Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena


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It was founded in 1967, a year after the founding of the University; by the initiative of the then Dean of the Faculty of Education Dr. Luis Alfredo Mejia Duvergé to meet the need for a center where graduates of the Faculty of Education could make their teaching practices, management and supervision needed for these professionals succeed in strength in their field work.

This school was the first to arise in a University Campus. In the 1973-1974 school year we fled the Reform Plan of Education, in the 1995-1996 school year adopted the General modality established in the new curriculum, according to the ordinance 1.95. In 1993 he receives the name of its founder Dr. Duvergé Luis Alfredo Mejia.


We are a recognized educational center whose main purpose is to provide quality education, preparing citizens useful and efficient for society and the higher education system, with a comprehensive training under the rule of creativity, participation and clearly defined activities With regard to the values ​​and principles, projecting towards a more just society throughout the universe of his life; with motivations for modern and competitive life, promoting responsible behavior, in which players can interact to boost the education Integral developing moral, ethical and civic values ​​which can be thrown in your family, university and working life.


Be a pre-university ethical example of academic excellence, based on integrated training, moral values, and civic, where through teamwork, involving different actors of the educational community. Students (as), Masters (as) and parents.


Honesty, Solidarity, Integrity, Respect, Innovation, loyalty to the institution, Commitment, Institutional, Companionship, punctuality, reliability, patience, justice, honesty, friendship, Ethics, Fairness, Respect for national values, good communication, good human relations, freedom of belief, exercise authority without outrage.

This school offers programs in:
  • Spanish