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Diponegoro University (UNDIP) is a prestigious university located at the northern of Central Java Indonesia. It is renowned for being at the forefront of engineering and technological knowledge and expertise, with a mission to be an Excellent Research University. UNDIP has also established a reputation for innovative education and leading-edge research, with a vision to educating technologists and professionals toward the development of creative human resource and advanced technological innovations. This is in line with the aspirations of the country to be fully developed and knowledge-rich nation. UNDIP has 11 faculties and the number of research centres, in addition to academic departments to service technological, educational and research needs of the university.

An important result of UNDIP’s carefully managed modernisation is a steadily improving the education system that has poured millions into research and development, and to encouraging international students into the country. In the 2008 THES-QS Top World University Rankings, the Diponegoro University (UNDIP) featured well in the ranking of 501+ position, which decreases from Top 500 (401-500th position) in 2007. In 2009, UNDIP ranked 171th of Top 200 Asia from QS Top Asia University Ranking. In 2009, the quality of teaching in UNDIP has improved greatly over recent years, following a government decree that all teachers and lecturers have to possess a Master/PhD degree in the subject that they are teaching, which was not the case before the turn of the century.

Diponegoro University (UNDIP)has been long time managing its endless attempts to be accredited as a national university that to be proud of and accredited internationally as an outstanding university. This Program was in line with the global era challenges. The Global era requires high quality education institutions that conduct some attainments to participate in the compete beyond the world's rapid competition. Based on the present conditions, the education quality in a university should always be increased in order to develop qualified, knowledgeable, and high technology human resources. The strategic actions had been taken in line with to the new paradigm of higher education development program which has been proposed by Indonesian Directorate General of High Education (IDGHE).

In the year 2020, UNDIP intends to be an Excellent Research University. Efforts to achieve the vision, UNDIP defines its mission as follow :

  1. to provide the best education program in the fields of science, technology, and art,
  2. to conduct professional scientific researches and publication as contributions to the development of science and technology,
  3. to provide qualified public services in accordance to the society demand and the development of knowledge sciences and
  4. conducting evaluation regularly to improve quality, autonomy, accountability, and accreditation of university.

Vision, Mission and the main scientific interest of UNDIP have been focused on Eco-Coastal-Region Development.

We have a significant share of the most competitive Postgraduate and Undergraduate programmes in engineering, animal agriculture, ICT, science, mathematics, economics, management, medicine, social and political science, letters, public health, fisheries and marine science, and psychology.

Student hostel accommodation will be provided by UNDIP inside the campus region, as well as private renting at around campus provided by community. Around the private renting has a student canteen that offers a wide variety of meals at reasonable prices. The room rate for the private renting ranges from Rp 150,000 to Rp 250,000 a month depends on the available facilities. The room rates are not inclusive of bedding and cleaning.

Postgraduate students may be accommodated in private residences for family. It should be pointed out that the rates can vary appreciably depending upon the type of lodging, proximity to campus and the other relevant factors. Generally, information on private residences for rent are available at the local newspapers.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Indonesian

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This school also offers:


Master Coastal Resources Management

Campus Full time 4 semesters September 2018 Indonesia Semarang

Diponegoro University (Undip) opens the Master Coastal Resources Management program. [+]

Master Coastal Resources Management



Application date:January, 2014 – August 4, 2014


Selection:August 5, 2014


Announcement:August 12 - 19, 2014


Matriculation:September 16 - 24, 2014


Starting Program:Sept 30, 2014



Master in Architecture

Campus Full time April 2018 Indonesia Semarang

Master in Architecture is focusing on Tropical Architecture compatible with Indonesian climate and geography [+]

Master in Architecture

To apply for Master in Architecture the following is required: Bachelor degree in Architecture Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Interior Design, Psychology, Civil Engineering, Archaeology, History, Art, and other relevant major GPA ≥ 2,75 (Range 0-4) Possess TOEFL score of at least 450 (PBT) Schedule for Registration (Annually Based)


Application date: Dec – March

Selection: March

Announcement: March

Starting Program: April - May


Application date: April – August

Selection: August

Announcement: August

Starting Program: Sept... [-]

Master in Civil Engineering

Campus Full time July 2018 Indonesia Semarang

To apply for Master in Civil Engineering program the Bachelor degree and at least 2.75 GPA from accredited University is required. [+]

Master in Civil Engineering

Prospective Students Possess bachelors degree (not Diploma/D IV) Hold at least 2.75 GPA from accredited University Courses Water Supply Transportation Management and Infrastructure Engineering Structure Geodetics Management of Construction and Beach Method [-]

Master in Environmental Health

Campus Full time July 2018 Indonesia Semarang

One of the missions of Master of Environmental Health program is to deliver professional graduates in the related fields in order to support the program and the development of National Health System [+]

Master in Environmental Health

Missions To deliver professional graduates in the related fields in order to support the program and the development of National Health System To deliver excellent research which in capability of coping health problems nationally, regionally, and globally. To deliver public dedicational program especially in environmental health which might improve environmental health conditional and public's health standards To develop national, regional, and international partnership network in terms of educations, reseearch, and dedication to the public Prospective Students Health-related Bachelors (non Health-related Bachelors should join the Matriculations) GPA > 3.00 Courses Science Philosophy and Research Ethics Environmental Health Environmental Epidemology Environment and Health Policy Research Methodology Inferential Statistic Computer Application Public Development Environmental Toxicology AMDAL Environmental Health Technology Environmental Health Strategic Management Region-Based Disease Management Vector Control Food Safety Industrial Physic Factor Management Industrial Health Environment Environmental Health Current Issue Environmental Health Communication Media Development B3 Waste Management Environmental Health Advocation ENVIRONMENTAL-BASED GIS Enviromental Audit Instrumental Development Data Management STRUCTURAL EQUATION MODELING (SEM) Residence Thesis Graduate Profile Environmental Department Manager Educator (Community Empowerment) Consultant Researcher [-]

Master in Linguistics

Campus Full time September 2018 Indonesia Semarang

Master of Linguistics Diponegoro University opens the student admission for academic year 2014/2015 start on 4 April – 8 July 2014 [+]

Master in Linguistics

The registration for new student has been scheduled every year and this is the information of our annual program for registration:

Application date: April 4 – July 8

Selection: July 15

Announcement: July 20

Registration: July 20 - August 3

Starting Program: Sept 15


Master of Economic Science and Development Study

Campus Full time July 2018 Indonesia Semarang

Master of Economic Science and Development Study Diponegoro University opens the student admission for academic year 2014/2015 start on 1 july – 15 September 2014 [+]

Master of Economic Science and Development Study

Master of Economic Science and Development Study Diponegoro University opens the student admission for academic year 2014/2015 start on 1 july – 15 September 2014

General entry requirements: meet all academic standard required by universities in Indonesia; receive a full offer of admission from Indonesian Higher Education Office; submit a statement of substantial funding verification toward Bachelor's,Master's or Doctoral degree studies; submit documents verifying standard health conditions, signed by a recognized doctor or home country hospital; submit a statement of complying with Indonesian university regulations. Specific entry requirements:... [-]


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