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Raffles Milano | Istituto Moda e Design

Master Italy Milan October 2018

A school made of people. Raffles Milano has the numbers to offer a high profile training course: has experience in the education sector, financial and organizational strength, sensibility to market demands, the ability to generate cutting edge ideas on how to secure education and Work, ideas and business, creativity and sustainability. But above all, it has the right people to do it. The school that is now there. The one in which they prepare you to face challenges that you… [+] still do not know. The one where you will try to the extreme and learn how to play with the limit direction. The one that speaks your language, and the other 13. The one you would never want to leave. Raffles Milano A new fashion and design school in Milan? Yes, and his name is Raffles Milan. A school with a spirit and a non-traditional approach. A school designed for those who want to look straight ahead in the eyes. And above all a school that has gathered around itself a formidable team of teachers, in many cases prominent names in the international scene of style and design. At the starting line there are three-year courses in Product Design, Visual Design and Fashion Design, in Italian and English and a series of Master to learn from the protagonists. The strength of a borderless network Raffles Milan is strengthening the international network of Raffles Group, founded more than twenty-five years ago in Singapore and now booming, with 26 colleges in fourteen countries. The choice to include Milan in the name reflects the tension to excellence and profound affinity with a city that has long been recognized as a capital of the project's culture in the world. A school that gives more Raffles Milan's training method is inspired by that of the "Renaissance workshop", and points the compass on the effectiveness of working on real projects for real buyers. Teachers and students are instantly involved in a relationship without separation walls. Dialogue, search for new roads and teacher / student trust are the basis of an individual growth path and team that trains the future. That is, he prepares to live it as the natural evolution of the present. Students take measurements of tomorrow's taste and dreams. A school that is already a job Raffles Milano is the school that was not there, but the companies longed for, so hard on the ground to do it no less than that of knowing. The projects have a goal, a context, a stock of resources, a wealth of previous experiences, a number of reasons to be born, and of course a series of walls to break. This is what students breathe at every step. The world of work is at the base of educational paths. In Triennial Courses, students learn by doing, with the utmost connection between theory and practice, between idea and execution. In the Masters, students meet in the hall with the market players and have the opportunity to work at their side. [-]

Bologna Business School

Master Italy Bologna October 2018

BBS (est. in 2000) is the business school of the University of Bologna (est. A.D. 1088). BBS ranks among the most innovative business schools in Europe and is one of the most reputable institutions in Italy. Interdisciplinary outlook, industry integration, and internationalization are the key pillars of the school’s philosophy, which aims to provide students with the appropriate skills in order to face an ever-changing and complex economic landscape with confidence, knowledge, a… [+] nd motivation to succeed. Bologna Business School's Headquarters is located at Villa Guastavillani, a Renaissance building from the 16th century located in the Bolognese hills, less than ten minutes from the city center. Here history, technology, and tradition live together in a beautiful and natural framework. Bologna is a lively city located in the heart of Italy – 30 minutes away from Florence, one hour from Milan, two hours from Rome and Venice – in Emilia-Romagna, one of the richest regions in Europe. BBS offers a 360° academic and ”real world” educational experience, including full-time master degrees (in English and Italian), and part-time masters and short-term programs for executives and professionals. The School cooperates with industry-leading companies, providing them with outstanding managers and high quality and tailor-made programs. Issues of medium-sized companies and “Made in Italy” industries are given special attention through research and focused projects. The BBS community is a family made of students, alumni, faculties, managers and an extensive business network of over 500 national and international companies. Students, more than 600 every year, come from all over the world and from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. BBS Faculty involves more than 300 national and international lecturers, academics as well as executives and consultants. [-]

EF Gap Year

Japan Tokyo Spain Madrid Marbella Barcelona Italy Rome Germany Berlin Munich China Beijing France Paris Nice April 2019 + 11 more

The world is waiting. Learn a language abroad. See the world, experience a new culture, and make friends from around the world as you prepare for your global future. EF's fun and interactive classes help you learn faster while living the language first hand. Earn college credit, participate in an internship, and explore your dream destination abroad. Start any Monday and study from two weeks and up, or join us for a semester or Gap Year abroad.


Master Italy Rome Milan October 2018

UNINFORM GROUP Uninform Group, a renowned and accredited National Business School that has been working for over 20 years in the field of Higher Education and Innovation in Educational Processes, works with recognized authority by delivering prestigious postgraduate degrees in Tourism, Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy in both its offices in Rome and Milan. References UNINFORM is a training institute with 20 years of experience. UNINFORM is accredited to the Lazio… [+] Region for Vocational Training, Continuing Education, Basic Guidance Services, Specialist Guidance Services, Accompanying Services and Supporting Work - Determine No. D1558 / 09. UNINFORM has achieved the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certification for the design and delivery of Higher Professional Training Services. Certificate No. 184076 Bureau Veritas. UNINFORM is accredited EBAFOS - Bilateral Training and Security Agency for Training Courses under the State Region Agreements. UNINFORM is a member of ASFOR - the Italian Association for Management Training. As a multidisciplinary structure operating since 1996, the Uninform Group offering is officially accredited to the Lazio Region for Higher Education and is also certified by Bureau Veritas under UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. Thanks to the consolidated and extensive wealth of experience, professionalism and knowledge gained over the last 19 years both in training and consulting, Uninform Group offers qualified services of: University School and Business School Information Technology & Technology Transfer Business and Legal Consulting Each of these services is aimed at the development and consolidation of managerial skills and specialized professional skills that can greatly increase both the competitiveness of the individual and the company as a whole (cf. references). The Corporate structure of the Uninform Group consists of the following legal entities: Uninform Group: School of Management and Entrepreneurship Training Formation & Development: Legal Consulting Company Legal Consulting Company Giordano & Partners: Legal, Commercial and Financial Consulting High Tech Forum: Consortium for Accademy High School Innovation and Technology Transfer: University Study Center High formation As a Management and Entrepreneurial Training School, Uninform Group is committed to the enhancement of human capital aimed at the development of a modern managerial culture through the implementation of highly qualified Master and Executive Master ... Management Consulting Uninform Group employs a wide network of Associate Professionals carefully selected from managerial and academic backgrounds through the highest quality and highest professional competence criteria; a team of people, dedicated not only to strategic and organizational advice but also to the success of Italian companies characterized by a strong international vocation ... Legal Services In this area, the Uninform Group directly intervenes with specialized Professionals registered in the relevant Albi of the Order and assists the companies in all phases of the Contract, the Company Acquisitions, the Company Engineering, the Constitution, the Management of Company and Trust, Patronage in International Disputes and Arbitrators and much more ... HTFORUM - High Tech Forum Uninform Group proposes itself as a true driver of change for all those companies that focus on technological innovation as a means of improving and optimizing their productive dynamics. We provide, in fact, a wealth of information, data and studies specifically targeted at the state of the art of the most modern and innovative technologies ... University Education Uninform Group has valued the professional experience of teachers from universities, research institutes and specialized schools to offer a Global Service Orientation and Assistance to University Preparation. The teachers are scrupulously selected and chosen on the basis of their personal and educational background, the experience gained in the field and, last but not least, the ability to interpret and meet all the needs of assistance and learning of the "new faculties" of the university ... To whom we turn Enterprises (Public and Private) that need to address and evaluate all aspects and implications of a program and to define in real time the "objectives" in order to overcome the typical vulnerabilities of specialized interventions; who want to introduce and / or consolidate advanced cultures and technologies to manage their functionality. Private: Graduates, Graduates, Consultants, Business Teams, Executives. [-]

Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners - ICIF

Master Italy Turin Italy Online October 2018

Values Quality, authenticity, respect, hospitality and food safety A cultural driving force that transmits values The purpose of ICIF, the Institute of Food and Wine of the Regions of Italy, is to classify, protect and promote the image of Italian cuisine, the excellence of local produce and regional food and wine culture, by promulgating knowledge amongst professionals around the world Emphasizing the value of real Italian Cuisine and the excellent food products that distinguish… [+] it is one of ICIF’s main objectives in order to promote “Made in Italy”. Lifestyle, hospitality, and authenticity ICIF has always taken the values of Italian food and wine, Italian hospitality and lifestyle around the world by participating in events and initiatives, both in Italy and abroad. The promotion of Italian Cuisine and top quality Italian food products occurs through the training of young chefs at the Italian headquarters in the Castle of Costigliole d’Asti, in the Chinese Institute in Shanghai, in the institutes of Sao Paulo and Flores da Cunha in Brazil, and through collaboration with Schools and Universities of Gastronomy in various countries around the world. Main activities Culinary Training, promotion of “Made in Italy”, major events and the fight against counterfeiting Training Training for young Italians and foreign cooks to acquire a professional specialization in Regional Italian Cuisine; the syllabus also includes training on food safety and sustainable policies in the management of the food chain. Promotion of ‘Made in Italy’ Promotion of Italian cuisine and top quality Italian products abroad, through the organization of training courses and the diffusion of information regarding “Made in Italy” and its implementation by professional chefs and restaurateurs around the world. Promotion of Italian food and wine products abroad in fairs and International events. Organisation of food and wine tours to discover the essence of Italian Regional Cuisine and Culture, the top quality products and the rich culture of the Italian Regions. Major events ICIF is at the vanguard of international events where an authoritative voice in the restaurant business is required, providing expertise for initiatives which promote Italian food and culture. Fight against counterfeiting They call it “Italian Sounding”, the imitation or forgery of Italian food products abroad. A fake food product has a mixture of Italian names, logos, images and slogans clearly attributable to our country. In addition to its educational objectives, ICIF was founded with the aim to classify, protect and promote the image of Italian cuisine and products of excellence overseas, protecting artisan productions, defending consumers from adulteration and forgery and by spreading knowledge and techniques among professional chefs and restaurateurs around the world. [-]

Up Level School of Management

Master Italy Naples Rome Milan October 2018

Founded by Fabrizio Serafini, he experienced professional, with many achievements to its credit in the managerial sector. up level since 1995, he has to his credit the most interesting houses human history in terms of training and hyper-specialization. In 2004 he acquired the ISO 9001: 200Settore / EA Activity: 37 Designing and disbursements of Master Post Graduate, and not, and Training and Refresher Courses Professional. In 2009 Accreditation by the Lazio Region. In 2011… [+] Accreditation by the Lombardy Region. A training mission that is reflected in the market and it becomes valuable reference point for companies that want to include in their organic highly skilled professionals able to fill managerial positions and responsibilities independently. The best professionals grow here Level up, literally translates to grow, improve, get up to level. Up level, School of Management, still means the most, it is to become. Up level because it focuses on training, fulfilling its mission in the most profound and noble sense of the word: to shape a new way of being, to transfer the theoretical and empirical knowledge to create a new way of acting. Exercise that divine virtue informative Dante reserved to the learned and wise masters of ancient Greece. Up level it does it the third millennium, with the exact same order. Train individuals capable of completing the learning path and put into practice the teachings received. Relying on Uplevel means investing in their professional development Why Up level, school founded on the most modern teaching patterns and specializations, it is a focal point and experiential learning of the highest level, aimed at a specific target and demanding. Undergraduates, graduates and professionals already underway are aimed at Up level to give added value to their professionalism. Companies aim at Up level because they know to be run school in the name of total quality, efficiency and results. [-]

Master Italy Milan October 2018 operates in the field of design acting as an interface between universities, companies, and professional organizations, institutions and bodies. It develops training programmes for young graduates and professionals, as well as training programmes for companies that are closely focussed on innovation. It operates from the perspective of internationalisation, establishing partnerships of purpose with universities, schools, bodies, institutions, enterprises, and… [+] companies on a case by case basis. The cornerstone of lies in the disciplines of design and of the related professions. This dimension of design is broader and more systematic than ever; it takes on strategic importance and contrasts not just with the product dimension, but also the dimension of communication, services, spaces, fashion, and events. It is a flexible structure that draws on the deep reservoir of internal skills at the Politecnico di Milano. It puts advanced teaching and research methods to the test, consolidates and anticipates the professional skills needed to adapt to the new demands of a society undergoing a radical transformation, and brings the supply of training and research developed in a university context into line with the demand for innovation present in the world of production and in society., founded by Politecnico di Milano, has access to the deep reservoir of multidisciplinary skills in the first and most important technical university in Italy. Together with the School of Design and the Department of Design, it forms the Politecnico di Milano Design System, which is a pool of resources, skills, facilities, and laboratories that are among the most important in the world. is based in Milan, a universally known and recognised international centre of excellence for design. The permanent structures, cultural institutions, fairs and showrooms, publishing industry, schools, displays, exhibitions, and events that the city has to offer are numerous and contribute to creating a culturally lively and dynamic climate that can enrich professional and training courses, providing a broader experience of design in all its most up-to-date forms, from the perspective of constant innovation. Relations with the professional sphere are endorsed by the presence of three of the most important associations of design professionals on the board of ADI Association for the Industrial Design AIPi Italian Association of Interior Designers AIAP Italian Association of Visual Communication Design [-]

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Venice

Master Italy Venice October 2018

An incubator of knowledge and research for innovation. Venice has always been a crossroads of different cultures, which has allowed it to be more exposed than other cities to influences, trends and innovations, in the arts as well as in culture and commerce, nurturing a vocation for researching and encountering everything that is new. Venice is the home of the first and largest proto-industrial organization in the Western world, the Arsenal, where mass naval line production… [+] was invented and implemented. Languages, ideas and talents come together in Venice, and with them also objects and materials. The city distinctive vocation to transformation is a necessary quality for forging contacts between different communities and promoting new situations. What makes IED Venice a training centre of excellence? Its ability to entertain a discourse with the heritage of knowledge that thrives in this city and to act as the catalyst for proposals, projects, people and energies not only in the local context, but nationally and internationally. [-]

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Milan

Master Italy Milan October 2018

The cradle of design and industry. At the heart of a metropolitan area that bears comparison with London and New York, Milan is for the whole world a synonym for art, industry, finance, design and fashion. Artists of the calibre of Leonardo and Bramante worked in Milan, and four centuries later, Marinetti and Boccioni, founders of the Futurist Movement. More recently, celebrated architects and designers, such as the Castiglioni brothers, Magistretti and Zanuso, and fashion… [+] designers like Armani and Versace, to name just a few, made Milan the world centre of fashion and design. Art, science, industry and finance are the cultures at the root of this city pragmatism and of its creative and entrepreneurial spirit. It is no coincidence that our school was born in Milan, drawing the inspiration for its teaching methods from the know-how, the thinking and the innovation so typical of Milan hinterland and its history. Designing both goods and services for industry and with industry is the vocation of IED Milan, where design in all its ramifications is taught and practised. For years, our students have been distinguishing themselves professionally, nourishing both the Made in Italy phenomenon and production in their countries of origin with their creativity and competence. IED owes its establishment in 1966 to the intuition of its President Francesco Morelli. Through time, it has become a 100% Made in Italy international network of excellence, operating in the fields of training and research, in the disciplines of Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management. Above all, IED is an evolving educational system with capability and dedication to reinventing itself on a daily basis. Its mission is widespread and clear: to offer young creatives a thorough training – both theoretical and practical – and hand them the ‘Design Knowledge and Mindset’ that will accompany them throughout their lives. IED is far more than a school: thanks to its unwavering commitment to innovation, it is the melting pot where new generations of professionalism are constantly unfolded. IED is a powerhouse of ideas that develop creativity through its range of: undergraduate courses masters courses advanced training courses [-]

Domus Academy

Master Italy Milan October 2018

DOMUS ACADEMY OVERVIEW Domus Academy is a living laboratory. An incubator of talents and a springboard for interdisciplinary adventures. A place where stellar careers are launched. At Domus Academy, we help students become protagonists in the highly competitive world of fashion and design. Offering one-year master’s programs in a wide variety of design specializations and an intensive program in interior design, the school centers around a “learning by designing” methodology, in wh… [+] ich students solve real-life design problems with the help of world-class faculty members who are opinion leaders in their fields. Students also have the opportunity to intern with some of the most exciting brands in fashion, product design, interaction design, luxury goods, and more. Working directly with companies, you will learn how to address the most contemporary design challenges in fresh and original ways. DIFFERENT VIEW Students are exposed to different points of view in the design field, working with designers and companies. One of the purposes of this exposure is to give students the broadest view possible of the design field in order to support them in the selection of the area on which to concentrate their future careers. All Master programs are workshop-based, supported by seminars, tutorials, lectures, work-in-progress sessions, critiques and a series of tutor-led projects. Through a pro-active relationship with the academic staff, students will lead their project work and be supported through consultative and advisory tutorial guidance by the faculty and by visiting lecturers and designers who each have dedicated roles. The “Program Leader” is the teacher who has overall responsibility for a specific Master Program, and whose role is to coach students and to support them in the definition of their learning and professional path. The Program Leader sustains students in their workshop activities and coordinates the assessment process. The “Project Leader” is professionals and teachers, chosen among experts of a specific field, whose role is to lead workshop activity, by developing a project brief in collaboration with the Program Leader, inspire and provide guidance to students along the design process, and to take part in the assessment of the projects. A range of visiting lecturers and visiting professionals supplements formal teaching where students will have the chance to attend presentations by designers, artists, critics, industry professionals, and academics. Lectures are usually used for the presentation and discussion of theoretical issues. They will often be supported by group discussions, which provide an opportunity for interaction between faculty and students and allow students to extend and examine the issues raised. 5 reasons to join us Experience Milan, World Capital of Fashion and Design What could be more stimulating to your creativity and your career than studying in Milan, the world capital of design? Milan’s streets pulse with the energy of fashion and innovation. You’ll be immersed in the industry, with the chance to participate in international design contests and events. Domus Academy is an academic, cultural, and professional center where Milan meets the world. Design your Master in a highly ranked Academy offering a globally recognized degree When you graduate from Domus Academy Master Programs, you will receive a degree that is recognized in Europe and around the world - the Academic Master’s Degree, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research (MIUR). You will also earn a second valuable qualification: the Domus Academy Master’s Diploma. Improve your knowledge and know-how thanks to real projects Fully 90 percent of the Domus Academy curriculum is delivered through intensive hands-on projects. You’ll work to solve actual design problems for Italian and international companies - the best way to gain practical experience in your field and accelerate your career. Our students have worked on projects with Maserati, Motorola, Swarovski, Versace, Bayer, P&G, Adidas, Fiat, Tommy Hilfiger, BMW Design, De Beers, Trussardi, and more Build your own Multicultural and Global Network Moreover, 94 percent of our students are international, representing more than 45 different nationalities. At Domus Academy, you will collaborate and share ideas with your peers from all over the world. And you’ll learn to view design from a global perspective informed by multicultural approaches to your craft. Boost your career with our unique Professional Experience Domus Academy’s entrepreneurial approach allows students to gain the Professional Experience they need. Our unique offering enhances students’ personal and professional expertise and network, empowering their skills, vision, and values. Students will have the opportunity to be addressed to the most suitable job immersion amongst our very specific Professional Experiences: Internship: while working for a company, students will be able to develop assignments on real projects directly on the field. Field Learning Experience: as a consultant, students will have the chance to collaborate and carry out a real project, for a company, supervised by a project leader. Entrepreneur Experience: If being an entrepreneur is our students' vision, Domus Academy will sustain their choice providing mentoring support and developing students' business and managerial skills, thanks to a practical and theoretical approach. Domus Academy offers programs only in English [-]

ISTUD Business School

Master Italy Stresa October 2018

Over forty years of experience alongside organizationsFounded in 1970 on the initiative of Assolombarda and a group of large Italian and multinational companies (including Pirelli, Olivetti and IBM), ISTUD has always accompanied the evolution of Italian management , contributing significantly to the spread of a modern "management culture" in our country. The first Faculty of the Business School was composed of Harvard Business School professors, supported by Italian management… [+] consulting professionals.The ISTUD Foundation is today the only independent high-profile Italian Business School . In its 40 years of activity more than 51,000 executives and middle managers, as well as 2,300 new graduates, have attended its training programs and masters and many professionals, operating in the world of training and research , have been trained at ISTUD since the seventies to today.Our MissionSupporting the growth of companies and managers who want to compete through the creation of a new sustainable economic model, focused on creating value for all actors in the process. This is the Mission of the ISTUD Foundation , the first independent Business School in Italy, which since 1970 has been operating in the field of higher professional training and management research, offering an integrated portfolio of managerial research and training programs, directly applied to the realities and challenges that organizations are facing.Our ValuesSustainability: the systemic, ethical and sustainable approach.Our approachThe ISTUD Foundation intends to be a different voice in the field of training and management development , placing at the center of all its activities the uniqueness and potential of the individuals and organizations in which they operate. At the base of the various proposed initiatives there is a constant research and innovation activity , with the development of an updated know-how oriented to the problems and issues that actually come to the attention of companies, organizations, managers, today.Choosing ISTUD means "getting in touch" with a leading company in the Italian management education landscape, with almost 40 years of experience in the field of management training and research on organizations . The demonstrated ability to contribute to the evolution of managerial thinking, the international network, the qualified presence in companies and institutions, the high level of the offer process and the teaching process together with the quality of the Faculty, the fame and prestige of the brand, are some of the main elements that lead to consider ISTUD as a unique choice of excellence in the Italian scene.ISTUD : experiences comparedParticipating in an ISTUD seminar or path means experiencing a highly engaging training experience , in which the participant is the protagonist of the learning process , in a stimulating environment , with the constant presence of ISTUD professionals to accompany the entire course. The analysis of concrete situations, the search for effective solutions, the assumption of responsibility, interpersonal communication, negotiation and group work are always valued within the classrooms. Faculty professors, in relation to the different moments of the program and the contents treated, make use of a wide and flexible mix of didactic tools such as lessons, exercises, case discussions .Basing in our approach is the size of the comparison . A comparison that arises from the dialogue with participants from different sectors and professional families and from the constant debate and exchange with Faculty professors, all experts in the area of ​​expertise, with an effective knowledge of business problems derived from significant experience in management, consulting or search. All participants are always provided with a wide range of theoretical documentation on the topics covered, as well as a complete and updated bibliography (in addition to the use of exclusive ISTUD materials prepared and customized according to customer needs). [-]

ALCHIMIA Contemporary Jewellery School

Master Italy Florence October 2018

Alchimia contemporary jewelry school is directed by Lucia Massei. The expansive two-year BFA and MFA programs have been developed over more than a decade of experience in close collaboration with a team of international teachers and advisors, all leaders in their respective creative realms. Alchimia’s objective is to teach students to express their creativity through contemporary jewelry, developing high-quality technical and theoretical skills. By adopting the technological d… [+] evelopments of our time and the most experimental cultural trends, Alchimia encourages its students to enhance their talents. Its focus draws on the revision and adoption of traditional techniques and carefully selected materials combined with experimental and groundbreaking approaches to design, teaching students how to transform ideas and research paths in jewelry and design objects, and how to access the working context. The students of Alchimia are mentored and tutored by a team of experts in jewelry, design, and the visual arts. While using their own experiences as reference, tutors profess techniques, tendencies, and developments in the field of contemporary jewelry and propound emergences in personal creativity by offering tailored guidance and evaluation over the course of the students' academic years. [-]

Eurotech Flight School

Italy Caiolo October 2018

The target of Eurotech flight school is the achievement of private helicopter license (PPL (H) in accordance with JAR-FCL. The license enables the student to act as a private pilot on single-engine helicopters, in non-commercial flights. Flight training As expected from JAR-FCL 2.125, for the achievement of the PPL (H) it is required at least 45 hours of flight, 29 of which are dual-control and the other as a soloist. The hours will be booked 1 or 2 days in advance, with… [+] the possibility of flying during holidays weather permitting.The commercial course CPL (H), that follows the PPL(H) includes 35 hours of flight time with an instructor and dedicated classes. Helicopters used for training: Robinson R22 Beta / Beta II Flights 7 days out of 7 including holidays. Theory course The course consists of approximately 100 hours of theory, distributed in the following areas: air law; aircraft general knowledge, performance and planning, human performance and its limitations; meteorology, navigation, operational procedures, principles of flight.The Organisation shall provide each student all the books needed for the course. Frequency and duration To be arranged according to the needs of the trainees. Generally 2/3 hours one evening a week. Specific lessons at the end of the program for the preparation of exam quiz. There are also test flights of 20 minutes. A Modern and Efficient Company Eurotech was founded in 1995 by Roberto Grazioli, helicopter pilot and engineer well known and appreciated all around Italy and abroad. Eurotech started as a helicopter service company certified JAR 145 (today is PART 145). Due to the rapid business expansion, in 1998, Eurotech moved to Caiolo in Lombardy (province of Sondrio) in a new building built specifically to meet the needs of a modern company of helicopter maintenance. The base now has a total of 2,000 sqm of offices and hangars, a helicopter landing site of over 5000 square meters with a plant for the supply of aviation gasoline and kerosene and employs more than 30 professionals and technicians. [-]

Roma Film Academy

Italy Rome October 2018

The Roma Film Academy is an academic structure dedicated to culture and training in the arts, audiovisual communication, and entertainment. In particular, it is proposed as a reference point at European level for all those interested in pursuing a professional career in the world of cinema and television. Our goal is to transform the passion of our students into a profession: this result is achieved only through a study plan built in every detail and designed to provide each… [+] student with the necessary tools to learn the technical and theoretical bases of the subjects and the other departments of the set. As such a professional is able to communicate and work in tune with their departmental colleagues. The founding principles Commitment, versatility, and motivation must be the watchwords of each student both during the studies and once inserted in the world of work. The teaching model of our Academy is strongly based on the mutual exchange between teachers and students and above all on the practical teaching of the subject of studies that the student has chosen. In this way, the student not only learns the theoretical foundations but begins to master the technical tools enriching their own experience in the field, acquiring security and awareness of their abilities. Our "mission" is to train professionals who are, after completing their educational path, able to work independently within the sector that they have been trained for and establish the knowledge learned during their experience in our institute. The aim of our work is to create a new generation of professionals specialized in the entire audiovisual field. Cinema, first of all, is passion and discipline. Without these two factors, the whole industry that moves the gears of this complex world would not exist. Passion is something that can not be taught but needs to be channeled to the right direction. The Ethics The Academy adheres to behaviors based on moral integrity, transparency and the values ​​of honesty, fairness and good faith. Consequently, it condemns any form of discrimination that is based on any diversity, like gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national and social origin, language, faith, religion, political or philosophical opinions, age, the state of health, physical and mental differences, the proximity to political associations and unions, except as expressly established by the regulations in force. TRAINING OFFER Academic courses The academic courses are two-year professional courses with compulsory attendance and a specific number of students. There are currently eight subjects of specialization: Screenplay, Production, Direction, Direction of Photography, Sound, Editing, Acting and Cinematic Costume. Each course is followed by established professionals, who live and work in the cinema every day, making all their experience and the innate passion for their craft available for students. Course objectives The aim of the Rome Film Academy is to direct its students to the world of work in the film and television industry, regulating them through a varied training program that can stimulate and enrich them both professionally and personally, in order to prepare them and make them suitable for living the set in all its many facets, without reverential fears, with humility but, at the same time, with awareness of their abilities. The courses are entrusted entirely to professionals who live and work in cinema and television. Established figures that will follow the students throughout the training, putting at their disposal all the experience gained on the sets in which they worked and continue to work. At the end of the year, students of the first year will be engaged in the production of a maximum 6-minute test, while those of the second year in the production of a 12-minute film max. Course structure Each course is divided into modules, each of which is linked to a specific subject. The modules are then subdivided into teaching units that, within that subject, exhaust a specific topic. Each teaching unit can request one or more lessons and/or exercises. A lesson or exercise can go from an hour to an entire day, as in the case of an outdoor shooting on weekends. Attendance is mandatory and the number is closed. The teaching staff The RFA teaching staff is absolutely unique and prestigious: they are not part of the "professors", they are the real professionals who are lent to teaching. They are divided between teachers course holders, coordinators, ordinary teachers, adjunct teachers and technical assistants, for a total of over 60 professionals among all the courses. The added value of RFA is precisely the selection of the teaching staff: it ranges from the most technical as Stefano Salemme (operator and steadycam operator) to former students recently graduated and already included on the largest Italian sets as chief electricians and machinists, by the Master of sound Tullio Morganti, award-winning to the David di Donatello Italians, to the editor Paola Freddi, present on all the European and international scene thanks to his latest film works. A large number of teachers allows RFA to record a teacher/student ratio of 2: 3, or three teachers every two students, improving the teaching experience of each student enrolled. The language The courses are in Italian, with the exception of some specific modules in English. Currently, the acting, production, and direction courses are those that have more total hours in English, but from 2014 to today we have recorded an increase in the hours in the language of 5% annually. It is, therefore, necessary to have a medium/high level knowledge of the Italian language to be easily entered into the national reality; however, our foreign students can quickly master Italian and work both on the national and international front with excellent results. 71% of our students are employed one year after the RFA diploma. STRUCTURES AND EQUIPMENT The structures The Academy is located inside the Cinecittà Studios, where it has three locations, one with classrooms and an educational secretariat, one with the stage theater and sets, and one with the administrative offices and the management. The stage is the strength of the Academy, with sets where students practice indoor shooting, while for those outdoors, students have at their disposal one of the most prestigious natural theaters in Europe, the city of Rome. The equipment The Academy, in addition to having at its disposal a certain number of equipment for each specific department, has established fruitful collaborations with leading professionals and service sector, which according to the teaching program support the work of teachers by providing means of recovery advanced (e.g. RED, Alexa, Canon, Black Magic, Steadicam), projectors, sound systems and much more. Students also take targeted lessons at the same services that will be their professional references outside the school environment, thus preparing themselves for the main tools they will encounter on the labor market. Support The Roma Film Academy is always very attentive to the needs of students and to this end has activated a series of conventions of various kinds, both in relation to hospitality and other aspects of life in the capital. In fact, the student is supported by the HR department from the moment of enrollment: find a room or a house to be shared with other students, request the general practitioner, request the tax code for foreigners, are all activities for which the student offsite receives the support of the Secretariat. In addition, by presenting the official RFA card you are entitled to discounts for services of various kinds: from the discounted rate for the internal canteen of Cinecittà, to discounts for cinema tickets, from bookstores to theater performances, from B&B to accommodating friends or family in the capital, or discounts for professional equipment rental at the Academy's suppliers. Our students can rent free DVD movie from over 600 titles in the RFA private collection. REGULATORY The Code of Ethics The Code of Ethics establishes the founding principles to which all those who work, collaborate or study at the Academy must abide by. Failure to comply with the ethics included in the code may result in immediate removal from the Academy. The Academy Rules The Regulations of the Academy groups together the rules that guarantee the correct functioning of the training structure and of the processes inherent to it. Compliance with the regulation is a necessary but not sufficient condition for operating in any capacity within the Academy. The Scholastic Handbook The Scholastic Handbook represents the set of rules implementing the Regulation and includes numbers, data, prices, times, costs, dates and other quantitative information. It is informative and non-normative, it always refers to the Regulation. The Quality Manual The Quality Manual provides an overview of how the Academy is constituted and how it works both to establish reference criteria for internal use and to illustrate the system outside (third parties or certification bodies): it is the basic reference to verify the application of the system and its compliance with the reference standards. LOCATION Cinecittà Cinecittà Film Studios are located 9 km from the center of Rome, on an area of ​​400,000 square meters. Cinecittà today is the fulcrum of the European film industry for the production of complete cycle movies, fiction, TV, commercials and video clips: from production to edition, or the realization of special effects. At Cinecittà, the productions work using large spaces and cutting-edge technology and have the rental supply complete with modern and up-to-date technical means of recovery. All this allows you to build impressive and fantastic sets and bring the greatest professionals in the industry, meeting even the most demanding requests. Needless to say, for RFA students to form within the Studios is a great fortune and represents an immense opportunity: for many of them, in fact, the transition from the didactic set to the professional and paid jobs happens without great efforts within the productions that cyclically turn to Cinecittà. Rome Rome, in addition to being an expression of the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the Western European world, is a capital rich in ideas and activities for a student who intends to deal with the seventh art. The most beautiful and ancient cinemas of cinemas, the countless film festivals, the Rome Film Festival and the prestigious theatrical programs ensure that living in the capital is an artistic experience, as well as human, more stimulating than ever. We can provide courses in Italian with modules in English. However, we do not offer courses completely in English. [-]

Manuelina Culinary

Italy Brescia October 2018

About Us Italian Culinary Programs Manuelina Culinary was founded by Manuelina Director, Melina Puntoriero. After working extensively throughout various culinary schools in Italy, and working in research and development with many different Chefs, Melina began to design programs that would respond to the need for short intensive professional programs that would suit culinary professionals, as well as food lovers, in the area of Italian Cuisine. Our programs have been developed… [+] with chefs and culinary experts in Italy, who have a combined experience of more than 60 years. They are a culmination of knowledge from professionals who are the top in their field and are continually updated to accommodate a highly competitive and forever changing industry. Each program is rooted in culture, science and creativity while concentrating on the basic principles of taste texture and flavour. Each program starts from the basics and quickly accelerates, and so in this way, regardless of previous culinary experience, all students end at the same point. Italian Culinary Tours Our host is Chef Melina Puntoriero from Manuelina Culinary, an international culinary school that primarily operates in Italy but also around the world. Melina’s passion for cooking not only lies in the food itself but the culture that surrounds each and every ingredient needed to construct a recipe. She has spent the last 6 years in Italy researching the foods of each region. Melina now has a team of Chefs under her wing, who are highly skilled, innovators in their respective sectors and sought after globally by both corporate and private sectors of hospitality for their contributions to cuisine. While rooted in food and wine, and, drinking and eating are certainly our priority, our tours are not only that. Working in this industry has meant that we have been introduced to some marvellously creative an innovative people across the country and out of a need to share them with people, our luxury tours were born, designed to see Italy through her eyes, to uncover not only the beauty of so many places unseen by the usual tourist, but to show you why you cannot learn to be Italian, but why you must live Italy, spend time with its locals, experience its beauty, to understand the passion behind this amazing culture and how to truly appreciate this simple cuisine. Our Difference At Manuelina Culinary we provide short-term culinary programs to allow students and chefs that would not have the time to participate in a long-term culinary course. We allow the student to learn a significant amount of knowledge over a short period of time in small groups which ensure a comfortable learning environment. Students also have an exclusive access to highly experienced Chefs that have worked for the best Italian restaurant and world-class laboratories to learn the latest trends and culinary techniques. We provide travellers, food and wine passionate with a unique experience of Italy, taking them in areas previously untouched by typical tourist. We provide them with a combination of high-class Michelin Star restaurant and smaller traditional venues. We also follow a relaxed and flexible itinerary to allow travellers to personalise their Italian experience. At Manuelina we understand your business needs and goals, we have the expert knowledge to help you achieve these goals. We provide expert advice in all areas of Italian culture and we make sure we take your menu to the next level. [-]

Raffles Milano - International Fashion and Design School

Master Italy Milan October 2018

The School that wasn't there. The one that the market had been demanding for such a long time. The one that breaks down the walls between fashion and design, between teacher and student, between past and future. The one that thinks and speaks in the language of the 14 countries in which it operates. The one in order to bring up the best students has chosen the best maestros. The school which is now here. The one where they teach you to face up to challenges that nobody has… [+] even thought about yet. The one where you test yourself to your limits and learn to play your side of the game...with the sense of the limits. The one where they speak your language... and another 13 too! The one you will never one to leave. Raffles Milano A new fashion and design school in Milan? Yes, and its name is Raffles Milano. A school with an unconventional spirit and method. A school designed for students who intend to look the future straight in the eye. And above all, a school that has gathered together a formidable team of lecturers, in many cases leading names on the international style and design scene. On the starting blocks, there are our Three-year Courses in Product design, Visual design, and Fashion design, in Italian and English, and a series of Masters to learn from the leaders. The strength of a network with no boundaries Raffles Milano comes to strengthen the existing international Raffles Group network, established more than 25 years ago in Singapore and now expanding energetically, with 26 colleges in 14 countries. The decision to include ‘Milano’ in the name reflects our striving for excellence and our profound affinity with a city that has long been recognized as the world capital of design culture. A school that gives a lot more The education method used by Raffles Milano draws its inspiration from the practice of the Renaissance workshop and aims at doing real work on real projects for real clients. From day one, lecturers and students are involved in a relationship with no separating walls. Lecturer-student dialogue, a constant quest for new paths and secure foundations for a process of individual and team growth that trains students for tomorrow by preparing them to experience it as a natural evolution of today. Students learn to measure up to the dreams and aspirations of the future. A school that is already a job Raffles Milano is the school that was not there, but that companies have been demanding for such a long time, just as strong in the field of practice as in the area of theory. All our projects have a purpose, a context, a stock of resources, a background of previous experience, a series of reasons why they happen and, of course, a series of walls to break through. This is what our students breathe in with every step they take. The foundation stone of our didactic paths is the working world. In our Three-year Courses, students learn by doing, achieving the closest bond between theory and practice, between idea and execution. In our Master's courses, students meet directly with the leading names in the market in the lecture room and have the chance to work with them side by side. [-]

Erasmus Mundus - JMD - Nuclear Physics

Master France Caen Italy Padua Catania Spain Seville Madrid Barcelona Salamanca September 2018 + 6 more

Consortium Partners French part of the consortium University of Caen Normandie (UNICAEN), founded in the XVth century, hosts nowadays 26000 students in different branches. Its key feature in the context of the present project is twofold. First, its close links with GANIL. GANIL, including the high-intensity rare ion facility SPIRAL2 under construction, is one of the four largest laboratories in the world dedicated to research using ion beams. SPIRAL2 is complemented by two… [+] equipment of excellence (EQUIPEX), the next-generation spectrometer S3 and the experimental room for physics at low energy DESIR, both selected and financed by the National Agency of Research (ANR), led by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Since the very beginning, GANIL has actively participated in European projects in which it cooperates with many laboratories from the European Union and beyond. In addition, Caen University is also strongly linked to the project ARCHADE (resource and research center in hadrontherapy) launched in 2014. This center will have two independent superconductor cyclotrons: a proton therapy cyclotron for treatment starting operation in 2018, and a C400 cyclotron for ion acceleration up to Carbon for research purposes in hadrontherapy (physics, radiobiology, and clinic aspects), with first beams available in 2021. The physicists implied in the Consortium are responsible for the research programs in physics at ARCHADE as well as in the interdisciplinary programs for radiotherapy treatments. Italian part of the consortium The University of Padova has a long and well-established history in Nuclear Physics research which is strongly related to the Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro (LNL) that is one of the four national labs of the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN). The mission is to perform basic research in nuclear physics and nuclear-astrophysics, together with applications of nuclear technologies. More than 800 scientists from all over the world are involved in the ongoing research programs. Every day about 250 people work at LNL, half of them being INFN employees (physicists, engineers, technicians....) the remaining half coming from universities and research institutions in Italy and abroad. Strength points are the development of particle accelerators and of nuclear radiation detectors. LNL has been recognized at European level as a Research Infrastructure with Transnational Access. In addition, the Nuclear Research groups of Padova University have expertise on the nuclear structure at the limits of spin and isospin, nuclear reaction dynamics at low, intermediate and ultra-relativistic energies, nuclear astrophysics and civil security applications of nuclear physics. Padova is an 800-year-old institution with a long-standing tradition of scientific excellence and a commitment to freedom and diversity. The University of Catania is one of the first Universities in Italy, founded in 1433. It is closely related to the INFN unit in Catania and to the Laboratori Nazionali del Sud (LNS). LNS is one of the four national laboratories of INFN. Founded in 1976 it currently employs about 130 people (researcher and technicians) and associates about 130 people among professors, researcher, Ph.D. and Diploma students from the University. It is an advanced development center for technology and instrumentation. The research activity is mainly devoted to the study of structure and reaction of atomic nuclei by means of both a Tandem and a Superconducting Cyclotron, in collaboration with more than 700 hundreds researchers coming from Italy as well as several European and non-European countries. A Tandem accelerator allows an intense activity in Nuclear Astrophysics measuring the cross section of interest for fusion nuclear energy and stellar nucleosynthesis (ASFIN2 project). Among the new projects in fundamental research, it is also worth mentioning a submarine laboratory installed at 2000m depth offshore from Catania, to be used for R&D related inside the KM3NET project. UniCT and INFN at CT and LNS, beyond the experiments at the frontier of the Nuclear Physics, are strongly active in several aspects of Applied Nuclear Physics such as accelerators technology, cultural heritage and Archaeometry with non –destructive techniques (LANDIS and PH3DRA labs), monitoring of Nuclear Waste, Laser Physics for Nuclear Fusion plasma and above all in Nuclear Medicine with a centre for eye-melanoma therapy and the projects CATANA, ELIMED, SCENT (see Form A.1.4). The students of EMJMD will be allowed to profit also from an on-going agreement between LNS and Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Policlinico di Catania to have a direct experience of applied nuclear medicine. Spanish part of the consortium The University of Seville was founded in the late 1460´s. Today is one of the largest Spanish Universities with a number of students around 70000. it currently employs about 4000 people (including teaching staff, researchers, and technicians). Concerning Nuclear Physics it has expert scholars on theoretical nuclear reactions, applications Nuclear Physics to Environment, Medicine, Art and Archeometry, and analysis and characterization of Materials. It is strongly linked to the facility Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA) which has three ion accelerators: Tandem Van de Graaff 3MV, Cyclotron with protons up to 18 MeV and deuterons up to 9 MeV and a Tandem Cockcroft-Walton of 1 MV used as a mass spectrometer. In addition, there is a scanner PET/CT for humans, a dedicated accelerator for 14C dating MiCaDaS, and a 60Co irradiator. The Autonomous University of Madrid was founded in 1968. It has around 30000 students and 2000 people in the teaching staff. Concerning Nuclear Physics, it has expert scholars on theoretical nuclear structure, applications Nuclear Physics to analysis and characterization of Materials. It is strongly linked to The Center for Micro Analysis of Materials (CMAM) with an accelerator, built by HVEE, is of the Tandem type and the acceleration system is of the Cockroft-Walton type. It is provided with two sources: a plasma source for gaseous substances and a sputtering source for obtaining practically any element of the periodic table from a solid target. The University of Barcelona was founded in 1450. Presently it has more than 80000 students and around 5000 people in the teaching staff. Concerning Nuclear Physics, it has expert scholars on many-body problems, theoretical astrophysics, and hadronic physics. It is linked to the accelerator ALBA which is a facility co-financed by the Spanish government and the Catalan government. It is a new generation of the synchrotron. ALBA is a circular-shaped machine, called a synchrotron, that uses arrays of magnets, called insertion devices to generate bright beams of synchrotron light. There are research lines on Accelerator Computing, Engineering, Experiments on material science mainly. University Complutense of Madrid (UCM) was founded in 1822. It is a large University with around 80000 students and 6000 people in the teaching staff. In 2009 the Ministry of Education awarded the highest mention "International Campus of Excellence (IEC)" to UCM. Concerning Nuclear Physics, it has expert scholars on theoretical nuclear structure, experimental nuclear physics, applications of nuclear physics to medicine and energy sources, and they are very actively engaged in experimental physics programs at ISOLDE@CERN (link sends e-mail), GSI (Germany) and ILL (France). UCM has close connections to CIEMAT (Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas) which is a public research body assigned to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness focusing on energy and environment and the technologies related to them. Of particular interest for our EMJMD is the Thermonuclear Fusion Device TJ-II which is a heliac-type stellarator, which produces magnetically-confined fusion plasmas. The University of Salamanca was founded in 1218. It has around 35000 students and 2500 people in the teaching staff. Concerning Nuclear Physics, it has expert scholars on theoretical weak interactions and hadronic physics, experimental nuclear physics and lasers. It has close links with the Center for Ultrashort Ultraintense Pulsed Lasers (Centro de Láseres Pulsados Ultracortos Ultraintensos, CLPU) which is the national facility specialized in femtosecond laser pulses with peaks powers at Gigawatt, Terawatt and Petawatt levels. Applications in photonuclear physics, plasma physics, and proton therapy, among others. The EMJMD project will fully benefit from the complementary specializations of the partners. Committees Financial tasks will be mainly managed by the University of Seville as coordinating partner. For the rest of the tasks, four committees will be created in order to resolve the different issues related to the EMJMD. The committees are: Academic Committee: it is responsible for the correct implementation of the EMJMD and the general manager. It will be formed by one local academic of each full partner (universities), two persons from the associated partners, and one student from the coordinating institution. In addition, it is in charge of examination methods and the organization of the Master Thesis work. It is also responsible for the contents of the NuPhys EMJMD. This committee will have 3 sub-committees (one at each country). Each sub-committee will be presided by the academic that is part of the Academic committee plus two academics that belong to their own universities. The aim of the sub-committees will be to solve all the academic issues within their own university. The Academic Committee will also be in charge of obtaining the necessary number of internships for the training period in a company for all the students participating in the NuPhys EMJMD. The academic committee will also be responsible for the final assignment the internships among all the students according to the grading obtained by the students in the lecturing period, their preferences and the advice of the local coordinator in contact with students. Another important aim of this committee is to develop a joint and well-structured curriculum for the EMJMD that takes into account the best expertise of every full partner and the present needs of companies related to Nuclear Physics. NuPhys Secretariat: it is the executive board, in charge of executive management, communication with EACEA, administrative and financial management. It is located at the coordinating institution and is composed by the Consortium coordinator, one administrative assistant and supported by Contact Point EMUS. It is in contact with local administrative staff at partner institutions and supervises the exchange of students documents among partners. The Secretariat ensures update of the website and application system. Selection Committee: it is in charge of the issues related to the admission criteria, selection procedure and awarding of Erasmus + scholarships to the best students. It will be formed by one academic from each full partner (universities) as well as one person representing the associated partners. This committee will have regular meetings before the beginning of each EMJMD edition to manage all applications received and to apply the admission criteria for the student selection process as well as for the award of the JMD scholarships, according to Erasmus + rules. Quality committee: it is needed to ensure the internal EMJMD quality and to design improvement strategies. This committee is formed by one academic of each full partner (universities), two representatives of the associated partners, and two students of the present NuPhys EMJMD edition. This committee will implement all the internal evaluation strategies and mechanisms. It will also be in charge of coordinating with the external organisms/institutions/agencies responsible for the external quality assurance of the NuPhys EMJMD. [-]

European University of Rome

Master Italy Rome October 2018

The University An international University based upon a great tradition of human values, engaged in leading future generations and professionals. A great choice for both ethical and cultural education. Mission The European University of Rome (EUR) is a private, legally recognized, a university that has been releasing, for 10 years, academic qualifications with legal value: Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Single-cycle Degree Courses, I and II level Masters, Postgraduate Sch… [+] ool for Legal Professions and Active Training Internships. Academic excellence, training activities targeted for the individual and abroad studying experiences, creative professionals and future managers with high human values, capable of having a positive impact on society. Our motto “We train people, we prepare professionals” carries out the whole meaning of the European University of Rome’s training project: promoting the complete development of the person, combining technical and human growth. In addition, the guiding idea of the training that the EUR offers his students is the knowledge that the student is the real protagonist of the university life. The teaching and administrative staff are always available to provide fast answers and avoid unnecessary waiting. The European University educational project allows 8 out of 10 students to find employment within 3 years from graduation, thanks to an intense activity of organizing internships before graduation, as well as internships in companies and institutions to follow. Foundation On 12 January 2007, the European University of Rome established the European University Foundation, a private nonprofit law institution, to support and promote the European University of Rome. On 5 November 2008 the European University Foundation has obtained the recognition of legal personality and was entered in the prefect’s register. The European University Foundation aims to ensure the autonomy, independence and the economic balance of the European University of Rome. It finances educational infrastructure; promotes educational and research activities, builds and operates educational and research areas; promotes the right to education through the establishment of research grants. The European University Foundation uses contributions to encourage and support young meritorious people, offering the opportunity to commit and contribute to innovation, renewal, and cultural and economic life of our country. [-]

University of Lille

Master France Lille Germany Kitzscher Finland Helsinki Poland Krąków Italy Bologna September 2018 + 6 more

THE ASC NETWORK 5 European universities, ASC partners since 2005, have been working together to design and implement a joint master course in Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry: University Alma Mater of Bologna, Italy University of Helsinki, Finland Jagiellonian University of Krakow, Poland University of Leipzig, Germany University Lille1, France (Coordinating institution) This European master’s course has been funded and awarded the Erasmus Mundus label by the European C… [+] ommission twice for the periods 2008-2014 and currently for 2015-2020 and is now highly recognized. The program includes a mandatory mobility within the ASC consortium and is taught in English in all universities. Over the years, the ASC consortium has developed links with 14 associated partners: global industrial partners producing spectrometers (Bruker, Magnetech) as well as regional competitiveness clusters (MATIKEM in Lille, NEU in Leipzig). A privileged partnership has also been established with great research facilities such as Synchrotron SOLEIL in France and ELETTRA in Italy. This large academic and industrial network merges its state of the art equipment and expertise to offer international students a high quality education program covering the application of spectroscopic techniques to chemistry in a broad sense, leading to careers in chemical analysis and characterization of the structure of materials in the fields of molecular synthesis, biology, nanotechnologies, modeling, pharmacy, green chemistry, materials, and sustainable energies. ADMINISTRATION The ASC Consortium is coordinated by the University Lille1. Legal representative: President Jean-Christophe Camart Network Coordinator: Prof Sylvain Cristol Administrative manager: Francine Chanier Academic affairs secretary: Aude Zeglin PROGRAM BOARD The Program Board directs the program development and delivery and acts as a forum of consultation and cooperation for the implementation of the ASC Program through Partner Institutions. In line with study regulations and respecting decision-making powers of boards as stipulated at each Partner, the Program Board has the primary responsibility for: Agreeing on the admission criteria of the applicants to the Program (students and invited scholars), Selecting students and invited scholars, Overseeing Program development and delivery, including quality assurance, Monitoring student achievement, progression, and evaluation, including student feedback, Contributing to and approving reports to the European Commission and other donors on grants awarded for co-operation projects. The Program board‘s members: Network coordinator, 5 local coordinators, and participation with an advisory capacity of administrative members from each partner university and 2 students. [-]

The Italian Academy

Italy Syracuse October 2018

The Italian Academy, established in 1984, is specialized in language teaching and is fully recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education. It is situated in the city centre close to the archaeological park and archaeological museum, within easy reach of the main shopping streets of the city, the old town on the island of Ortygia and the outdoor solariums. Centrally located, modern premises WIFI and air-conditioning throughout Media centre and computer lab 7 comfortable… [+] and fully-equipped lecture rooms Outdoor terrace with cafè area 24/7 student support Optional Tandem language exchange programs with local students CILS and DITALS (University of Siena Certification of Italian for students and teachers) preparation and examination centre [-]

SESEF - Società Europea per i Servizi e la Formazione

Master Italy Bari United Kingdom London October 2018

there SESEF (European Society for Services and Training) Is a company whose main purpose is the design, delivery and implementation of Higher Education activities. Quality Certification, Formatemp accreditation are just some of the awards that our company has gained over the years. The SESEF Is innovation, transparency, concreteness, dynamism and strong orientation towards customer satisfaction. Every day we work in Two directions: Improve the internal work environment … [+] Dedicate all our efforts to the satisfaction of our coursers Too easy? There is really no need for it, in a complex economy we often lose sight that simplicity is the source of a company's success and our success is just this: Work better all of us within the SESEF to convey this happiness and serenity to the outside. Thanks to this simple strategy the SESEF It increases its results each year and not just economic. Thanks to this simple strategy the SESEF Today is a reality that in a few years has become an example for other societies that try to imitate it, so many are the schools that reproach our courses and Master. There is little concern for us, and in some ways we are unhappy, because in the end only our classmates can say they have done a MASTER SESEF. Didactic Methodology Our teaching methodology has only one goal: "Filling the gap between the university experience and the needs of the world of work" The areas of action are subdivided into 3 macroaree: Particular attention will be given to knowing how to develop that area means MOLTING the possibilities of INSERIMENT after the Stage (the famous Placement)! So what does it mean to be in a business environment: RELAXING: Communicate, get in touch INTERPRETING: perceiving and decrypting the context AFFIT: creativity, autonomy and decision Know how to be in the organization system Being able to be in social contact Know how to be in professionalism (problem finding and problem solving) Know how to be in the experience gained In conclusion, therefore, our method is simply PRACTICAL, teachers are beyond experts in matter, industry professionals, their lesson will never be theoretical, but always and consistently a life lesson lived in the company. That's why our slogan is: WE MAKE YOU FOR YOUR WORK! benefits The facilitations for enrolled members of the Courses and Master's can be found among the following: For each Course or Master, depending on its location and typology, all or part of the facilities listed may be provided: Free accommodation in the classroom for those who are not resident in the province in which they are held; Educational material on paper and / or multimedia media; Possibility to extend the full amount of the registration fee in 6 tranches; Professional tools for finding the stage; Possibility of free meals and / or accommodation during the stage; Reduction of 50% on the entire online catalog of SESEF. [-]

IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca

Italy Lucca October 2018

School IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca is a public graduate school and research institute that focuses on the analysis of economic, societal, technological and cultural systems. The School has been under the direction of Prof. Pietro Pietrini since November of 2015. Since IMT’s institution by ministerial decree of November 18th 2005, the School has distinguished itself thanks to the quality and innovativeness of its research and doctoral program and its interdisciplinary n… [+] ature, characterized by the complementarity and discourse between methodologies drawn from economics, engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, physics, archeology, art history and the analysis and management of cultural heritage. The fusion between art and technology is also reflected in the School state-of-the-art campus, located principally in the newly restored San Francesco Complex. The entire campus is found within the historic city center of Lucca, which is completely surrounded by fully-intact Renaissance-era walls. The campus includes spaces for research and laboratories, courses, and living and recreation. The campus is completed by the IMT Library, which offers a plethora of resources and offers additional working and research areas for the IMT community, and the city of Lucca in general. Research and Educational Mission IMT researchers carry out cutting-edge methodological research to generate knowledge, apply knowledge to solve problems of an economic, industrial, societal and cultural nature, and transmit knowledge through highly specialized graduate courses and seminars. Starting from the overlying fundamental principle of scientific excellence, which applies to all areas and levels of the IMT research community, the School distinguishes itself through its interdisciplinary orientation to develop innovative research and acquire greater international visibility. The School’s interdisciplinary research program is articulated in four scientific macro-areas: Economics, Management Science, and Complex systems; Computer science and Systems engineering; Cognitive and Social Neuroscience; Cultural heritage. The School’s interdisciplinary research program is articulated in four scientific macro-areas of Economics Management science and Complex systems, Computer science, Systems engineering, Cultural heritage, with an additional area of Political History The School’s research is further organized into distinct yet multidisciplinary research units (RU). Most RUs are characterized by a pyramidal structure where the vertex is occupied by a prominent senior researcher, junior faculty members constitute the intermediate level, and the base is formed by a small group of doctoral students, actively contributing to the research as part of their studies. Other RUs instead are structured in a multipolar fashion, with highly specialized research centered on thematic nuclei and the contribution of diverse methodologies. The work carried out in the research units is intimately linked to IMT’s multidisciplinary Ph.D. program, which provides a unique and characteristic patrimony of competences within the broad framework of the analysis and management of a plurality of systems. The program is articulated in curricula that share common core courses and provide specialized training in the specific discipline of the doctoral thesis. At the end of the program, students can successfully face appointments in and outside academia because of their ability to recognize and solve new and increasingly complex problems.The hunger to learn, analyze and resolve problems, the ability to embrace an approach to problem-solving that is not limited by the confines of any single discipline, and the aptitude to quickly familiarize oneself with the tools and methods in fields outside of one’s own are the three talents that IMT aims to cultivate in its doctoral students. IMT receives thousands of applications every year for the program from every corner of the globe. Impact IMT makes an impact at various levels and in multiple spheres. In terms of research, despite its relatively young age, IMT already enjoys many concrete successes, hosting a variety of international, European and national research projects which account for nearly half of its yearly budget. Furthermore, the high scientific quality of the School's professors and researchers has recently been certified by the ANVUR (National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes). IMT obtained an excellent result, ranking first in area 13 “economics and statistics”, with an average score of 0.91/1 for the publications presented. Also taking into account the other scientific areas of the School, the comprehensive average score was 0.92/1, with an average of 0.98/1 in the areas of computer science, engineering, and mathematics. This represents an extraordinary success, as similar results were not achieved by any other university in all 14 of the areas evaluated. Research at IMT is also carried out in close collaboration with the local territory through various initiatives and projects in a variety of areas (tissue industry, healthcare industry, marine industry, ICT for smart cities and many others) in collaboration with the municipality of Lucca. IMT promotes higher education and research apprenticeships Companies can contact to IMT to activate higher education and research apprenticeship agreements with students that have been deemed eligible to enroll in IMT's Ph.D. program. Companies can also contact the School with profiles of interest (that are also in line with IMT's research agenda) to advertise in the next Ph.D. program call. More info on apprenticeships page. The School continues reinforcing its impact on the territory by intensifying its collaborations with businesses, public entities, institutions, schools and by continuing the successful OPEN IMT Conferences program of open-door cultural and scientific events. [-]

European Cultural Academy

Italy Venice October 2018

The aim of the European Cultural Academy is to enhance knowledge and advance your career in Art, Architecture and other Creative Industries. For more than a decade we have helped creative communities to increase visibility, build connections and make a lasting impact on their careers. In our courses, we share our insights as organisers of international exhibitions and Biennale Pavilions, Performance Art Week, Design Prize and Architecture Awards as a well as symposia, conferences… [+] and residencies. Our faculty includes artists, designers, curators, gallerists, architects and scholars that will help you to build necessary skills and enable you to navigate through an opaque and very competitive industry. Visiting exhibitions: Here with the artist Herman Nitsch and the curators Karlyn de Jongh and Sarah GoldOur Approach European Cultural Academy emphasises practical solutions. You will get behind the scenes of the Biennale and learn to collaborate with governments, artists, foundations, and sponsors. At the end of the course, you will create a real project (e.g. exhibition project, artwork, publication, event etc.) that might be added to your portfolio/CV and you will have a possibility to present it to the public. Prominent professors in related fields ensure a solid academic component and will enable you to gain a wider perspective. Who can apply Our participants come from all backgrounds and the course is open for anyone with an interest in Art and Architecture. If you are a university representative and would like to arrange a program for your students, we can customise it to your needs. Individual applicants are welcome to apply for certain dates, please do not hesitate to contact us for further details. Duration is from 1 to 3 weeks. The Academy runs all year round, although the most optimal period would be during the Biennale (May-November). Location Venice, Italy. We have four historic palazzos in the centre of Venice where we host exhibitions and are able to provide students with a unique behind-the-scenes experience. [-]

BAU International Academy of Rome

Italy Rome October 2018

International Academy of Rome is a member of the BAU Global Education Network, one of the largest international groups of leading educational institutions in the world. At BAU IAR we aim to offer unique educational and professional opportunities to the students of our global network and to the EU citizens interested to pursue their studies and careers in the most emerging markets of the 21st-century marketplace. Our programs are designed for managers, artists, designers,… [+] entrepreneurs, and professionals in any sector able to combine management skills and a self-starter attitude with the passion for innovation and mobility beyond borders. At BAU IAR you will learn that business is essentially a form of art and how creativity, innovation, and internationalization make the Made in Italy a premium brand worldwide. The Gate of the Orient in Rome at Piazza Venezia. At BAU International Academy of Rome you will learn and experience the reasons why Italian goods are recognized as icons of style, creativity, and innovation worldwide, and how to enhance your career perspectives and professional life by exploiting the reputation and the potential of the Made in Italy Brand. MEMBER OF BAU GLOBAL BAU International Academy of Rome is a member of a global network of leading academic institutions. MADE IN ITALY EDUCATION Study in-depth the critical success factors and the key competitive sectors of the Made in Italy Brand. EXPERIMENTAL LEARNING In-company visits, meetings, creative labs to maximize your career opportunities in the emerging markets. INTERNATIONAL CLASSES Get in touch with students from all over the world and immerse yourself in a multicultural environment. A TEAM OF EXCELLENCE Experts in the selected areas: professors, managers, scholars, advisors of public and private institutions and companies. EUROPEAN CREDIT TRANSFER An offer based on the standards of the European Bologna Agreement and the ECTS credits system. Studying and living in Rome Studying in Rome gives you the unique opportunity to discover the leading cultural, political and religious centre of western civilization, cradle of thousand-year old cultural traditions. Experience life in the city that provides valuable lessons of entrepreneurship and innovation full of archaeological and artistic treasures, centre of fashion, luxury and craftsmanship: a city where the new always comes by the contamination of the old. [-]

University of Trento School of International Studies

Master Italy Trento October 2018

About our School Today, the phenomena of globalization and integration are pervasive and relevant. They are often perceived, on the one hand, as being distant, fragmentary and sometimes threatening, and, on the other, as providing opportunities for individual nations or groups of nations. Such ambivalence presents a formidable challenge to the ruling classes and to a national public opinion, a challenge that cannot be answered without the kind of integrated responses and… [+] interpretive approaches possible only within a multidisciplinary context. The University of Trento has responded to this challenge by promoting research, education and professional training in the field of international studies through the School of International Studies (SIS). Established in 2001 thanks to the close and continued collaboration between its component Faculties (now Departments) of Law, Economics, Sociology and Arts & Humanities, the School turned into a Centre of the University in 2012. The School is the only Graduate School in Italy offering advanced courses in International Studies for students who completed a three-year undergraduate degree. It organizes a two-year Master’s programme in European and International Studies – Laura Magistrale in Studi Europei e Internazionali (MEIS), a two-year Master's programme in International Security Studies - Laura Magistrale in Studi sulla Sicurezza Internazionale (MISS) and a three-year Doctoral programme in International Studies. These Graduate programmes form a natural continuation of the three-year undergraduate degrees offered by the School’s participating Faculties/Departments in the field of International Studies. As an advanced institute of interdisciplinary studies, the School of International Studies is unparalleled in Italy and, in the few years since its inception, has become a leading reference point in Europe for graduate teaching and research in Economics, Law, and Politics. Graduates have gone on to senior positions in international arenas as well as academic careers with postdoctoral and tenured positions in Europe and abroad. The School is a vibrant academic environment. Students, faculty members, post-doc researchers and visiting professors from all over the world participate in the School’s teaching and research activities. The School hosts international conferences on subjects ranging from the global economic order to topics related to the European Union, from international security to international institutions. These events complement the rich programme of guest speakers, including both academics and professional practitioners, and visiting researchers, all contributing to the creation of a stimulating intellectual community. The Departments of the University of Trento involved in the School are: Economics and management Faculty of Law Arts and humanities Sociology and Social Research [-]

Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele

Italy Milan Switzerland Lugano October 2018

The Vita-Salute San Raffaele University was inaugurated in 1996 with its Psychology course, soon followed by the courses of Medicine, in 1998, and Philosophy, in 2002. Since its establishment, the University has been characterized by a strong integration of teaching and research, in each of its facets: basic, philosophical and social. The mission of Vita-Salute San Raffaele is to answer to the question Quid est homo, What is the man, strongly believing that the humankind… [+] is biological, psychologically and spiritually unique. The University is now part of the Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato. The Vita-Salute San Raffaele University is a point of reference in the field of university education, as one of the top academic institutions in Italy. Each department is a complex structure including, other than the undergraduate and graduate courses, research centers, doctoral schools, and masters. [-]

ALMA - The International School of Italian Cuisine

Italy Parma October 2018

THE WORLD’S LEADING CENTER FOR TRAINING IN ITALIAN CUISINE ALMA - The International School of Italian Cuisine is hosted in the magnificent Ducal Palace of Colorno, located in a beautiful Italian-style garden. The school is 10 km from Parma, the heart of the Italian Food Valley, and awarded by UNESCO as the Creative City of Gastronomy, where also EFSA - the European Food Safety Authority is located. This outstanding historical location is equipped with the latest teaching a… [+] nd cooking facilities. It covers over 7.000 MQ with: a conference room and an agora room with kitchens, 7 training classrooms, 4 demo classrooms, 2 pastry labs and 1 sommellerie room fully equipped with A/V system, a 17th century wine cellar, 1 sensory analysis lab, 1 R&D kitchen, 1 library with 13.000 culinary books, newspapers and DVD collections, a central kitchen, 1 restaurant seating 180 guests and 1 Fine Dining Restaurant seating 40 guests. Since 2004, ALMA has educated in this location chefs, pastry chefs, sommeliers and F&B managers from all over the world with training programs performed at the highest level by the most awarded teachers. ALMA’s dean is Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi, the most authoritative Italian chef and cooking teacher all over the world. Moreover, the school collaborates with more than 700 among the most renowned Italian restaurants to place internships for ALMA students, also relying on high-qualified teaching staff. In the last year, the demand for ALMA high education courses has considerably raised, so that today ALMA hosts about 2.000 students per year (between curricular programs and tailor-made courses) and a further increase is expected for 2017. One of the reasons for this success is ALMA Alumni’s high employment rate. Out of statistics, 90% of them find a job within 6 months after their diploma and ALMA helps them accessing employment thanks to ALMAlink, a dedicated portal allowing restaurants, hotel, and companies of the catering industry get into contact with ALMA graduates. ALMA TEACHING OFFER Language: Italian ADVANCED COURSE IN ITALIAN CUISINE ADVANCED COURSE IN PASTRY CUISINE TECHNIQUES COURSE PASTRY TECHNIQUES COURSE ASSISTANT RESTAURANT&BAR MANAGER MASTER SOMMELIER ALMA-AIS F&B MANAGER COURSE Language: English INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM OF ITALIAN CUISINE INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM OF MODERN PASTRY INTERNATIONAL COURSE OF WINE JOINT PROGRAMS WITH PARTNER SCHOOLS ALMA INTERNATIONAL NETWORK ALMA has a strong international vocation and this is the reason why it has developed a strong network of the top Culinary Schools all over the world. In collaboration with its partner schools, ALMA organizes special Italian cooking courses and trains foreign chefs to become ambassadors of Italian cuisine and Italian products in their home country. International Culinary Center - New York (USA) Il Cuoco - Italian Culinary Institute – Seoul (South Korea) George Brown College Chef School – Toronto (Canada) ITHQ (Institut de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie du Quebec) – Montréal (Canada) Cessa Universidad - Mexico City (Mexico) Ecole d’Art Culinaire de Miyagi – Sendai (Japan) VTC - Vocational Training Council - Hong Kong (China) Westminster Kingsway College – London (UK) Senac - Centro Universitário - São Paulo (Brazil) MSA – Culinary Arts Academy – Istanbul (Turkey) NSI - Northern Sydney Ins – Sydney (Australia) Prue Leith Chef Academy - Centurion, Johannesburg (South Africa) KDU University College - Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Mausi Sebes - Buenos Aires (Argentina) BIC Vocational Ljubljana College – Ljubljana (Slovenia) Hungkuang University, Taichung (Taiwan) AIMS Institute – Bangalore (India) Kul In – Sisak (Croatia) Tourism College of Zhejiang - Hangzhou (China) Swiss Education Group - Montreux (Switzerland) ALMA PARTNERS Some of the school’s main partners are Parma Chamber of Commerce, the majority shareholder, together with Provincia di Parma, which set the premises with Colorno Castle. Other partners are: Unione Industriali and Ascom Parma, Cariparma Crédit Agricole, FIPE, several Consortiums for the Protection of Typical Foods and Wines (Parmigiano-Reggiano, Lambrusco di Modena, Olio Toscano, Prosciutto di Parma, Vini Reggiani, Salumi Tipici Piacentini, Vini DOC Colli Piacentini, Vini Colli di Parma, Produttori di Aceto Balsamico, Vini Colli Bolognesi), APACOOP, ASSICA, Confcooperative Emilia-Romagna, Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano, Federalimentare, Assolatte and Federdoc. ALMA also signed protocol agreements with the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), and with the Italian National Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE). It also has entered into agreements and collaborations with SDA Bocconi in Milan and Parma University. ALMA is accredited by Emilia Romagna Region education system and is ISO 9001-2008 certified. In 2011 it signed a cooperation agreement with EXPO 2015 for a series of education and promotion activities during the EXPO under the subject of “Feeding the planet – Energy for life”, which will also involve its international network. [-]

The European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC)

Master Italy Venice Lebanon Beirut October 2018

The European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) is an interdisciplinary centre of excellence formed by 41 universities from all European Union Member States. Mission EIUC was founded in 2002 on a commitment to the realisation of the values promoted by the EU, the promotion of high-level inter-disciplinary human rights education. EIUC is located in Venice, Italy. Governing Bodies The EIUC Organs are the Assembly, the Board of Administrators,… [+] the President, the Honorary President, the Deputy-President, the Secretary-General, the Advisory Board, and the Auditor. Universities EIUC gathers 41 prestigious European universities, all renowned for their leading role in education, research and advocacy in human rights and democratisation. Partners EIUC has Memorandum of Understandings with some of the major international organisations in the field of human rights [-]

The Footwearists - Footwear Innovation & Training

Master Netherlands Tilburg Italy Guangzhou China Florence September 2018 + 2 more

The Footwearists derives from the institute previously known as SLEM (Shoes Leather Education Museum) and is an international innovation and training institute for footwear that includes a consulting department, a forecasting department and an educational institute that offers full-time programs as well as part-time workshops for professionals. The Footwearists' aim is to improve the world through shoes. Even though there is a growing human population with an exponential… [+] need for footwear this is limited by current material resources, production and distribution processes. This causes an urgent need for meaningful change. Shoes have been made and sold pretty much the same way for the past century. While we appreciate tradition, our aim is to develop innovative sustainable technologies that will involve fewer, recyclable and nontoxic resources applied locally. To achieve this the programs stimulate new ways of thinking about footwear that will open up and improve the industry, involving new solutions and creative opportunities that were not available or thought of before. At Footwearists, we do all this through research, teaching and applying new methods that are suitable for the future. Our professional program of Footwear Innovation eliminates the typical department divisions between technology, design, and business, providing a multidisciplinary platform for both students and professionals from various backgrounds. The program deals with how to forecast future developments for footwear, how to translate this future vision into the profitable and sustainable design as well as in business concepts that are capable of uniting the creative, ethical, commercial and technical dimensions of people and their footwear. Who is this for? Professional Footwear Innovation is meant for anyone who wants to make a profitable and meaningful contribution to the future of the footwear industry. We are looking for people who have a passion for footwear and are highly motivated to better themselves and their environment. A creative entrepreneurial spirit, great curiosity for the future and a willingness to learn, work and travel in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams are also important personal assets. [-]

The American University of Rome

MA Italy Rome October 2018

The American University of Rome (AUR) is one of the oldest degree-granting American universities in Italy. Students obtain an accredited United States of America bachelor degree upon completion of the academic program (typically four years in duration.) The US bachelor’s degree is universally recognized as a standard of success of higher education. AUR uses Rome as its classroom and Italy and Europe as invaluable resources. The American University of Rome prepares students t… [+] o live and work across cultures through its practical interdisciplinary academic majors, opportunities for learning through travel and internships, and its multi-cultural faculty and staff. Students choose from eight bachelor-degree programs: Instruction is in English. Students whose English language skills need development may apply for the Intensive Academic English Language Course in order to benefit from a full academic curriculum at The American University of Rome. Through this program students will develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English while attending selected credit-based General Education courses at AUR. Admission is competitive. AUR attracts students from over 40 countries and offers its students study abroad destinations such as China, Ecuador, England, Greece, Spain and the finest universities in the United States. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and students are selected without regard to age, race, sex, creed, national or ethnic origin or handicap. Advanced standing may be granted for academic credits earned at institutions outside the university system of the United States. Candidates in possession of credentials such as the Italian Maturità, the International Baccalaureate, the British GCSE A levels and other equivalent programs will be evaluated and advanced credits granted on the basis of evaluation. In most instances, the first year of college (equivalent to 30 semester credits) may be granted. If the AUR admissions office determines that a student is otherwise fully academically qualified but that the English language skills may impede on the start of a successful academic experience, a personalized academic semester or year at AUR may be required. The American University of Rome is committed to assisting students’ financial needs by offering various academic scholarships and student work assistantship positions to qualified students. After degree completion, most AUR graduates either go on to further their education or choose to immediately enter the workplace. Of those students choosing to enter the workplace after graduation, 86% located employment in less than a year (as of September 2010 data as formally and publically reported to the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). AUR is accredited and/or recognized by Middle States Commission on Higher Education (USA), United States Department of Education, Department of Education of the State of Delaware, Rome Tribunal and Italian Ministry of Education. [-]