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Normandy Business School (Ecole de Management de Normandie)

Over the last 25 years, the Chambers of Commerce of Caen and Le Havre have combined their efforts to set up a joint structure in Higher Education for the benefit of their respective towns and regions.

Today, this effort has given birth to the Ecole de Management de Normandie, a unified and strengthened business school ready to meet both the national and international needs of firms.

The Ecole de Management de Normandie (Normandy Business School), whose origins date back to 1871, strives to be a business school of choice that provides pre-experience and continuing education in a quality, student-centered learning environment.

Its generalist and specialised programs are designed to create a close match between the demands of regional and national corporate stakeholders and the individual aspirations of both students and faculty in order to educate responsible global citizens.

To achieve these goals, the School applies a teaching approach based on action learning and meaningful mentoring relationship with faculty, professionals and supporting communities. Academic input, underpinned by mission-relevant research, validates a portfolio of programmes designed to meet national and international quality standards.

Every year, more than 1,700 students study business. The School also has alumni in excess of 8,000.

Structure of the School

The Ecole de Management de Normandie structure is now a not-for-profit association. This major development has exemplified the completion of the merger of the three previous institutions and the enhanced cooperation built by the two Chambers of Commerce.

This major evolution has been sustained by a significant real-estate investment: a further 2, 000 m² have been opened in Caen.


Several years ago, the School initiated a quality scheme to meet evaluation procedures for Master’s degree accreditation by the French Ministry of Education and the EQUIS Guided Development process.

Today, the Master of the Ecole de Management de Normandie is recognised by the French state.

In May 2006, the School was declared eligible for EQUIS accreditation and the candidacy plan is now geared towards peer evaluation audit.

The Ecole de Management de Normandie is a member of the “Conference des Grandes Ecoles”.

All MSc and MS degrees offered at the School are accredited by the “Conference des Grandes Ecoles”, and “Badge” certification has been granted to one of the continuing education programs designed for the Normandy banking sector (Management and Commercial Development).

The “Grandes Ecoles” are specific to the French Higher Education sector: they are very selective and have limited enrolment. They aim at producing high-profile graduates in engineering, business, the arts, fine arts and social sciences.

This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • French

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This school also offers:


Master Human Resources Manager - taught in FRENCH

Campus Full time 1 year September 2019 France Paris

This program is taught in FRENCH. [+]

This program is taught in FRENCH.

Read the official French description and apply here: MS Manager des Ressources Humaines


Master Marketing, Communication and Engineering of Food Products - Taught in FRENCH

Campus Full time 1 year September 2019 France Caen Rouen + 1 more

This program is taught in FRENCH. [+]

This program is taught in FRENCH.

Read the official French description and apply here: MS Marketing, Communication et Ingénierie des Produits Agroalimentaires


Master Startup and Digital Development - Taught in FRENCH

Campus Full time 15 months September 2019 France Caen

This program is taught in FRENCH. [+]

This program is taught in FRENCH.

Read the official French description and apply here: MS Startup et Développement Numérique


MSc Cross Cultural Marketing and Negotiation

Campus Full time 15 months September 2019 France Caen

The Cross-Cultural Marketing and Negotiation program equips students with those skills needed in marketing and negotiation in an international environment. By adding a truly cross-cultural perspective to their business education, this program prepares students to communicate with culturally diverse business partners as well as to cooperate in, and to run successfully multi-cultural working groups. [+]


Two academic semesters (Sept - Jan; Jan - May) on the Campus of Caen, Normandy, France (see programme agenda) including: Over 400 class-contact hrs distributed across 9 modules (see programme content). A 5-week junior consultancy project (provided by the faculty staff - see the HEC Entrepreneurs approach). A 2-week request for proposal project (provided by Keymatch and the faculty staff). A 2-week International negotiation project with students from four different countries. A six months internship (to be served anywhere in the world) and a 20,000-word dissertation (June - Dec). The language of instruction and assessment is English.


The Master’s Degree in Cross-Cultural Marketing and Negotiation meets the demands of professionals in the area of higher education. After a period of integration, future graduates will be able to target a variety of career opportunities such as Product Manager, Category Manager, Business Manager, International Brand Manager, International Sales Manager, International Project Manager, International Marketing Consultant, Export/Import Consultant, etc.... [-]

MSc in Banking, Finance and FinTech

Campus Full time 1 year

This programme is accessible after a 4 to 5 years degree and taught on our OXFORD campus. [+]

Taught in Oxford. Objectives Acquiring a solid financial, banking culture and an understanding of new entrants in the FinTech sector in line with the companies expectations. Allowing students to find a job either in corporate finance, in banking or in Fintech. First semester

Accounting & Finance

Fundamentals of Accounting Fundamentals of Finance Managerial Accounting Ethics and Corporate Governance Quantitative Methods for Finance

Banking 1

Fundamentals of Banking Insurance & Banking (offers and customers) Challenge

Information System & Tools

Banking IT systems 1 (general architecture and tools) Fundamentals of Excel and Statistics Coding

Entrepreneurship & Management... [-]

MSc in International Events Management

Campus Full time 15 months September 2019 France Paris

To develop the skills and knowledge required to take on a position of responsibility in the events industry. The Master’s Degree in International Events Management is designed to train managers capable of managing an event from its conception to its completion from both a marketing and an operational viewpoint. Based in Paris and taught entirely in English, this programme will offer you high-quality teaching and will lead you to meet people working in event-related communication thanks to lectures, business experiences and residential seminars (Paris and Las Vegas). [+]

Attendance Pattern

Full Time 15 months, starting September in Paris, France.

Semester 1 (September - January) Semester 2 (February - May) Semester 3 (June - December) Work placement (4-6 months) Dissertation or integrative business project The MSc International Events Management is entirely taught in English, by the Normandy Business School teachers and professionals from the events industry. Academic input Critical Issues in International Events Industry, International Events Partnerships, Sponsorship, and Fundraising, Service Industry Marketing, Project Management for International Events, Strategic Management, Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship. Business skills

Additional courses in cooperation with professionals of the events industry: bid answering, press relations, roadshow in event’s communication, press review on the events business, cross-cultural management, sales technics, managing stress, presentation technics, etc.... [-]

MSc International Logistics and Port Management

Campus Full time 15 months September 2019 France Le Havre

In a competitive environment where the organizational dimensions of logistics become strategic, this MSc International Logistics and Port Management aims to train logistics experts to cope with crisis situations. [+]

MSc International Logistics and Port Management

Students will thus be able to acquire the essential knowledge and tools of international logistics, transport and port operations management.

This program fosters the ambition of providing leading-edge expertise in all the functions and processes related to international logistics management.


About 450 hours of face-to-face courses with experienced professionals/professors. Entirely taught in English. Internship of minimum 5 months. Professional thesis. Practical case studies and one assignment.

Courses are divided into 5 modules:

International transportation management (maritime, air and road). Global logistics management (Customs, international transactions, flow management, operational logistics, etc.). International Trade (customs procedures, international trade). Logistics and Port Management. ... [-]

MSc Supply Chain Management

Campus Full time 15 months September 2019 France Le Havre

Acquiring those concepts and skills that enable executives to identify, maximize and monitor at a global level the elements that contribute to adding value to the entire logistics chain in a company. The general concept of value chain is the economic model used as a modern tool for planning and supervising the logistics activities, viewed as a transversal activity of paramount importance in the new global economy. [+]

Academics Taught entirely in English by international faculty and consultants. Full time 15 months, starting September. First semester, Value Chain Management: Pre-sessional orientation Value as a Strategic Concept Supply Chains, Demand Chains, and the Value Chain Value Chain in Service Organizations Value Chain Management Field project: Audit and analysis of Supply Chain Systems (5 weeks) Second semester, Value Chain Implementation: Demand Chain/Network Design and Management Supply Chain/Network Design and Management Strategic Distribution and Transportation Information Technology Management in supply / Demand Networks Field project: Design and optimization in the supply chain (5 weeks) Work placement (5 to 6 months) to be served anywhere in the world. Opportunities ... [-]

MS Entrepreneurs

Campus Full time 15 months September 2019 France Le Havre

The Master Specialized Entrepreneurs (in French - in French) aims to train the leaders and managers of tomorrow ... [+]

Program Objectives:

Learn to decide and directMaking managerial responsibilitiesDevelopment of new skills in management and entrepreneurshipOverall vision of the companyDiagnosis and audit businessDevelopment of autonomy and adaptability

future creators

Knowledge, coaching and personalized support

Before missions, students participate in seminars on specific themes each. Courses and readings are given by specialists who bring their practical field experience and theoretical developments to their areas of expertise.

A coaching approach to business creation

In addition to this device individualized tutoring, individual support provided by professionals and consultants specializing in the creation and acquisition of companies, is available throughout the year to holders of projects to help materialize. An adjustment of the 2nd half is possible that the establishment of the company is effective right out of the Master. Since the introduction of coaching in 2007, 27 students have created or taken over a business. ... [-]

MS Marketing Strategy and Business Development

Campus Full time 15 months September 2019 France Le Havre

This program is accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles and is accessible after a Bac 4/5. [+]

objectivesTrain in marketing, multi-channel marketing, communication and sales.To enable students to acquire knowledge and to develop their know-how and their know-how, necessary for an integration and an evolution in company.Develop the ability to take initiatives to act as a leader and to work in a team: qualities essential to the professional success of future managersStrong pointsA program offering a double-competency: in marketing / commercial strategyA course adapted to ESC, IEP, Engineers, Academics or Cadres in training recoveryEducational content created from real business casesA professional training: mission, challenge in company, business dating, professional conferences ...A promotion on a human scaleModules and materials... [-]

Specialized Master - Territorial Development Str@tegy

Campus Full time 15 months September 2019 France Caen

This program is taught in FRENCH only. [+]

The MS Territorial Development Str@tegy trainsTerritorial Developers to be able to foster the emergence of local projects within the framework of territorial development schemes.

This program is taught in FRENCH.

Read the official French description and apply here: MS Str@tégie de Développement Territorial



Master: 3rd Cycle Information Systems Manager (Taught in French)

Campus Full time 15 months September 2019 France Caen

This program is taught in FRENCH. [+]

This program is taught in FRENCH.

Read the official French description and apply here: 3ème cycle Manager des Systèmes d’Information



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