The Sustainable Design School is domiciled in the building “The Crown”, emblematic place of the Eco-Campus on the Eco Valley of the Plain of Var in Nice. Our school shares its premises with iconic companies like IBM and startups known for their innovations.


Founded after the creation of the design school The SDS at Nice (France) in 2013, the main goal of our Student Union The SEEDS is to create an active network of students and professionals who work on different issues: association, event, pro and international.


Adjoining the school, the Fablab FAB’AZUR (3D printers, laser cutters, 3D scanner…) allows the students to create objects for their design projects.


The encounter of people from all parts of the world sharing the same passion

The construction of international exchange programs responds to one major goal: learning how to respect. People, cultures, nature, life on this planet, yourself, and much more. There are many aspects to this statement. Some of them are linked to the professional input and the learning process via the teaching that students receive at partner institutions. Others nourish the individual soft skills, such as learning languages, gaining self-confidence, adaptability, becoming pro-reactive and being open-minded. In our global world, the designer is constantly faced with the challenge of developing products and services, in respect of the environment, for people from various backgrounds and countries.

The personal international experience plays a major role, considering that it helps to mind different user scenarios and to include them in a broad design approach. Specific situations of the daily life are not described in travel guides, and can only be observed and hold back inside the traveller’s memory. It is the deep understanding how people in other countries work, live, communicate and behave. How their entire environment responds to the cultural rules, that have evolved throughout centuries. Successful design unfolds, once the complexity of the world becomes a key inspiration for innovation.

Seeing that students enhance their portfolio of capacities and get to be confident professionals, is our goal for all of them, those who come to us, and those who go abroad.


The important questions we have to answer today require solutions compatible with the future of our planet. New approaches are necessary to enable an acceptable environment for all. The answers will need to be both imaginative and innovative. These are the fantastic opportunities awaiting our students.

In order to best meet the complexity of the modern world, The Sustainable Design School is international, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary. Practice is based upon concrete examples from companies who share our philosophy.


Prospective first-year students need a baccalaureate or equivalent international qualification for university entrance. Admission is also possible in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of the program. The diverse backgrounds of the students greatly enrich the learning environment.

At the start of the course, depending upon an individuals’ level of ability, the SDS offer drawing courses to bring all students up to the required level, both in terms of expression and technical realisation.


Right from the beginning of your studies, you will be learning within the context of industrial projects, accompanied by professionals from our partner companies. It is a unique opportunity to experience the reality of the design industry and to “learn by doing”. It is also your chance to build up your own network and to gain access to internships and job opportunities.


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SDS - The Sustainable Design School

You’ll be educated to become a designer in sustainable innovation and to develop the required skills to drive creativity in a multi-disciplinary team. ... [+]

You’ll be educated to become a designer in sustainable innovation and to develop the required skills to drive creativity in a multi-disciplinary team.

For entry into the first year of the programme, all types of secondary education majors are accepted. For enrolment into the 2nd, 3rd or 4th-year level, the variety of backgrounds thanks to former study paths of our students, are an enrichening factor for sustainable innovation and the teaching related to it. Before entering our institution and according to the individual level of the student, The SDS proposes upgrading courses in the field of drawing technics.


At The SDS, Design is taught by “doing”, with a responsible attitude towards the great opportunities for sustainable development. Corporate companies work with our institution to develop real projects of sustainable innovation. The project teams are composed of students from each study level with their multi-disciplinary (architecture, design, engineering, marketing, social sciences, ….) and multi-cultural backgrounds (international students).... [-]

France Nice
September 2019
1 - 4 years