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SRH University of Applied Sciences Hamm The practice-oriented university for technology, economics and social science

You want to achieve a lot in your career and have big plans? Are you looking for a university of applied sciences that really advances you? Then the SRH Hamm is exactly the right choice for you. Since 2005, the SRH University of Applied Sciences Hamm has been preparing students of logistics, economics, the energy industry and social work with an excellent and practice-oriented university education for their future professional challenges.

Our School of Logistics and Business started in 2005 as a pioneer in the private higher education sector with the first Bachelor's degree program in Germany. SRH Hamm currently offers its 730 students from 23 nations a broad range of future-oriented bachelor's and master's programs. Our university integrates in research and teaching the disciplines of logistics, energy management, business administration and social science.

The modular educational offer is geared closely and practically to the challenges of the global economy. The practical relevance of our studies is a particular concern for us, because only in this way can we ensure that our students will ultimately benefit the most from their studies. It does not matter whether you opt for logistics, energy management or studying in one of our other departments. In any case, we promote your career and help you with your studies.

The SRH College of Logistics and Economics in Hamm

Our self-image

We are a university with a high reputation. We want to give our students the tools to become self-confident, tolerant and cosmopolitan people who have internalized the mind for lifelong learning and self-reflection. Our students receive a lot from us: excellent, practical and future-oriented studies, highly qualified lecturers from prominent positions, optimal study conditions and early entry into professional life with outstanding career prospects. We challenge you, but we support you equally so that you succeed. Go this way with us. We look forward to receiving your non-binding application at Then we would be happy to check if you can study at our university.

Invest in your education. There is no second chance. We are happy to assist you with all questions regarding student financing and show you various options. Please contact us. You will find the first information on the subject under Student Financing.

Research for new perspectives

Our students should participate in the research work of the university by putting learned knowledge into practice or transport empirical knowledge from research to teaching.

For this purpose, our university has a research coordinator who coordinates the research activities of the university across all departments and at the same time ensures synergies. Lecturers, scientific staff and students of the faculties are thereby involved in the implementation of research projects.

In order to bundle knowledge and skills, our university focuses on a few medium-sized projects in the research sector.

This process is supported and promoted through targeted cooperation with business enterprises.

Currently our ICEM project is running.

Studying for a good career

Studied logistics, energy, economics and social work in a practical way

There are only a few decisions in life that have such a significance, such as the choice of study. That is why it is important and reassuring to be in the right hands and to find the right educational partner. For a study of logistics, a study of economics, as well as for a study of the social work or the energy industry, we are your partner.

Regardless of which course of study you wish to complete as a bachelor's or master's degree, the SRH University of Applied Sciences Hamm prepares you for your future career challenges with a professional, flexible and practice-oriented university education . On the basis of a clear study structure paired with individual coaching we enable you a targeted course of study.

Our experienced instructors and the curricula designed to meet the demands of the economy ensure that you acquire exactly the skills you need in your professional life. Especially in the study of logistics or the study of economics, but also in our other courses, we attach importance to interdisciplinary knowledge . In our degree programs, technical-scientific and socio-economic content are combined.

The emphasis may be different, but the quality is always at the same high level. It does not matter whether you decide to study logistics, study economics, social work or the energy industry.

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M.Sc. in Supply Chain Management

Campus Full time 2 years October 2018 Germany Hamm

This Master Program focuses on prospective undergraduate students as well as Bachelor degree holders who are interested in enhancing and deepening their knowledge base relating to Supply Chain Management and Controlling, application of IT Systems as well as Management, Social and Leadership competencies in order to undertake Management positions after successful completion. [+]

Welcome to a brief overview of our degree program in 'Supply Chain Management'

'B2'-certificate in the German language is required. Most of our subjects are taught in German.

The Success Factor –Logistics

As the economy becomes more and more global and therefore more important, logistics and supply chain management turn to become a significant factor of success in every business company or organization. While logistic management primarily deals with the optimization of logistic processes within the organization, the integrated supply chain management deals with optimisation beyond the boundaries of an organization or a company. All in all supply chain management takes over global planning and controlling of networks. The value creation chain begins from the source of raw materials to the end-consumer. It also includes reversing the flow of used materials and goods to recycle and disposal process. Supply-Chain-Managers analyze, optimise and develop the business and material flow trail as well as support and accompany the information flow.... [-]