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The EMBA offers its students one of the most innovative study concepts of the German educational landscape. Studying privately and practically with the graduation of the state university Mittweida means it with us in Hamburg, Duesseldorf and Berlin. At this point we would like to give you a look behind the scenes. Learn more about the Business Academy, our team, the University of Mittweida and all EMBA events!

The philosophy of the EMBA

Private and practical study with the degree of a state university. The EMBA concept is innovative and promising. As a business academy, the EMBA is more than just one of the usual educational institutions. Behind her are real media makers, marketing managers and business professionals.

Personal contact with the students is fundamental to us. Only by an individual care can be provided also very good achievements. Therefore, we offer our students the best prerequisites for a successful Bachelor's degree.

They learn in very small seminar groups of a maximum of 16 to 20 students and achieve a Bachelor of Arts after six semesters thanks to a compact course of study. With numerous special services such as additional seminars, soft-skill courses, modern equipment and a new MacBook Air, they are ideally supplied at the EMBA. The close practical relevance is taught by the lecturers and lecturers from the practice and real-life projects from the first semester. Already during their studies at the EMBA, the students gain substantial experience and make important contacts for later job entry.

Studying with the media makers is the credo at the EMBA. Therefore, special emphasis is placed on the quality of training. That's why EMBA is not only well-prepared for the job afterwards, but also has the edge: on work and on life.

Quality management at the EMBA

Private and practical study with the degree of a state university: Thanks to our partner, the state university Mittweida, the EMBA offers its students one of the most innovative concepts of the German education landscape. For the consistently high quality of training, the EMBA subjects itself to strict controls.

The degree programs are accredited by the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Conference, as well as the individual locations. In addition to the study content, technical equipment, spatial offer, library and teaching aids also play a role.

Teaching at the EMBA is constantly under scrutiny. Because the lecturers of the Business Academy must comply with the scientific standards of the state university Mittweida. This also applies to all test services. Each test will be checked and approved both in advance and in order to meet the criteria of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences.

All courses of the EMBA are based on the module specifications of the state university Mittweida. The content concepts and scripts of the individual lecturers must be coordinated in advance with the program director. In addition, the EMBA committed to a regular quality report, which will be presented to the scientific advisory board. Here, the main features and results of the EMBA teaching activities are presented and discussed in the panel Optimisations.

In addition, academic visits to the state university of Mittweida and a multi-stage evaluation system ensure that the study standard at the EMBA is always high. The students at the EMBA participate in the evaluations with their own evaluations and thus ensure the very practical "endurance test" of the quality claim.

The history of the EMBA

EMBA has been in constant growth since its founding in 2007 in Hamburg. In the following years, the locations in Berlin (2009) and Düsseldorf (2011) were added. Meanwhile, the EMBA counts more than 500 students and 250 lecturers and lecturers.

At the top is Managing Director Thomas Dittrich, a longtime professional in the field of economics and media, who guarantees the academic and yet practical study at the EMBA. The EMBA is supported by the European Education and Training Association (EUBA) and the Mittweida Academy of Multimedia Education and Communication (AMAK AG).

Behind the EMBA is also the more than one hundred and forty-year history of the state university Mittweida University of Applied Sciences with prominent graduates such as food manufacturer Hans Bahlsen, Audi founder August Horch and car manufacturer Friedrich Opel.

Since the beginning of the nineties, Mittweida University of Applied Sciences has been one of the leading media universities in Germany - with its own radio station operated by the students, its own digital TV station, its own TV production company and the most modern media center of a German university. From this, the Mittweida model has developed: studying in the mornings - producing in the afternoons.

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