The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Arts


Established in 1963, the same year the Chinese University of Hong Kong was founded, the Faculty of Arts has always been pivotal to CUHK’s commitment to integrating Chinese and Western traditions, to bilingual education and innovative research. We believe the study of languages, cultures, religions, creative arts, history and philosophy fosters a humanistic spirit and enables us better to engage with a diverse global community. We take pride in being the intellectual home of many a world-renowned scholar, especially in the study of Chinese thought and culture. We are also proud to have over 30,000 alumni living and working in every part of the world.

Today, CUHK Arts is the largest Faculty dedicated to humanities research and education in Hong Kong, with 11 departments covering academic disciplines from Anthropology to Translation, a Center for China Studies, 2 language teaching units, and over 30 research centres. We offer 16 major programmes at the undergraduate level and over 30 taught and research postgraduate programmes, of which 15 are for a doctoral degree. Our academic staff of close to 300 professors and lecturers, with their broad range of expertise and research interests, help train not only new generations of scholars in different fields but also imaginative learners and responsible citizens of society.

Mission and Vision


The faculty is committed to the following strategic goals:

  • To articulate, strengthen and promote the core values of humanities through teaching and research, and through communications with the wider public;
  • To excel in the study of languages, peoples, cultures, religions, creative arts, history and philosophy from a comparative perspective informed by international scholarship, with special reference to China and the region;
  • To develop cross-disciplinary initiatives to enhance dialogue and collaboration across humanities disciplines and between humanities and other fields of knowledge, to meet the challenges of the fast-changing frontiers of knowledge;
  • To educate students to become responsible citizens of the community and the world, articulate in expressing ideas in both Chinese and English, with a capacity for creative thought and critical inquiry, and sensitivity to the aesthetic, ethical, and cultural dimensions of personal and social issues.


  • To become one of the best centres of learning in Asia in research on the arts and humanities, especially in research related to China;
  • To become recognized in the region as an innovative and vibrant centre of higher education dedicated to the core values of arts and humanities, bilingual education, cultural diversity, and the development of Chinese culture.


Dean's Message

I am both humbled and honoured to serve as Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Since its establishment in 1963, the Faculty of Arts has dedicated itself, always from a comparative and trans-regional perspective, to the advancement of a humanistic spirit and to the integration of East and West, tradition and modernity. Central to our mission in the contemporary world is to articulate and promote the core values of arts and humanities, through teaching, research, and by interacting with society.

It is my belief that a humanities or liberal arts education is indispensable to any meaningful efforts to appreciate the richness of human history or to imagine a shared and desirable future. Such education also equips us better to grasp the complex and challenging issues that we face in the present.

At CUHK Arts, we aspire to become one of the best and most respected centres of learning in Asia in the study of arts and humanities, with research on China and the region as a strategic focus. We seek to prepare our students as creative and rigorous learners, with both a humanistic sensibility and a global vision. Through innovative teaching, a rich array of extra-curricular activities, off-campus and overseas learning and exchange programs, we enable our students to broaden their intellectual horizon, to acquire new ideas and languages, and to gain new life experiences.

As part of a leading research university, we are committed to pursuing solid, creative, and impactful humanities scholarship. Our academic staff are well-positioned to undertake cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research as well as to develop collaborative projects across departments and beyond. As humanities scholars, we conduct research not only to contribute new knowledge and ideas in response to changing times but also to become insightful and engaging educators in the classroom.

As Dean, I am guided by the collective goals and aspirations of our Faculty, and my commitment is to steer our efforts in the direction that we have set for ourselves. Working together, we aim at making CUHK Arts a world-class institution of research and education. Located as we are in the world city of Hong Kong, our vision and reach will always be global.

Max Xiaobing Tang
Dean, Faculty of Arts
Sin Wai Kin Professor of Chinese Humanities


Hong Kong

Fung King Hey Building, Faculty Office of Arts, 2/F, of, Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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