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ULASALLE, as it is also known, was approved by the National Council of Higher Education (CONESUP) by resolution No. 252-94, Art. 2 of November 14, 1994. In January 1995, La Salle Costa University Rica opened its doors, being number 73 in the Lasallian world. Faithful to the intuition of Saint John Baptist De La Salle, ULASALLE since its foundation established as a guideline, the provision of higher education services of high academic solidity, with strict adherence to the values of the human being based on the spirit of service and cooperation. It seeks to promote the dignity of the person through training aimed at preparing professionals able to make rational and critical judgments, aware of the transcendental dignity of the human person. It encourages in its learners a deep technical and humanistic formation according to the Lasallian charism so that these principles serve when they graduate to put into practice our university motto "To know to serve". To interiorize and live Lasallian values is an essential part of our identity and should lead us to experience a strong sense of belonging to an institution whose purpose according to Saint John Baptist de La Salle is the integral growth and full happiness of every person, especially the poor , The marginalized, the less loved, the excluded. We want to be a learning community, where students are the center of the process and our attention, and the relationships that are experienced are fraternity and sorority. To achieve this, our emphasis should focus on quality in all our services.


To train competent professionals at the university level, able to think, act, feel, from a value system, a vision of service and a deep democratic vocation for the transformation of reality.


To be a University with a Humanist option and innovative from the complex thinking and that takes into account to the workers and professionals. THE LASALLIST MISSION RUNS TODAY TO 86,768 EDUCATORS (RELIGIOUS, RELIGIOUS, PRIEST, AND SECRETARY) IN ASSOCIATION WORKING IN 80 COUNTRIES AND REACHING 946,698 STUDENTS. Saint John Baptist De La Salle is the founder of the Institute of Brothers of Christian Schools, Patron of Christian Educators. It was the first to organize teacher training centers, apprenticeship schools for criminals, technical schools, high schools for modern languages, arts, and sciences. His Work spread rapidly in France and, after his death, throughout the world. In 1950, because of his life and inspired writings, he received the title of Patron Saint of those who work in the field of education. Juan Bautista showed how to teach and treat young people, how to deal with deficiencies and weaknesses with compassion, how to help, heal and strengthen. In total, the Lasallian Institute has 1049 educational centers all over the world. The diversity of works is clear: Primary schools, secondary education, higher education, teacher training and catechists, literacy programs, non-formal schooling, pastoral centers, youth support groups, boarding schools, agricultural schools, art and trade schools, technical schools, orphanages, Re-education houses, radio-educational. "Lasallian schools and institutions are open to anyone who wants to benefit from them. His students come from all cultures and religions. " The Lasallian mission: human and Christian education. A shared mission.

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