Shantou University Business School


Shantou University Business School

Shantou University, with a beautiful campus located under the Sangpu Mountain, is an emerging and uniquely featured university. Shantou University Business School is a key unit of the University. It has been developing quickly to become an important platform of management education around the economic regions of the western coast of the Taiwan Strait and the Pearl River Delta.

In line with the education value advanced by Mr. Li Ka-Shing, the Chinese business leader, Shantou University Business School aims at training a new generation of business elites with Aspiration, Knowledge, Persistence, and Achievement. The School envisions the frontier of China’s economic development in a context of globalization, and devotes to develop an internationally-recognized management education system with Chinese characteristics.

Shantou University Business School attracts best students from all over the country, recruits and retains faculty members with elite education background and rich experience. Students and teachers are the precious treasure of the School. Students receive high-quality management education in a program integrating the dimensions of internationalization, localization, specialization, and personalization, and focusing on the components of management theories, skills and technologies. The school has built partnerships with an increasing number of domestic and overseas education institutions and corporations, providing an extensive platform of communications and innovative practices for students and teachers. Teachers and students team up to learn and explore business issues, and make achievement. Graduates of our School are widely welcomed; as reflected by the continuous full employment record and the quick increase of starting salaries in recent years. The School has been accredited as a Pilot Program with Unique Features by the National Ministry of Education, a Top-Branded Program by the Guangdong Provincial Education Bureau. It is striving to achieve higher targets.

Shantou, as well as the surrounding Chaoshan plain, is the birthplace of the ‘Chao’ business group (Chaoshang), one of the most successful and distinguished business groups in the Chinese business circles. The embedded culture of Chaoshang is fused into management education of Shantou University, particularly learning and innovations of the students and teachers, resulting in strong dynamics for sustainable development of the Shantou University Business School.

This school offers programs in:
  • English