Sports Management School


Part of the EDC Paris Group (School for Managers and Entrepreneurs), Sports Management School (SMS) is a broad-based and sectoral business school entirely dedicated to the Sports Business. 

  • Our goal is to train our students to become Sports Business professionals and managers.
  • Our aim is to be the flagship school in the field of Sports Business. 

SMS enjoys the massive and unconditional support of existing Sports Experts and their Businesses.

SMS enjoys the support of the EDC alumni network ("Force EDC"), one of the most powerful business school alumni networks in France, with 13,000 members, including 4,000 business leaders, in 74 countries. Extremely active, it comprises regional and international delegations, allowing graduates to interact through business clubs.

Our purpose is to train bilingual international managers, through a customised program, an introduction to different cultures, and intensive language courses in order to :

  • acquire highly specialised knowledge about the sporting world in France and abroad
  • initiate research projects in collaboration with other European or international establishments.


This school also offers: