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History of Schools

The College of International and Public Relations in Prague , ops was founded in 1999 by the founding group: the School of International and Public Relations Prague, Higher Technical School, Secondary School, Gymnázium, sro as the highest level of integrated education system. It began its activities after accrediting its study program on 24 April 2001 and granting state approval on March 15, 2002 from the academic year 2002/2003.

The School of International and Public Relations Prague, VOŠ, SOŠ, Gymnázium, sro was the successor organization of the School of Management and Services Prague, founded in 1991 as one of the first private schools in the Czech Republic. Besides Prague, it had its subsidiaries in another 6 locations in the Czech Republic. The change of name has prompted the transformation of educational content into international relations, diplomatic services, public administration and public relations, ie those fields of study which in the upcoming period of information society development will form the basis of a professional structure of the labor market and socially desirable and recognized qualifications. The school is included in the network of schools of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.

On the basis of the administrative procedure, VŠMVV Praha obtained on 10 November 2008 from the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic "Permit to provide university education in the territory of the Slovak Republic in accordance with the legislation of the Czech Republic" for bachelor and postgraduate study programs International and Public Relations. Following this, the Education and Consulting Institute of VŠMVV Praha in Bratislava was established, allowing the study of international relations and public administration.

At present, the new project is to build a primary and nursery school. The result should be a comprehensive and comprehensive system of education from nursery to college. And at the same time fulfilling the goal, wishes and reference of Mr. Alois Houdek.

7 Reasons to Study at Our School

1. Friendly and friendly environment

At our school we do not recognize that a student is just a number. From the first meeting, after school, to the final graduation, when the Rector speaks friendly with you (because he will remember you from the Cultural Anthropology he led), you will live in a school where people know each other and recognize each other!

2. Meeting with personalities

During your studies you will meet not only former and current but also future personalities. It will be you! You and your classmates will become political commentators, diplomats and representatives of the Czech Republic in the future (see what is happening at the Premium Student Club). Which other school can you say you have been in trouble with the Foreign Secretary or Ambassador in Qatar?

3. World view and outlook

We closely follow international events. If previously "Latin Latin" was English, other languages ​​are now significant. Therefore, for example, we are introducing Chinese and Arabic teaching (all study plans here) from next year. We closely monitor current geopolitical developments, especially European, Asian and Islamic. We want you to lead the education of Czech politicians, journalists and diplomats!

4. Background and Knowledge - Leadership tools

It is said that whoever does not know history is condemned to the eternal repetition of his mistakes. That's why we do not learn about our school but learn connections. Knowledge and experience - these are the most powerful tools of your future career!

5. A school like the Babylonian tower

Our school is in the best international sense. Young people, from the peaks of Pamir to the French Alps, are studying. You will meet different cultures here and you will have the opportunity to travel to Europe, especially within the Erasmus program. Because only one who knows foreign languages ​​and knows a foreign country understands his homeland and can lead it!

6. We offer scholarships and no hidden fees

Our tuition is complete and final. It contains everything you need when you study on schedule. Unlike other Prague schools boasting lower tuition fees, we do not hide exam fees and other things. On the contrary! We offer a wide range of discounts - you can get an accommodation and social scholarship, a scholarship benefit, a tuition fee for work as an auxiliary scientific force, a discount for bringing your friend and a big discount to mark the anniversary of the school's existence, to fool hidden charges elsewhere!

7. Career from the first day

Studying with us will open your doors to the world and to many institutions. We provide tens of internships to major companies and government agencies for our students every year. Thanks to them, you will have experience that you will not get anywhere else. Start your career while studying!

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Master European Studies and Public Administration

Campus Full time Part time 2 years September 2018 Czech Republic Prague + 1 more

The European Studies and Public Administration Master's degree program is designed for candidates who are interested in working in the field of European integration processes or public administration. [+]

Bachelor study in full-time or combined form


The European Studies and Public Administration Master's degree program is designed for candidates who are interested in working in the field of European integration processes or public administration.

Profile items History of Modern Public Administration in the Czech Republic Control systems of public administration in the Czech Republic and the EU Public finances of the Czech Republic and the EU International public law EU funding Administrative Criminal Law in the Czech Republic


The graduate is equipped with knowledge of the state administration and territorial self-government of the Czech Republic, as well as knowledge of the functioning and decision-making principles of the EU. In practice, he can transfer his knowledge of international and European law and public finances in the Czech Republic and the EU. There is also a professional language skills that can be used to apply for positions in international institutions. They are applied simultaneously in the offices of the state administration and territorial self-government and their institutions.... [-]


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