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Innovative Education for Business Leaders

AVT Business School is a recognized and internationally accredited MBA business school for professionals who aspire to make a greater impact and achieve the next level of success.

AVT is a learning community for driven executives who aspire to make a greater impact—in their own work and in their industry as a whole. Our students have the courage to broaden their horizons, be visionaries in their field, and prepare for fresh career challenges. While AVT attracts individuals of various ages, backgrounds, and life experiences, they are all united through a common objective: achieving that next tier of professional success.

At the core of AVT is an outstanding international faculty comprised of visiting professors who also teach at some of the world’s leading universities. These individuals have been selected based on their academic merits and illustrious business careers, as well as their ability to engage our executives in a truly interactive learning experience.

Why AVT?

• A groundbreaking, fully accredited global learning institution

• Top faculty from elite American business schools

• Intensive yet flexible education for the busy executive

• Highly effective learning methods adapted from Harvard University

• Opportunities for lifelong learning and networking

• A focus on translating theory into practical action

The AVT educational concept consists of two primary education modules: the CBA and the MBA. Both are real-world programs designed for busy professionals, combining proven teaching methods with an intensive pace to ensure maximum learning in minimal time.

More than 1,000 executives have completed the CBA and MBA programs at AVT since its inception, making AVT one of the largest CBA/MBA schools in Denmark.



AVT Business School
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DK-1250 Copenhagen, Denmark

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