

· Ca’ Foscari School for International Education, which promotes intensive summer and autumn courses, orientation programmes, foundation year programmes and other extracurricular activities for Italian and international students.

Dedicated to providing students with a stimulating, competitive and cutting-edge education, Ca’ Foscari has created an extensive academic network of partner universities that spans the globe, and as a result, it offers a variety of joint and double bachelor’s and master’s degrees and has over 700 active international exchange agreements. As a consequence of the University’s dedication to nurturing an international academic community, Ca’ Foscari also offers a significant number of study programmes taught in English.

Bachelor’s degree programmes in:

· Digital Management

· Philosophy, International and Economic Studies

· Business administration (Business Administration and Management Curriculum)

· Economics and Business (Economics, Markets and Finance Curriculum)

Master’s degrees programmes in :

· Global Development and Entrepreneurship

· Conservation Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage

· Comparative International Relations (International and Cross-Cultural Relations Curriculum)

· Computer Science

· Economics and Finance (Economics- QEM Curriculum/ Finance Curriculum)

· Environmental Sciences (Global Environmental Change Curriculum)

· European, American and Postcolonial Language and Literature (American Studies Curriculum / English Studies Curriculum)

· Management

· Language Sciences (Language Science Curriculum)

· Science and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials;

· Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies (Environment, Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies Curriculum)

To have a general overview of all Degree Programmes (both Italian- and English-taught) visit this page

Student facilities and Services

Ca’ Foscari’s main campus is located in the heart of Venice’s historic centre, but it also has additional campuses on the mainland. It offers students the use of 6 libraries, the School for International Education, the post-graduate Challenge School and a language study centre. It also has exhibition spaces, a theatre, a sports centre and canteens.

Ca’ Foscari assists students during their entire University career by offering a range of loans, grants and bursaries through its Financial Aid Office. Tailor-made support is available to international students, students who work and students with disabilities.

The International Welcome Unit offers a wide range of services for international beneficiaries, such as guidance and assistance for enrolment procedures, recognition of academic qualifications, visa application process, residency permit, student services, health issues and transportation.


In order to strengthen the presence of international students and to enrich its global community , Ca’ Foscari is offering talented international students financial assistance in two forms:

• tuition fee waivers–full exemption from payment of university tuition and fees

• one-time scholarships of 5,000 EUR/each

For more information, please visit the webpage


Ca’ Foscari’s Housing Office is a service for Italian and international students, researchers, professors and administrative staff coming to study or work at Ca’ Foscari. It offers useful information and contacts to find suitable and convenient accommodation solutions in Venice and in the nearby area.

For more information, please visit the webpage.

Welcome Unit

The Welcome Unit offers a wide range of services dedicated to international students and faculty, such as guidance/information about and assistance with the recognition of academic qualifications, the visa application process and enrolment procedures. It also provides general information regarding the university’s student services, financial aid, housing, health services and transportation.

For more information, please visit the webpage.

Language Centre

The centre provides foreign language courses in English, French, Russian, Spanish and German at various levels.


The university has canteens in many locations, both in the historic centre of Venice and on the mainland campuses in Mestre, Marghera and Treviso.

Outgoing mobility opportunities

Thanks to over 650 cooperation agreements between international universities and Ca’ Foscari, you can spend some time studying abroad in over 70 Countries all over the world. The International Office promotes the outgoing mobility of Ca' Foscari students by participating in the leading international mobility programmes, developing relationships with foreign host universities and companies, and providing incentives for participation by all members of the university community.

For more information, please visit the webpage

Career Support

The Career Office arranges internships and work placements both in Italy and abroad, it also conducts career fairs, recruitment drives and workshops to help current students and recent graduates acquire the professional skills they need to be competitive in the job market.

For more information, please visit the webpage .

Career Day

Career day is a full-day event dedicated to recruitment during which undergraduates and recent graduates can meet the managers of the participating companies and get to know the working world. Students can visit the stands of companies, distribute their CVs, take part in interviews and acquire information about the professional opportunities and career options open to them. Career Day also involves a range of workshops, seminars and company presentations.

Student life

Few other universities offer the opportunity to study and carry out research in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. At Ca' Foscari, cultural tradition and intellectual innovation are able to come together.

Studying at Ca’ Foscari provides an opportunity to study and live in a very unique city, where you can wander for hours and even enjoy getting lost, have a Spritz in one of Venice beautiful squares, visit the world-famous museums and exhibitions, travel by boat through the smaller islands of the lagoon, enjoy the Lido beaches and taste delicious food.

The University also organizes a lot of cultural events to bring students and staff together in a city which is like no other, a place where past meets innovation and your thirst for knowledge is stimulated by numerous initiatives. Living in Venice is living art, architecture, development, research, attention to the environment and discovering ancient traditions and different cultures.

Furthermore, Ca’ Foscari guarantees students a well-rounded study experience through its provision a large variety of sports activities and student associations:

· Erasmus Student Network (ESN) – With over 12,000 members from 36 countries, the Erasmus Student Network supports and promotes international networking by providing students with opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development according to the principle of students helping students.

· University Sports Centre (CUS) – The CUS offers students the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports thanks to its facilities in the the historic centre of Venice.

· Radio Ca’ Foscari – Created by students of Ca’ Foscari, the university’s online radio station is an immensely popular means of communication. Interesting students can take part in its operation on the basis of their individual skills and experience.

· University Choir and Orchestra – For more than twenty-five years Ca’ Foscari’s choir and orchestra have been offering students the opportunity to explore and foster their love for music. The groups’ repertoires change from year to year and range from medieval to contemporary pieces.

· Shylock University Theatre Centre (CUT) – Shylock is a cultural association aimed at promoting technical-artistic innovation in the field of theatrical performance. It organises training and experimental workshops, hosts visiting productions and shows, and carries out research and production projects.


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This school offers programs in:
  • English

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This school also offers:


Master's Degree in Computer Science

Campus Full time 2 years October 2019 Italy Venice

This English taught Master's Degree Programme offers a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills on methods, tools and enabling technologies to manage and analyze large amounts of data through statistical techniques and machine learning and design reliable software with focus on security, correctness and performance. The contents of the two specializations intercept fast growing industrial sectors in production and services, both at national and international level; in particular, Big Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity, Cloud, and IoT. Thanks to this programme, graduates will be proficient in software design, data management and analysis, informatic systems and computer networks, especially with regards to security, in Italy and abroad. [+]

This Master's Degree Programme is fully taught in English and offers a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills on methodology, tools and technology to:

Manage and analyze large amounts of data using statistics and machine learning; Design reliable software with focus on security, correctness and performance.

The two curricula focus on growing sectors of the industry and on Italian and international services such as Big Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity, Cloud e IoT.

Curricula available:

Data Management and Analytics Software Dependability and Cyber Security About the Degree Programme Requirements and Application Level of qualification Master's Degree Programme Teaching Language ... [-]

Master's Degree in Environmental Sciences

Campus Full time 2 years October 2019 Italy Venice

The Master’s Degree programme provides an elevated qualification and specialisation in the following fields: application of methodology of investigation and of the design of recovery operations and environmental rehabilitation; evaluation of environmental resources; regional management and planning and of coastal marine systems; evaluation and management of climate change issues and dynamics of the Earth system, environmental interest technologies and cleaner products and processes. Once you will graduate, you will have gained the required skills to apply as a highly qualified specialist or a consultant in industries, international agencies for the protection of environment, public institutions, research institutions and universities. [+]

The Master’s Degree programme provides an elevated qualification and specialisation in the following fields: application of methodology of investigation and of the design of recovery operations and environmental rehabilitation; evaluation of environmental resources; regional management and planning and of coastal marine systems; evaluation and management of climate change issues and dynamics of the Earth system, environmental interest technologies and cleaner products and processes. Students are encouraged and supported in carrying out these courses to develop training in specific professional fields.

Joint/Double degree availables:

Joint Master's Degree in Sustainable Development ... [-]


Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Interpretariato e Traduzione Editoriale, Settoriale

Campus Full time October 2019 Italy Venice

ITES is a unique course in Italy offering a path that integrates translation skills, interpretation skills and a combination of Chinese to English and Chinese to Italian in the same curriculum, as well as the additional aspect of Cantonese. You will acquire techniques and methodologies used in professional interpretation and specialised literary translation, as well as learning how to use IT tools for assisted translation. You will tackle the most diverse linguistic-literary and socio-cultural issues with a comparative and intercultural approach, knowledge that is crucial to satisfy the demand for professional mediators in response to the exponential growth of Far Eastern economies. Possessing specialised skills in the field of interpretation and translation increases opportunities for integration into the labour market. Throughout the course you will learn to analyse and translate sectoral, literary and editorial texts, to translate multimedia texts (websites, audio-visual, localisation etc.) You will also learn how to do liaison interpreting, consecutive and chuchotage interpreting and company visits as well as to manage complex technical professional projects. In addition to providing a wealth of technical skills, these activities aim to deepen the understanding of intercultural and interlinguistic dynamics in which you will find yourself working both professionally and academically. [+]

The ITES Master’s Degree programme aims to shape professionals endowed with specific linguistic skills in the field of interpreting and translation, whether specialised or literary, enabling them to use informatic techniques and tools for assisted translation. The study language is standard chinese, with combinations of chinese-english and chinese-italian; furthermore understanding of Cantonese at an elementary level is required. Translation studies, understood not only as communication but also as a main form of mediation, confronts the most different linguistic/literary and socio-cultural topics, from an intercultural and comparative point of view.

In the degree programme, students learn to analyse and translate texts of a sectorial, literary and editorial nature in chinese/italian; translating multimedia texts (website, audiovisual subtitles, locationing etc..); carry out activities related to liaison interpreting, consecutive and whispered interpretation in negotiations, company visits, talks etc.... [-]

Master's Degree in Comparative International Relations

Campus Full time 2 years October 2019 Italy Venice

The course is unique to Italy for its kind of study of International Relations associated with languages and foreign cultures, law and international economics. You will be immersed in linguistic and cultural studies on Europe, Asia and the Atlantic world, typical of the Ca’ Foscari tradition. The course will provide you with solid linguistic training, legal and economics, as well as in-depth comparative studies in the political, cultural, geographic and sociological fields through study programmes on specific geopolitical areas. The acquired skills will allow you to take on functions and responsibilities in international offices and bodies, private companies that operate in the international market, public administration and territorial entities, national and international bodies in international cooperation, in consular offices, institutions, entities, agencies and foundations. [+]

The Master’s Degree programme in Comparative international relations engages in the linguistic and cultural study of Europe, as well as Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Atlantic world typical of the tradition of Ca’ Foscari and, in this sense, represents a unique offer in Italy for the study of international relations associated with those foreign languages and cultures, of the rights and of the international economy. Students will be able to study real issues through the study of specific disciplines pertinent to different cultural and geopolitical areas with a specific focus on the Americas, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Asia, and their politics for the economic development corresponding to the many paths of study.... [-]

Master's Degree in Conservation Science and Technology for Cultural Heritage

Campus Full time October 2019 Italy Venice

This Master’s degree programme trains experts in cultural heritage conservation with a strong interdisciplinary scientific knowledge (chemistry, physics, biology, computer science, geology) and hands-on experience with innovative conservation technologies. Once you will graduate you will become a conservation scientist, a technical and scientific expert in the conservation of cultural heritage. You will know how to design and use new restoration and conservation technologies, develop and design prevention and manutention projects and carry out investigations of artefacts to in the conservation context. [+]

The Master’s degree Programme trains conservation scientists working in the conservation of historic-artistic heritage, with a strong scientific interdisciplinary education including chemistry, physics, biology, computer science and geology as well as innovative technologies for the conservation of artefacts, who will be able to interact with experts from other fields involved in the conservation process.

The graduate will be able to design and use new technologies for restoration, to develop prevention projects and to carry out investigations on artefacts.

About the Degree Programme Requirements and Application Level of qualification

Master’s degree programme... [-]

Master's Degree in Crossing the Mediterranean: towards Investment and Integration (MIM)

Campus Full time 2 years October 2019 Italy Venice

Offered jointly with the University Paul-Valéry of Montpellier (UPVM) and in collaboration with the Université de Strasbourg, Sousse and Meknès, The Master’s Degree Course Crossing the Mediterranean: towards Investment and Integration (MIM) will allow you to acquire a deep knowledge of the countries of the south shore of the Mediterranean and their interaction with Contemporary Europe. In the two years of study, which will take place between Italy, France, Tunisia or Morocco, you will acquire interdisciplinary skills related to studies on migration in the Mediterranean area and on intercultural mediation, historical and social skills, qualitative and quantitative analysis tools, field research techniques and analysis of collected data and European planning skills. Particular attention will be paid to the development of your linguistic skills, in particular in the case of Hebrew, Arabic and Moroccan. Upon completing your studies, a double diploma is awarded from both UNIVE and UPVM. [+]

The Master’s course Crossing the Mediterranean: towards Investment and Integration (MIM) offers an in-depth knowledge of the countries on the southern shores of the Mediterranean and their interactions with contemporary Europe. During the two years the course will provide theoretical interdisciplinary skills relevant to the study of migration in the Mediterranean area and on intercultural mediation, histo-social skills, qualitative and quantitative analysis skills, research techniques on the field of analysis and collected data.

The course is organised alongside l’Université Paul-Valéry 3 Montpellier (UPVM), and in collaboration with the University of Strasbourg, Sousse and Meknès.... [-]

Master's Degree in Economics and Finance

Campus Full time 2 years October 2019 Italy Venice

This course offers three curricula to sharpen your economic and financial knowledge: a course in quantitative economics entirely taught in English that allows you to study abroad with the Erasmus Mundus programme or do courses (one in Italian and one in English) specialising in the main areas of management are banking, finance, and insurance (for example, loans, finance, treasuries, securities, organisation, planning, internal controls) and in the management of financial investments. Thanks to the mastery of the economic and financial interpretive tools that you have acquired, you can aspire to establish yourself with positions of responsibility in private companies and national and international public bodies. [+]

This Master’s Degree Programme aims to create professionals with expertise in the main areas of economics and finance and a solid theoretical and quantitative legal grounding. There are three main areas of specialisation, two taught entirely in English. The Economics curriculum – QEM (English taught) focuses on economic, quantitative and legal themes. Students choosing this curriculum can participate in the Erasmus Mundus (QEM) programme. The curricula specialised in the area of finance (one taught in Italian, one in English) aim to equip students with competencies in the financial markets, in the main areas of financial intermediation (credit, finance, treasury, securities, organisation, planning and control), management of financial investments and financial-risk measurement and management, financial consultancy and insurance, complementary protection schemes and pension fund management, internal process management and administration of banks and financial intermediaries in general.... [-]

Master's Degree in European, American and Postcolonial Language and Literature

Campus Full time 2 years October 2019 Italy Venice

This course provides skills to advance you in the field of languages, literature, and culture in European and American postcolonial countries, and is divided into different curricula (American Studies, French Studies, German Studies, Iberian Studies, Slavic Studies and Balkan studies). During your studies, you will develop advanced skills in the history of literary language and the culture of the studied civilisations. You will acquire a strong competence in one of the languages studied. Internationality is a distinctive trait of the course thanks to collaborations with foreign universities that allow you to obtain joint degrees or double diplomas. [+]

This Master's degree programme provides advanced knowledge of the languages, literatures and cultures of European, American and postcolonial countries, promoting cross-cultural perspectives within a solid background in humanities.

Languages available:Albanian, Anglo-American, Czech, English, French, German, modern Greek, Polish, Portuguese and Brazilian, Romenian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish.

Curricula available:

Literatures and Cultures. The sub-curricula available are: American Studies; English Studies; French Studies; German Studies; Iberian Studies; Slavic and Balkan Studies. English and American Literary and Cultural Studies. The sub-curricula available are: Literary Studies; Cultural Studies (Joint degree). Estudios Ibéricos e Iberoamericanos (Double degree). Master européen en Etudes Françaises et Francophones (Double degree). ... [-]

Master's Degree in Language Sciences

Campus Full time October 2019 Italy Venice

The course offers students an advanced command of a foreign language, chosen from the following: Albanian, Arabic, Czech, English, French, German, Italian Sign Language (LIS, including tactile sign language), modern Greek, Polish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian and Spanish. Depending on the chosen path, you will also be able to analyse different areas of study with an in-depth comparative approach:the themes and teaching tools for teaching Italian to foreigners and foreign languages to Italians; advanced research tools for the analysis of language disorders and linguistic acquisition in case of deafness and bilingualism, the formal analysis of language, new technologies for the study of languages and linguistics, culture and literature in the different phases of their development and the historical-diachronic evolution of the chosen language. [+]

The Master’s Degree Programme develops advanced linguistic and cultural understanding of the chosen foreign language and the ability to interact with multidisciplinary and multicultural research groups. According to the chosen programme, students will be able to examine in depth: the historic-diachronic evolution of the chosen language (philological/informatic methods for the interpretation and editing of texts); the themes and didactic tools for teaching italian as a foreign language and foreign languages to italians; linguistic tools for the analysis of obstacles to language and the linguistic acquisition in cases of deafness; the formal analysis of language; languages, culture and literature of different phases of their development.... [-]

Master's Degree in Management

Campus Full time 2 years October 2019 Italy Venice

This degree programme in Management allows you to obtain a degree to introduce you to public and private organisations that deal with whatever circumstances may arise in international economic scene. In line with the chosen curriculum (Accounting and Finance, International Management and Innovation and Marketing), graduates from the Master’s Degree programme in Management will be able to work in industries involved with strategy, innovation, marketing, administration, corporate finance and management control. [+]

The Master’s Degree Course in Management aims to create experts in Management of Public and Private organisations that are confronted with the problems and opportunities dictated by the profound transformations on the economic scene on a national and international level. The course develops specific knowledge and skills in the field of Management through innovative teaching that actively involves the student, comparing it with the main players in the world of business and with local institutions. Depending on the students’ chosen curriculum, the course provides and deepens the strategic planning aspects of companies engaged in processes of opening internationally, administrative management, system planning and control systems of international businesses, or the management of distribution policies, communication and product innovation able to capitalise on the opportunities offered by the economic scenario in which organisations are called to operate.... [-]

Master's Degree inScience and Technology of Bio and Nanomaterials

Campus Full time October 2019 Italy Venice

This Master's Degree Programme provides those who are interested in nano-technologies a strong multidisciplinary education in material science, chemistry and biology, preparing them to become professional figures able to design, synthesize and create new and innovative nano- and bio-materials. You will attend classes and labs on how to prepare nano- and biomaterials and in particular on the chemical-physical characteristics, their properties, their methods of preparation and their applications. [+]

This Master's Degree Programme aims to provide graduates with a solid multidisciplinary education in physics, chemistry and biology, and the ability to hold positions of high responsibility in complex process management such as planning, synthesis and characterisation of materials, of a biological nature too. The educational activities include theoretical activities and laboratories relating to preparation and characterisation of bio- and nano-materials. In particular, chemical-physical characteristics, properties and preparation methods of nano-structured materials, as well as their applications, will be investigated.

About the Degree Programme Requirements and application Level of qualification ... [-]

Master's Degree in Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies

Campus Full time October 2019 Italy Venice

The Master’s Degree programme trains professional chemists who are able to develop original ideas and design new processes in the research field or in an applicative/industrial context. The programme is interdisciplinary and offers many hands-on opportunities, allowing you to apply for technical or intellectual positions, to work with a large degree of autonomy and possibly even lead projects or structures. You will be able to work in research and development, quality assurance programmes, production control. This programme has a unique approach to sustainable and green chemistry, providing you with an in-depth knowledge of interactions between chemical production and the environment. [+]

The Master’s Degree programme provides Master’s students with an in-depth scientific training and solid understanding of advance aspects, both experimental and theoretical, of the principle areas of chemistry. The professional figure that students are shaped to is that of a high-qualified chemist able to elaborate and apply original ideas, whether in a context of research or of an applicative/industrial environment. In particular, students will be able to project and study new reactions or processes, to carry out the syntheses of new compounds, and follow the analysis of chemical products and materials - whether by the most advanced instrumental techniques, or through developing innovative and complex analytical methods - and produce results used critically appropriate data processing tools collected and those present in literature, by applying the knowledge in different working environments with particular attention to the environmental compatibility of the processes.... [-]

University Preparation Year - Foundation and Bridge Year

Campus Full time October 2019 Italy Venice

For those students who have a school background of less than 12 years, or want to get credits in specific subjects or want to improve their abilities in Italian and/or English language, the Ca’ Foscari School for International Education (SIE) offers two preparation programs that help them to bridge the gap: Foundation year and Bridge Year [+]

We offer three year-long University Preparation Year programmes (Foundation programmes) aimed at providing students with a solid background in preparation of their studies at a University in Italy. Each programme offers a thematic study track combined with a language component and is designed for students coming from all over the world.

Foundation Year

The Ca' Foscari Foundation Year is designed to give international students the chance to strengthen their academic background before beginning an undergraduate degree in English at a University in Italy. The programme offers courses on the English language, an introduction to Italian and general European history, as well as a basic introduction to the main disciplines of future study. Applications for the 2019/2020 academic year will open in early 2019.... [-]


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