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Welcome to Macromedia University – the university for digital transformation

Choosing a university is an important life decision. It's the place where you lay the foundation for your future career network and where you discover your chosen area of work and start to mold your professional identity. We are delighted that you've taken an interest in Macromedia, a recognised private German university, and would like to tell you more about how we can help to shape your future.

At Macromedia University, our focus is on our students. We aim to create a space where they can develop. We promote key competencies like communications skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. A large part of our courses is based on practical projects which take the form of individual coaching. Digital transformation is fundamentally changing the structure of our professional world and we need people at the heart of these changes who are able to think across disciplines and take on personal responsibility. These are the people we are educating. As the university for digital transformation, we see our role as enablers: we enable our students to understand and shape change. The process and the outcome can be encapsulated succinctly: you change.

Our programmes – your future

Our study programmes are a blend of theoretical lectures and practical project work. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their studies and are given the opportunity to engage with leading media figures and key players from international organizations, who work closely with the university as guest lecturers and project sponsors. We offer full-time Bachelor courses and postgraduate Master’s Degree courses for an international career path in the media and communications sector. All programmes are accredited by FIBAA and lead to an internationally recognized degree. A collaboration with our UK partner, the University of Westminster, allows us to offer additional bachelor degrees within our undergraduate programmes.

Our Campus – connected to Germany's top industry players

Our campuses are based in some of Germany's most vibrant cities: Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg, Freiburg and Berlin. Our students benefit from our excellent interconnection with the local industry at each campus location. The university employs some 100 professors and renowned scientists and experts from media companies, multi-national companies, universities and communications agencies. Around 3000 students have been enrolled so far, including an increasing number of international students choosing to study at Macromedia helping to strengthen the already thriving cosmopolitan culture at Macromedia University.

Master's Programme – shaping the digital future in higher positions

In principle, Macromedia’s Master’s programmes are closely aligned with the professional requirements of the media and communication industry. This principle is reflected in the university’s teaching processes. All lec­tures are held in English and delivered in a stimulating and practical manner in small classes.

Case studies, simulations and project work – mostly in cooperation with media enterprises – help students develop expertise that will facilitate access to coveted careers. With small classes and intensive supervision, Macrome­dia’s learning environment reflects the Anglo-Saxon Master’s degree culture, including individual coaching by qualified lecturers. Our Graduate School will equip you with the relevant methods and tools to actively shape the permanent transformation of society and economy as a professional, preparing you for a success­ful career with excellent future prospects.

The benefits of choosing Macromedia University

  • Top position in CHE Ranking 2014/15
  • Small classes with intensive, individual supervision
  • Globally recognised, state-approved degrees
  • Campuses in Berlin, Munich, and Cologne; Berlin and Munich are in the Top 10 “Best Student Cities 2017” ranking by Top Universities
  • Authentic, practice-oriented projects with over 500 well-known companies
  • Highly qualified professors and industry insiders as lecturers
  • Well-equipped media labs
  • Career perspectives in Germany: 18 months visa after successful graduation
  • Master’s degree on three days a week
  • Pre-Semester course available online
  • Several Programmes entirely in English
  • Campuses located in top industrial cities of Germany
  • Worldwide network of partner universities
This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • German

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This school also offers:


Master in Business

Campus Full time 3 - 4 semesters March 2019 Germany Munich

This program in business management is for aspiring managers who want to develop the competence that is indispensable to move into the upper management level. [+]

Transition into the upper management Are you eyeing challenging roles in upper management in global companies? Do you want to set yourself apart with the perfect blend of managerial talent and aptitude for change and innovation?

If so, this Master program in Business is the right one for you. In this Master’s program, you will cultivate the competence that is indispensable to steer your career towards upper management level. You will develop a strong conceptual foundation complemented by the thorough know-how of relevant methods and tools so that you are prepared to effectively manage and plan innovation processes and steer corporate strategies resolutely.

Business management entails making well-informed decisions and leading a company to economic and social success. In the constantly evolving business world, change is the norm and the managers of tomorrow need to have the aptitude to initiate and manage change in all aspects of the business. Excellent managerial skills, a deep understanding of various aspects of business and the courage to take a new course at the right time are pivotal. We gear you up for leadership positions in the digital and international business world.... [-]


Master's in Smart City Design

Campus Full time Part time 3 - 4 semesters March 2019 Germany Berlin + 1 more

The Master’s program in Smart City Design is tailored to help students develop a strong understanding of both the strategic and operational aspects of designing smart and sustainable cities. The curriculum combines a wide overview of design topics with specialized courses and practical modules designed to give them an in-depth knowledge of urban challenges, relevant tools, and agile design methods while also nurturing innovative thinking and business skills. [+]

Shape the future of our cities with the Smart City Design M.A.

Do you want to make an impact in the transitions of modern cities? Whether it is charging points for electric vehicles, smart parking or intelligent mobility solutions, the need to transform our fast-growing cities in terms of sustainability is more important than ever.

Digitization and global population growth will have a wide impact on telecommunications, energy supply, urban transport and housing in urban areas. In many parts of the world, smart concepts for cities are already being developed to meet the increasing demands for comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.

If you are interested in urban innovation and want to develop innovative services addressing the new challenges cities are facing, then the Master program Smart City Design at Macromedia University is just the right path for you. Depending upon your interest, you can start your career in diverse areas such as mobility, construction & architecture, interior design, sustainability as well as culture and public administration.... [-]

Master in Brand Management

Campus Full time 3 - 4 semesters March 2019 Germany Munich Berlin + 1 more

Brand Management teaches students how to combine management with creative planning and prepares them for leadership roles and tasks in brand development, marketing communication, and design functions. [+]

Do you want to understand the real business value of brands? Structural changes in today’s population and the digitization of our society require new brand management skills. Digital branding forms a new core competence for agencies and companies. Brands play an important role in business and society. Students specializing in brand management learn about current brand management issues and gain awareness of the interrelation of brands within complex brand architectures.

Managing brands without thinking about digital platforms are inconceivable today. Not only do traditional brand leadership and management need to be evaluated, but special attention needs to be given to the role of social media platforms and co­-creation.... [-]

Master in Design Management

Campus Full time 3 - 4 semesters April 2019 Germany Munich

The Design Management Master course is all about creative but systematic processes. Key ingredients are optimism and empathy, experimentation and holistic thinking. Within interdisciplinary teams, Master’s degree students develop solutions to problems in the area of design, be they in relation to strategy design, service design or human­ centered design. [+]

Do you want to create, manage and lead design process-driven organizations?

Design thinking is at the core of this program. It is practiced in interdisciplinary teams and applied to real-time projects with the industry where design and management merge into innovation. In creative professions, the demand for management knowledge and qualifications has risen sharply in recent years.

The Master’s course in Design Management is aimed primarily at designers who wish to apply a comprehensive understanding of design to real tasks and processes. Ideal professionals distinguish themselves through broad expertise and in­depth knowledge.

Therefore, applicants from a completely different background are welcome, be they engineers, natural scientists or creative people. During their studies, the Master’s degree students learn to adopt a management and design perspective – in short, they foster innovations through “Design Thinking”.... [-]

Master in Design Thinking

Campus Full time 3 - 4 semesters March 2019 Germany Munich

Design thinking employs a variety of different methods and approaches: from creative industries to finding solutions to existing problems and challenges while keeping business purposes in mind. Students gain expertise in design thinking through specialized courses and projects and also through the topics they choose for their Master’s thesis. [+]

Do you want to learn how to design human-centered products and services?

By tackling the unknown for business our students acquire the skills to learn from people, find patterns, use design principles, and turn ideas into tangible objects and devices. They learn to work in teams, to be user-focused and optimistic. Students are not only trained to work in a purely creative environment. The skills they learn enable them to think outside the box and solve problems for diverse groups and industries.

Design thinking employs a variety of different methods and approaches: from creative industries to finding solutions to existing problems and challenges while keeping business purposes in mind.... [-]

Master in Digital Media Business

Campus Full time Part time 3 - 4 semesters March 2019 Germany Munich Berlin + 2 more

Through this program, students gain digital media business expertise through specialised modules and practice projects in an interdisciplinary and international environment. [+]

Do you want to become a successful navigator in the Digital Age?

Just like any other industry, the media industry is also going full-fledged digital. The growth of digital media has opened up new opportunities for growth, innovation and enhanced customer service. How can these new prospects be fully realized? How can media businesses capitalize on the digitalization and create innovative products and solutions? These questions are the focus of the Master’s program in Digital Media Business.

Communication today is dominated by digital media. But it’s not just communication that is affected. How we work, how we live and consume services is also increasingly characterized by digital media and technologies. Therefore, beyond just media companies, the importance of digital media is high across all types of industries. The strategic use of digital media can be a key element for success today for all types of companies. Social media has become an inseparable aspect of how companies connect with their customers. At the same time, digital apps, smartphones, and Virtual Reality are rising as the new point of contacts and service points unlike never before.... [-]

Master in Media and Communication Management

Campus Full time Part time 3 - 4 semesters October 2019 Germany Munich Berlin + 2 more

This Master's degree is aimed at outstanding graduates from the fields of business administration, communication science or related areas and young professionals from agencies, communications departments, marketing, and media companies, who wish to hold technical and management positions. [+]

There is a huge demand for managers with strategic skills in the media sector. Successfully managing the media business and developing new products requires an extremely broad knowledge of social trends and developments combined with business management expertise. That's why decision makers with sound judgment are in high demand. Macromedia University's Master's degree in Media and Communication Management is aimed at outstanding graduates from the fields of business administration, communication science, and related areas, as well as young professionals from agencies, communications departments, marketing, and media companies, who wish to hold technical and management positions. The course, which takes a firm cross-media approach, develops entrepreneurial thinking and working. All facets of strategic and operational management are combined with a deeper knowledge of business administration, comprehensive project know-how and practical application to case studies. Students learn to see media development in the overall context of social change. Graduates are not only able to understand the media but also to shape and direct them. ... [-]


Practice projects with industry partners

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