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The ALLENSBACH COLLEGE specializes promptly and systematically on occupational bachelor and master degree programs. It fills with its offer an important gap in the German university system. Your profile is characterized by: the quality in their economics courses, bringing forth internationally visible research achievements and the fan-border cooperation of its departments in research and teaching.

The studies of ALLENSBACH COLLEGE are just like the scientific training and qualification programs specifically tailored to the needs of professional. They are offered in a combination of distance learning and classroom teaching and strengthen the position of ALLENSBACH COLLEGE in the field of lifelong learning. The ALLENSBACH COLLEGE provides a broad-based content courses in economics as the foundation for an education that qualifies its graduates for leadership positions, but also for scientific advancement. This they achieved with attractive Master programs that are developed not only in terms of the needs of the labor market, but equip graduates with the foundations of a sustainable and value-based management.

Its structure with thematically focused research areas enables the ALLENSBACH COLLEGETo define, in cooperation with domestic and foreign universities successfully emerging topics and to occupy about promotion projects. The applied research forms a focus. The systematic transfer of knowledge in the teaching takes place as well as the transfer into practice through partnerships with businesses.


In this context, encourages ALLENSBACH COLLEGE Promotions particularly qualified Master graduates. It combines the strengths of a research-oriented, but at the same time application-related promotion with the advantages of a clear support structure and occupational promotion programs as part of their cooperation with other universities. For continuous review and improvement of performance and quality in research, teaching and administration maintains the ALLENSBACH COLLEGE rigorous quality management. The ALLENSBACH COLLEGE sees internationalization as a core task. They continuously working on the expansion of international cooperation with universities and research institutions. It promotes the development of subject-specific international networks and the participation of its members in international research projects.

The ALLENSBACH COLLEGE pursues the strategy of gender mainstreaming in the sense of equilibrium into account-account the different realities of women and men in teaching, research and service / management. The ALLENSBACH COLLEGE is a place of teaching, research and knowledge before experienced. It is part of the cultural region Bodensee.

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Allensbach Hochschule Konstanz

Address Lohnerhofstraße 2
78467 Konstanz, Germany
Phone +49 7533 9192390