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A Business School Bridging the Gap Between Leadership Research and Industry Challenges

Theories can help you grasp principles you need to lead, but realities in the world of business make implementing that knowledge a very tall order indeed. Because of the breakneck pace of change that’s now common in practically every creative industry, simply staying on top of the most recent developments can be a huge challenge. And to achieve real success, you have to do more than just keep up. You have to pioneer and innovate, and inspire your team to do the same.

We help you bridge the gap between research and the edge of the envelope in your creative field, with faculty made up of top experts from academia and frontline executives – each a member in our unique and expanding global network of creative leaders. With their help and guidance, participants acquire the tools they need to lead, learning how to shoulder more responsibility and become effective, creative leaders at their companies.

Just as important for degree candidates is the peer learning that takes place during modules. Each class brings together a multidisciplinary group of experienced leaders from the creative industries, and their collaboration intensifies the challenging and rewarding learning experience. It also brings a further big advantage: By the time they finish our program, graduates are linked into a network of fellow professionals that spans the globe.

The Berlin School of Creative Leadership is the world’s first educational institute and think-tank dedicated solely to leadership for the creative industries. Based in Berlin and operated by a not-for-profit foundation, the school’s mission is to help develop leaders whose innovative ideas will refresh and transform the creative landscape.

About the Executive MBA Program:

The Berlin School Executive MBA program includes five compact two- week modules that can be completed in 18-24 months for a total of 70 classroom instruction days. The program includes modules in Berlin, Berkeley and the Silicon Valley, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo.


“By challenging convention, the Berlin School has set out to educate and inspire a new breed of thinkers and leaders in creative enterprises.”

Michael Conrad 
Berlin School President

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