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Welcome to a different kind of business school!

Sophisticated Hybrid for the 21st Century

We look East as well as West. CEU Business School represents a sophisticated hybrid—chartered in New York State while operating in the heart of New Europe for over a quarter century—preparing students for the most attractive opportunities of the 21st century.

US and Emerging Economy Perspectives

The school is unique in offering students both advanced and avant-garde US management practices and—based on our deep familiarity and long experience—the savvy and knowledge necessary to succeed in dynamic emerging economies.

ghProfessionalism, Entrepreneurial Creativity, and Prototyping

Our institution reflects professionalism and creative entrepreneurial drive as well as acting as a test bed for the rapid prototyping of new and relevant ideas and practical ways to have high impact.

Our Priorities and Your Future

Our explicit priorities—including entrepreneurship, leadership and strategy, global finance, and IT management and business analytics—are aligned with the most exciting career opportunities for today and in the coming decades.


In all interactions, our school possesses an all-embracing commitment to integrity.

Our Community

Our community is as diverse as it gets, but we are still quite close with a low student/faculty ratio, small and modest-sized classes and an impressive and active global alumni network.


CEU Business School is fortunate in being accessible to all deserving students worldwide. Due to the generosity of our founder, George Soros, we can keep tuition incredibly low for our acknowledged high-quality programs.

Learn More Now

So, if you aspire to leadership, if you possess an adventurous spirit, and if you want a management-education experience in synch with the times, we invite you to learn more about what our programs can offer you.

CEU Business School and George Soros

CEU Business School was founded in Budapest in 1988 by a group of visionary leaders headed by legendary investor and philanthropist George Soros.

We are rapidly emerging under our new leadership. With assistance from an endowment 3x the per-student value of that possessed by Oxford and Cambridge, we offer educational program opportunities which are uniquely relevant for today's challenges, and which are offered at a highly subsidized tuition rate.

CEU Business School, a US-chartered institution founded by George Soros in 1988, trained the cadre of CEE managers and entrepreneurs who led the successful transition from a socialist to a market economy. Offering an American MBA and adhering to world-class standards of excellence in teaching and intellectual leadership, the School is now embarking on its equally exciting second-quarter century. Its overreaching commitment now is to provide emerging and re-emerging economies with the most effective and relevant theory and practice in state-of-the-art management. The school emphasizes especially innovation and entrepreneurship, integrity management, leadership, and managerial professionalism. The School’s distinguished faculty are respected pacesetters in their fields, and its students are expected to make an impact and are prepared to have multiple high-level and creative careers throughout their professional lives. We believe, along with George Soros, that the world needs managers capable of dealing with rapidly changing environments and appreciating the impact of their actions on the business, social, and natural environment. Thus, the mission has evolved to a more global one focused on emerging economies as a particular opportunity to impact new managers and how they influence our future.

A global financier and philanthropist, George Soros is the founder and chairman of a network of foundations that promote the creation of open, democratic societies, based upon the rule of law, market economies, transparent and accountable governance, freedom of the press and respect for human rights. CEU's diverse activities including top-education, world-class research and influential international conferences are a key pillar in this mission to build open societies worldwide.

Every year, Mr. Soros attends the CEU Graduation Ceremony to personally hand over the Diplomas to all students graduating, and is active as an advisor, advocate and guest lecturer. Degrees Relevant to Today’s World

jkCEU Business School offers various programs, including a Accelerated One Year MBA (full-time), an Executive MBA (part-time), Masters programs in Technology Management and Innovation, Business Analytics and Finance, several tailored Executive Education Programs, and, together with six other top-flight global business schools, offers the International Masters in Management (IMM) Executive MBA.

Our Accelerated One Year and Executive MBA programs help students develop the entrepreneurial skills and perspectives to manage new and established ventures anywhere in the world. They also help students learn how to create value in emerging economies and harness experimentation and creativity to become more innovative. Our MBA programs place particular emphasis on cultivating professional values anchored by integrity, ethics and transparency.

Our MSc in Technology Management and Innovation program is designed for managers or prospective managers with a technical background who need to develop the business, finance, and leadership skills for advancement or entrepreneurship. Our Masters in Finance program has been created from the ground up to serve twenty-first century financial professionals around the world. It is also well suited for those looking to enter the finance profession or who are in other roles such as marketing or general management who want to develop their financial skills.


Central European University (CEU) is organized as an American graduate institution, governed by a Board of Trustees. It was incorporated in the State of New York. The university has an absolute charter from the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York, for and on behalf of the New York State Education Department.

In the United States, CEU is accredited by the Middle State Commission on Higher Education.

CEU Business School's MBA programs are accredited by theAssociation of MBAs (AMBA), one of the three internationally recognized MBA/Business School accrediting agencies.

History at a Glance

Since its inception as “International Management Center” (IMC) in 1988, CEU Business School has evolved through three periods.

From 1988 to 1995 IMC students were taking their first-year courses in Budapest and moved to one of our partner schools in Western Europe and North America to complete their studies and receive their MBA diplomas.

From 1996 to 2001 IMC had been a franchise of Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management in Cleveland, Ohio.

Since 2002 we are officially recognized as the Business School of Central European University.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Hungarian

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This school also offers:


MSc in Business Analytics

Campus Full time Part time 11 - 18  March 2018 Hungary Budapest + 1 more

This new interdisciplinary program is unprecedented in Europe. Unlike similar programs, CEU’s MSc-Business Analytics offers a full spectrum of skills and knowledge necessary for business analysts to create value from big data and other sources of quantitative information while emphasizing the management and economic aspects of how data creates value. [+]

At a glance Spring start date: March 31, 2017 Fall start date: September 2017 Program length: 11/18 months Flexible format: Full-time or Part-time 36 credits (28 coursework + 8 final project) Tuition: 12,000 EUR Application Deadline for the March 2017 program start for candidates from non-EU/EEA member states: January 15, 2017, for candidates from EU/EEA member states: February 28, 2017 Application Deadline for the September 2017 program start for candidates from non-EU/EEA member states: February 1, 2017, for candidates from EU/EEA member states: June 30, 2017 Become a business decision maker who examines data and executes data & analytics strategies to drive business value. There is already a shortage of data scientists and business analysts due to the Big Data boom. Businesses and other organizations increasingly recognize the potential value of the huge amounts of data produced and archived each day, indeed every minute and second, if such data is analyzed correctly and creatively. The skills necessary to analyze and act upon insights from data are dispersed among managers, economic analysts, computer scientists, engineers and statisticians. Business analytics, especially involving Big Data, can help organizations make smarter and more effective decisions, such as finding ways to increase sales or to cut costs. Indeed, Big Data especially will be a source of future business growth and has a major trend in business that will play out over many years. Thus, Big Data increases the need for well-prepared professionals in Business Analytics. This new interdisciplinary program is unprecedented in Europe. Unlike similar... [-]

MSc in Finance

Campus Full time Part time 12 - 18 months January 2018 Hungary Budapest + 1 more

The MSc in Finance is a small and densely international program in the best tradition of CEU, ranked among the world's best and most international schools. The Class of 2017 comprises 35 students from 20 countries. The program is taught by research professors and industry professionals who previously taught and earned degrees at Wharton, Chicago, NYU, Yale, Princeton, Boston, Toronto, Cambridge and INSEAD, among others. [+]

At a Glance U.S. Master of Science degree September or January start 12 months full-time or 12/18 months part-time (evenings) 30 credits (27 for courses + 3 for field project) NASDAQ, Empiricus and Future of Big Data scholarships Tuition: EUR 10,000 due to gift by CEU founder George Soros Jumpstart or accelerate your career with a cutting-edge international finance masters guided by industry U.S. Master of Science degree from a world-class university and the leading business school in Central Europe Full-time for graduates and career changers, part-time for professionals with existing careers Strong practical focus with capstone field project, Finance@CEU, case studies, simulations and site visits Guided by the MSc in Finance Advisory Committee, a working group of senior executives from global institutions Career services with corporate showcases and integrated job platform Global student body, one of the most diverse and far-reaching alumni networks in the world Scholarships from NASDAQ, Hong Kong and London investment firms "The MSc in Finance is guided by a strong industry coalition and is constantly evolving. I have built on a decade of experience at Cambridge and Oxford to design a program that global employers actually need both as a source of talent and a means of talent support. CEU is a world-class innovator of education in Budapest, one of Europe's fastest rising financial services and technology hubs. You will learn from top research academics, interact with experts working at the cutting edge of finance, and build your professional network at a plethora of events."... [-]

MSc in Technology Management and Innovation

Campus Full time Part time 10 - 16 months March 2018 Hungary Budapest + 1 more

The MSc in Technology Management and Innovation program provides a bridge between IT and business. The program is unique in Central and Eastern Europe and special in that it helps those with technical backgrounds as well as those with broader experience prepare for technology-related leadership positions. [+]

At-a-Glance Spring start date: March 31, 2017 (Please note that for the March intake, we cannot accept applications from visa-required countries.) Fall start date: September 2017 Program length: 10/16 months Flexible format: Full-time or Part-time 30 credits Turn technology into business advantage. The MSc in Technology Management and Innovation program provides a bridge between IT and business. The program is unique in Central and Eastern Europe and special in that it helps those with technical backgrounds as well as those with broader experience prepare for technology-related leadership positions. The program is designed mainly for managers or prospective managers who need to develop the business, finance and leadership skills for advancement or entrepreneurship in tech-related positions and fields. The program is interactive and hands-on and delivered by industry experts as well as academic faculty members. As a student in this program, you can expect to develop a holistic perspective of technology and business and learn how to: Identify an organization’s business needs and how to align a technology strategy to meet those needs Make business cases that evaluate and justify technology investments Develop your leadership skills Motivate and manage teams Recognize technology trends that can benefit your organization' s competitive position Communicate effectively with business leaders about technology The MSc in Technology Management and Innovation Program is accredited in the US. It is the key to a broader range of skills and career possibilities for technology professionals. Who Should Apply? CEU Business School's MSc in Technology Management and Innovation Program is... [-]


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