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Telecom ParisTech, one of France's top five graduate engineering schools, is considered the leading French school of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Here we prepare students to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s information society; to manage complexity, innovate, self-motivated and work in a multicultural context.

Telecom ParisTech offers a wide choice of electives in ICT (Computer Science, Networks, Communications, Electronic, Signal and Image Processing, Social and Human Sciences) together with the study of economic and social aspects associated with modern technology (Economics, Management, Entrepreneurship, 11 languages).

Students design their own master’s program and benefit from a high professor/student ratio (1/4). They develop strong relationships with our foreign students (55%) and during internships or studies abroad, in one of our 70 partner universities. Our graduates are currently employed in increasingly diverse industries and professions, in France and abroad.

Founded in 1878, Telecom ParisTech is continuously innovating: inventing the word “telecommunications”, hosting the first ICT incubator in France, developing high-level education connected with international research programs and industry.

Telecom ParisTech is part of the Institut Telecom (ICT University) and a founding member of ParisTech (Science and Technology University). Composed of twelve French Engineering and Business Schools, ParisTech is classed among the top 20 universities in the world.

A school of excellence, at the forefront of innovation

When you choose Telecom ParisTech you enter the world of information and communication sciences and technologies. Our school trains engineers to be able to meet the new challenges of the information society. You will go straight to key positions in industry that call for operational, relational and managerial skills.

Indirect contact with business

Beginning in the first year, you will spend a four to eight week immersion period in a business or a non-profit organization. One semester in your final year is devoted to an internship as an engineer. You can also opt for a young engineer year. This internship enables you to acquire real experience of working in the industry. It will be an opportunity to build, present, develop and complete a solution to meet the demands of the enterprise. Internships can be in France or abroad.

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Master of Engineering

Campus Full time September 2018 France Paris Sophia Antipolis

Three essential aspects of Telecom ParisTech teaching It is important to know that there are always 3 aspects developed in Telecom ParisTech teaching, no matter what year [+]

Master of Engineering

Three essential aspects of Telecom ParisTech teachingIt is important to know that there are always 3 aspects developed in Telecom ParisTech teaching, no matter what year or track:

the scientific and technological aspect the foreign languages and cultures aspect the personal skills and human relations aspect

We believe that all three are just as important when entering the world of Engineering today. One has to be aware of the new challenges in the industry at every level, and seeing as our future engineers will be working with people from all around the world, it is important to prepare them to do so.

Thus, foreign languages and cultures are a very important aspect of our teaching, as they enable to understand and accept more easily different customs, codes and lifestyles; on the other hand, one cannot understand others without knowing oneself -we therefore also have classes based on human relations and communication, and personal skills.... [-]