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Fresenius University of Applied Sciences

From its main campus in Idstein near Wiesbaden, the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences can look back on more than 167 years of tradition in the teaching of the sciences. In 1848 Carl Remigius Fresenius founded the Fresenius Chemical Laboratory, which has devoted itself from the very beginning to practical laboratory work as well as education. Certification as a privately sponsored, state-approved university of applied sciences followed in 1971.

Today, the university offers full-time and part-time Bachelor's and Master’s degrees as well as vocational training and further education at its headquarters in Idstein and its campuses in Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin and New York. Courses are allocated to different faculties: Chemistry & Biology, Health & Social, Economics & Media and Design.

However, this purely market-oriented communication measure has absolutely no influence on the legal framework of the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. The schools are not a substitute for the faculties, but enable the university’s marketing department not only to present the study courses, which have strongly grown in number over recent years, in the market in a more transparent and focused manner but also to better meet the needs of prospective and existing students. In this respect, all the university’s legally stipulated committees and their organization in the different faculties will continue to retain their relevance and validity in future.

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MA in Sustainable Marketing & Leadership

Campus Full time 4 - 6 semesters October 2018 Germany Idstein Cologne + 1 more

A Master's degree in Sustainable Marketing & Leadership from the officially recognised Fresenius University of Applied Sciences offers you a basis unique in Germany for helping you to achieve your professional goal of opening up new markets and customer groups by means of sustained corporate management. [+]

Modern management theory deals with much more than just financial profits. The responsible corporate management plans and organises complex flows of goods, energy, data and finance in the context of social, ecological, economic and global challenges. Green ideas and black figures are thus complementary corporate goals that can be achieved using sustainable marketing tools.

Alongside elementary business subjects, the interdisciplinary curriculum also includes general learning material from the fields of management and marketing. You will additionally acquire soft skills such as leadership behaviour and ethics, and learn about global economic correlations.

Sustainability is not a fashionable trend but is a "must" for all global and German enterprises in the future if they want to safeguard and develop their competitive advantages. Sustainable management requires a new way of thinking in unknown dimensions. The novelty of sustainability and its relevance for companies to the situation that prevails today will unleash an unrelentingly strong demand for highly qualified professionals and executives in this sector which can only be covered internally. Due to the extensive interdisciplinary competence profile encompassing technical, methodical and social skills, MA students who focus on the field of sustainability will not only find career opportunities in all segments of business from procurement and logistics through to production, as well as in accountancy and marketing, but will also be much sought-after partners for corporate consultancies. This broad spectrum of application possibilities makes the Master's study course in Sustainable Marketing & Leadership an education that offers outstanding prospects for the future and... [-]


Msc in digital energy management

Campus Part time 4 semesters October 2018 Germany Idstein

Energy policy processes dominate - We make the energy transition [+]

MSc in Digital Power Management Energy Economic processes dominate - We make the energy transition

You want

play an active role as an employee of the utility industry in the transformation of our energy system? the know-how required for the Change Management Learning? identify new business opportunities for your company and assess? understand how detailed consumption data and state power generation and electricity sales will change sustainable? know the contribution of information technologies in this case? more practical and at the same time additional technical knowledge, without giving up the occupation?

Then, the part-time master's program offers Digital Power Management (M.Sc.) at the University Fresenius optimal conditions for your professional development. Short Profile of the program The liberalization of the energy industry, the rapid digitization of energy management processes and applied for decades to energy transition presenting energy providers today enormous challenges. The requirements for the employees of the energy sector to rise while steadily changing in ever shorter cycles. The energy industry is looking increasingly executives who know the energy management processes in a rapidly changing market, possess technical expertise and dominate important legal bases in the field of energy supply and generation. But they must also be familiar with the possibilities of modern information and communication technologies. The new part-time master degree program Digital Energy Management at the Hochschule Fresenius forms such energy experts. Besides energy business knowledge and extensive knowledge in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčleadership and change and innovation management are taught. Trained energy managers can adopt... [-]


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