EIML Paris Ecole Internationale de Marketing du Luxe


EIML Paris Ecole Internationale de Marketing du Luxe is the unique school of its own in France that offers a five-year higher education program from Bachelor to Master’s levels. Created in collaboration with the major economic players in the luxury sector, the program provided by EIML Paris trains managers to be and is particularly suited to those seeking a career with high responsibilities in various sectors:

* Purchasing: Raw material Buyer, Merchandiser Products Manager, Retail Operator

* Marketing: Product Manager, Marketing Survey Consultant, E-marketing Projects Manager, Category Manager

* Communication: Press and Media Officer, Event Communication Manager, Public Relations Officer, Media Planner

EIML Paris Program is twofold:

A three-year Bachelor program
The program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of the Luxury Industry through many and various lectures on the following topics: Culture, Art, and Civilization, Marketing and Communication, Luxury Markets.
At the end of the third year, students obtain a Bachelor degree in Marketing of Luxury Brands

A two-year Master program:
During these two years of study, students deepen their knowledge of the luxury market and develop their management skills.
The program offers the possibility for students to work part-time (3 days a week) in one of the many Luxury Industries and brands. In addition, in the fifth year, students have to finalize their degree by an internship from 6 up to 9 months.
At the end of the fifth year, students are awarded an MBA of Marketing of Luxury Brands, which is a state-certified degree
In the world capital of the Luxury industry, Paris, students will understand that Luxury is, above all, a unique art of know-how and that retailing of Luxury products and services requires a deep knowledge of what quality means.
The very focused curriculum enhances students’ skills and competencies to work effectively in the Luxury industry, by the understanding of the specific codes and language of this sector.

EIML Paris delivers a French State recognized Master's degree.



EIML Paris

35 quai André Citroën
75015 Paris, Île-de-France, France
+33 1 82 83 41 34

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