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Born from the alliance of Rouen Business School and Reims Management School on April 24th, 2013, NEOMA Business School, has a dual ambition: to be ranked among the leading European Business Schools, and to be recognized as one of the best schools by national and international companies. Its mission is to train creative and responsible leaders who will constantly adapt to an ever-changing global environment. In keeping with a longstanding and solid expertise that has made its reputation for excellence, NEOMA Business School offers a broad and high-quality portfolio of business and management programmes (Marketing, Finance, Commerce, Supply Chain…) ranging from the Bachelor’s degree to the PhD, including Masters and Executive Education programmes. And, students apprehend a new innovative pedagogy, based on experiencing the culture of immersion and simulation (case studies, challenging seminars…). To join NEOMA Business School is to reap the benefits of some of the most active and connected networks worldwide: 55,000 graduates, 200 key corporate partners, 300 prestigious academic partners in 75 countries,9,000 students from diverse backgrounds and countries and a highly international faculty. Ranked 40th in the international rankingof the prestigious Financial Times « Masters in Management 2017 » andmaintaining aposition as 8th in thetopten Frenchshools, NEOMA Business School has 3 campuses in Rouen, Reims, Paris and holds the most coveted international triple accreditations in the realm of business schools worldwide: EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA.

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MSc Marketing French Excellence

Campus Full time 12 - 15 months September 2018 France Rouen

A 360° program that offers a broad and dense view of the marketing discipline in an international environment. New in 2017: Millennial Marketing to explore how the digital revolution has changed the field of marketing and how the most cutting-edge tools are impacting marketers globally (i.e., web marketing, social media marketing, big data, apps, netnography, etc) [+]

"Leveraging French Excellence to develop the professional marketing skills essential for a successful international career" Ewan ORMISTON, Program Director.

Are you passionate about marketing?

That is the very first requirement to enter this program. If you share the rule and spirit of passion, then the program is for you!

The MSc in Marketing French Excellence will provide you with all the specialist tools and techniques to maximize key knowledge thanks to the most recent research and cases in marketing, such as "Millennial marketing" while maximizing your employability. It is intended for students interested in working for a French Business, nationally or internationally, and for those seeking to acquire skills and know-how applicable to the strategic development ambitions of developing economies.... [-]

MSc Supply Chain Management

Campus Full time September 2018 France Rouen

The M.Sc. in Supply Chain Management offers a specialisation in the realm of the management of the supply chain, planning and strategy within an international environment. The programme is based on technical and managerial courses which put into action theory and practice in the same module. The emphasis is on immersion and corporate relations (for instance, Field trip on chemical and pharmaceutical sites). [+]

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management is taught entirely in English and focuses on supply chain management, logistics, industrial marketing, purchasing and operations management (OM). This curriculum reflects both the critical importance of these subject areas for students and their future employers, and the academic expertise of the staff and collaborators at the NEOMA Business School.DrFouad Ben Abdelaziz

Ph. D in Operations and Decision Systems,University Laval, Canada

Eligibility Requirements

3 or 4-year Bachelor's degree from universities, business school, engineer schools (available with the Two-Year MSc Option) Executive seeking professionalization or additional skills Fluent English Relevant professional or academic experience, Relevant professional objectives ... [-]

MSc in International Project Development (PRINCE2)

Campus Full time 12 - 24 months September 2018 France Rouen

Get prepared for an evolving international career in Business development! The MSc in International Project Development prepares future managers to develop international business projects from design to implementation thanks to a strong experiential approach. [+]

Anne-Sophie COURTIER Head of the MSc in International Project Development The programme and curriculum are organised like real projects, focusing on strong practical experiences where students are never left in their comfort zone. The objectives are to develop agility,learn to adapt and experiment leadership throughout various business situations. Students benefit from the opportunity to earn the PRINCE2 international certification in project management, familiarize with MS Project and discover PMI methods.The multicultural blend found in this MSc adds a superior challenging dimension to the "learning by doing" philosophy of the programme.

Eligibility Requirements

3-year Bachelor's degree with relevant work experience (from diverse educational, backgrounds universities, business school, engineer schools) 4-year Bachelor's degree or approved equivalent in a business-related field Executive seeking to acquire further skills,techniques and knowledge in business and project development to attain managerial positions ... [-]

MSc in Global Management (Double Diploma d'Amore Mc Kim School of Business, Northeastern University)

Campus Full time 18 months September 2018 France Rouen

Become an expert in cross-cultural business transactions and benefit from the opportunity to obtain a double diploma at d'Amore Mc Kim School of Business-Northeastern University, Boston (USA) [+]

Delivered on Reims campus and if you choose to do so, on D'Amore Mc Kim Boston campus, the MSc in Global Management is the best alternative or pathway to build a global outlook in a multicultural academic environment. The programme will provide you with a wide range of fundamental managerial skills (corporate and market finance, marketing, strategy and entrepreneurship etc) to make you fit for an international career at amanagerial position. Placing a strong emphasis on leadership and ethics competencies,you will dive intovarious immersion experiences andcases (field study trip, conference in Bruxels...) and the opportunity to complete a professional experience.

Get to know more on the programme and contact one of our expert at [-]

MSc in International Luxury Management (Double Diploma MIP Politecnico Di Milano)

Campus Full time 12 months September 2018 France Rouen

Benefit from the complementarity of NEOMA BS and MIP Politecnico Di Milano in their respective expertise: Understanding and Managing the value creation in luxury area, from the conception to the delivery through the Luxury value chain. [+]

Our Strengths

A unique approach: understanding, creating and managing value in a luxury firm Become skilled at the different jobs in a company through unrivalled cross-disciplinary teaching methods The credibility of two prestigious institutions, the complementarity of French and Italian expertise in the Luxury industry, a double-diploma featuring Gucci and Champagne Taittinger as main corporate partners. An interactive approach with numerous Case Studies and Company Visits


400 hours over 12 months

Programme delivered in English in Reims and Milan Full-time programme at NEOMA BS (September-January) and then MIP (February-July) Project Work Professional Dissertation Optional Internship (September-November) ... [-]


Advanced Master In Marketing & Data Analytics (Taught In French)

Campus Part time 12 months September 2018 France Rouen

Faced with the growing digitalization of business and the multiplication of channels of interaction between consumers and brands, competitive advantage lies more than ever in the ability to understand the complexity of the market and anticipate their evolution. [+]


Faced with the growing digitalization of business and the multiplication of channels of interaction between consumers and brands, competitive advantage lies more than ever in the ability to understand the complexity of the market and anticipate their evolution. Thus the big data phenomenon today represents an unprecedented opportunity for brands to rethink their innovation, communication, distribution and services for a better customer experience. So companies need more than ever to marketing staff with analytical and predictive skills to better identify problems and make the most optimal decisions of a ROI perspective. MS Marketing and Data Analytics happens at the crossroads of marketing, technology and predictive approaches with a view to achieve better marketing performance.... [-]

International Master Advanced Financial Analysis (in French + Cfa)

Campus Part time 12 months September 2018 France Rouen

Intensive instruction in Reims and in Paris in the heart of the markets Stakeholders recognized nationally and internationally. [+]


Intensive instruction in Reims and in Paris in the heart of the markets Stakeholders recognized nationally and internationally Certifications FactSet®, Reuters® and integrated Bloomberg®, and access to a trading floor A preparation to CFA® exams The certification AMF (AMF) Internship offers worldwide The high-level professional integration

Terms of admissions

Holders of a baccalaureate level degree 5 or bac + 4 with 3 years experience Possible exceptions to the limit of 30% of the promotion, for candidates with quality courses Professional career reorientation or expansion of jurisdiction

The curriculum

500 hours / 12 months 320 hours full time from October to December on the Reims campus 150 hours time-sharing (including 35 hours of preparation for the CFA), 4 days / month (Friday and Saturday) from January to June in Paris 25 hours in New York in May Company mission in parallel (professional contract, internship agreement, CDD, CDI), possibility of international internship Professional thesis ... [-]



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