Center For Economic Research & Graduate Education - Economics Institute (CERGE-EI)


Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education - Economics Institute (CERGE-EI) offers world-class graduate education in Economics to students from around the world with a special focus on transition countries of Central and Eastern Europe, CIS, South Caucasus, and other emerging markets.

Chartered by the State of New York and accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, CERGE-EI is a joint institution of Charles University in Prague and the Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

"In a remarkably short period of time, CERGE-EI has become one of the most prominent places in Europe to study Economics."

Orley Ashenfelter, Professor, Princeton University

President, American Economic Association, 2011

Global Impact and Reputation

CERGE-EI is ranked globally in top 3% of economics institutions by the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) and in the top 5% by Research Papers in Economics (RePEC).

International Faculty

CERGE-EI faculty members are trained at leading Western universities and publish their research widely across a broad range of fields in theoretical and applied economics. Professors hold PhD degrees from top universities including Princeton, Johns Hopkins, the London School of Economics, University College of London, Washington University St. Louis, the Universities of Chicago, Virginia, Minnesota, Pittsburgh and Michigan, among others.

"CERGE-EI has assembled a group of vigorous scholars who offer high quality training and access to frontier research in economics in Central Europe. The seminars are active, the scholars are productive and the students trained there are doing high quality reserach."

James J. Heckman, Professor, University of Chicago

2000 Nobel Laureate in Economics

Diverse Student Body

CERGE-EI educates approximately 250 students from more than 35 countries in its various programs each year.

"The students I have taught at CERGE-EI were the best, as a group, that I have ever had in my 42 years of teaching at Harvard, Michigan, and Arizona."

Prof. Lester Taylor, University of Arizona

Successful Alumni

CERGE-EI graduates hold high-level positions in 21 countries worldwide. Employers include academic institutions (Tilburg University, University of British Columbia, Northwestern University, University of Vienna, etc.), international organizations (e.g. The World Bank, IMF, EBRD, ILO, UNDP, Eurostat, OECD), government ministries, central banks, and the private sector (e.g. McKinsey, BCG, EY, Moody's, Deloitte, Citibank, Raiffeisenbank, Vodafone, IBM, eBay).

Best Resources

  • Premier Economics library - unique in the region in terms of the accessibility and breadth of its collection of over 100,000 volumes, including all relevant international scientific journals and online databases.
  • Long tradition of hosting public lectures of Nobel Laureates (11 to date) and other distinguished speakers, including Ed Glaeser, Eric Maskin, Christopher Sims, and Joseph Stiglitz.
  • Academic and policy oriented research.
  • Campus in the center of Prague in magnificent palatial halls of the historic Schebek Palace, known also as the House of Angels with history dating back to the 14th century.
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  • English

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MA in Applied Economics

Campus Full time 1 year September 2019 Czech Republic Prague

An intensive empirically-based 1-year program to gain rigorous economics education and analytical skills. [+]

MA in Applied Economics

The Masters in Applied Economics (MAE) is an intensive, empirically-based program that enables you to become a real economist in only 1 year! You study at the university in the center of beautiful Prague and get a fully chartered U.S. Master's degree recognized all over the world.

The MAE program is:

practically oriented to prepare students for professional career in top-level positions in Economics, Finance, and related fields; includes rigorous technical training designed to reflect the current economic conditions and employers' demand for specialists; combines modern economic theory and application, professional communication, applied English skills, and real-world case studies. ... [-]