Engineering, economics and management, social and nursing sciences make up the pillars of teaching at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. Around 5,600 students are enrolled in 11 faculties, offering a total of 25 Bachelors and 11 Master’s degree programs.

Close networking of the university with the economy, industrial and commercial organizations ensures a high degree of practical orientation within a distinct curriculum.

Students have access to over 50 highly modern laboratories on three campuses carrying out development projects commissioned by industry - interdisciplinary research on leading-edge topics in Social Work and Health is conducted with an extensive institutional network. The University achieves consistently front positions in the university.


Esslingen University’s ranking results speak for themselves. Whether in the ranking tables of the Centre for University Development (Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung, CHE), those published by the ZEIT Student Guide or the magazines “Wirtschaftswoche”, “Junge Karriere” and “Handelsblatt”, Esslingen University is always among the best in Germany. The grade “very good” is regularly awarded for Esslingen’s training and practice-oriented programs.

Excellent education and training

We stand for excellence in education and training. We awaken enthusiasm for challenging engineering, management, and social professions in young people. We encourage and support our students in developing those personal qualities which will enable them to take on professional and social responsibilities.

Scientific qualifications

Our degree programs also qualify students for a scientific career. With our advanced specialist training, we make it possible for people who are already in a profession to enhance and expand their knowledge.

Applied research

We give our research activities a high priority. They are practical, future-oriented, independent and enrich our teaching. We are continually extending our research competences and involve our students in doing the same.


Thanks to our local contacts and global networks we ensure that our teaching is practically oriented and that there is a high degree of reciprocal transfer. We create synergies through systematic cooperation with our partners.


We practice international and intercultural exchanges. This motivates our students to consider a career in a global environment and gives them the necessary skills.


“The Esslingen master's programs were among the first to be accredited in Germany, and are regularly reaccredited by the ASIIN. The ASIIN is responsible for examining and certifying STEM university programs, as well as interdisciplinary programs containing STEM subjects.

As an industrially-oriented master's programme for STEM graduates, The Esslingen master’s programs have worked closely with the ASIIN to help ensure their continued development of high quality and international recognition.”

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Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

In recent years automotive systems have increased in number, scope and complexity. The automotive industry is faced with an enormous challenge due to the rise in competit ... [+]

INNOVATIVE AND INTERNATIONAL Build your career in automotive systems Study in the heart of the European automotive industry Learn to work in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment Study in English – live in Germany

"An experience that changes your life" - Alfonso Rivera, ASM class of 2014

In recent years, automotive systems have increased in number, scope and complexity. The automotive industry is faced with an enormous challenge due to the rise in competition and steadily increasing requirements regarding cost, active and passive safety and fuel economy. These challenges can only be met by expanding and cross-linking the present automotive systems. In spite of increasing complexity, systems with greater safety, availability and reliability have to be realised. The development of such systems demands specialist qualifications and knowledge plus the ability and willingness to work in an interdisciplinary and international team. The aim of the course is to communicate these skills. BUILD YOUR CAREER IN AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS ... [-]
Germany Esslingen
October 2019
3 semesters
Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Internationality is a very important feature at Esslingen University. We offer the opportunity for students from diverse cultural backgrounds to study, work and live toge ... [+]

MEng in Design and Development for Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

Internationality is a very important feature of the Esslingen University Graduate School. We have students from diverse cultural backgrounds studying, working and living together. This intercultural exchange and cooperation is a strong added value for our master’s students.

Esslingen University maintains regular contact with many prime international companies. This is important for the development, planning, and teaching of our programs, and is of great benefit during the students' practical semester. The Esslingen University master courses are regularly accredited by renowned associations such as the FIBAA and ASIIN. ESSLINGEN – AN IDEAL PLACE TO STUDY... [-]

Germany Esslingen
October 2019
3 semesters

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

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