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Go Abroad China is a 13-year-old organization devoted to fostering international understanding through Learn Chinese in China, and internship in China programs. Our company is one of the biggest Global Internship Placements and Chinese language teaching providers. Go Abroad China was founded on the precepts that the best way to learn Chinese and experience Chinese culture is through immersion in a Chinese environment which separates spoken Chinese and Character recognition, has been proven to expedite Mandarin Chinese language learning. If you want to progress your spoken Chinese quicker and understand the logic of Chinese characters’ construction, that coming to China should be fun and exciting, not difficult!

Go Abroad China is also known for our paid internship in China for international students with some of the Fortune 500 companies, you Choose from the most exciting and important 14 industry sectors operating in China with Go Abroad China, develop professional skills in your preferred industry. All of our programs offer the unique opportunity to develop professional skills in your preferred industry. Whilst also gaining exposure to China’s dynamic culture and lifestyle.

10 reasons to choose Go Abroad China

1. Established in 2003, and the only program organizer to provide not only the internship program but also the study Chinese program and study tour program in China.

2. Qualified and experienced teachers, all the degree qualified, bilingual, comprehensively trained and have lots of Chinese teaching hours experience.

3. A wide range of programs for all levels, a small group Chinese classes, private tutoring, study at China top universities such as BlCU, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Internship programs etc.

4. Credits, transcript, and certificates, which are recognized and accepted by all universities in the world.

5. A wide range of effective and practical Chinese courses for all levels.

6. A range of quality accommodation options- homestay, private apartment and shared apartment.

7. Great students' life, various fun cultural activities, making friends from around the world.

8. Professional service staff to help you to settle in China.

9. Personalized follow up during your internship or study in China.

10. Academic partnerships all around the globe.



Well, having decided to come to China, the best way to experience this country is to join us! We are glad to take the frustration out of your trip while you focus on study, touring, or the internship work experience.

We take pride in the following aspects of our organization:

An All-Inclusive Service Pack

The best thing about us is that all of our program fees are definite; you do not need to pay any extra fees for the services listed. Our package includes, but is not limited to:

  • Excursions and trips
  • Pre-departure assistance and onsite orientation
  • Airport transfers
  • Total program fee also includes housing
  • Textbooks
  • Networking and cultural events
  • Certificate of completion and credit transfer

Please take a look at our full list of GAC support and assistance services.

Round the clock 24/7 support service

Our staff is multinational, highly competent, professional and friendly, and we always strive to provide the best service to our international clients. We ensure that your every need is attended to, ensure your safety and do all that is necessary to help you adjust to life in China upon the first arrival. Need some travel advice? Have trouble purchasing things at the supermarket? Want an English-speaking doctor in the middle of the night? No problem! These are precisely the things we take care of. Our unparalleled availability and top quality service are our strongest points.

Language & Culture Immersion

Here we urge our clients to take what they learned in the classroom and go use it to engage local Chinese people. From business Chinese lessons, basic things like learning names of countries in Chinese, then moving higher to richer content. On the cultural side, you can take part in exciting Chinese cooking classes, martial arts, enjoy the varied Chinese cuisine, and many more activities. It is our number one priority here at Go Abroad China to give you a platform to make the most out of your trip to China. The is really the best way to learn Chinese; an interesting combination of language and culture.

Networking Opportunity

This is particularly important to our clients taking part in the internship program. We organize networking events to help them meet and gain knowledge from influential and successful business individuals. You never know which contact may lead to long-term employment! Besides that, we also help our different program participants also get to one another, leading to new friendships. For those doing paid internships in China, creating these networks is particularly important.

GAC Financial Support

We believe that if you really want to come to China then nothing should stand in your way. That is why we offer GAC scholarships and other forms of financial aid to the most qualified candidates annually, proving our dedication to the promotion of cultural bridges and mutual understanding.

Professionalism and Honesty

We are a team of hardworking, professional employees and always make sure that all of our clients’ personal information that is sent to us during the application process is treated with the highest level of confidentiality and solely used for program application only.

Proven Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our customers’ happiness and satisfaction are at the forefront of our values. Should you not be satisfied or have more specific requirements regarding any of our programs, we are ready to customize and seek further alternatives to meet your needs. Over the years, we have received participants from over 20 different countries; and due to hard work, we have consistently received positive feedback from our clients. Some of our alumni even recommend their friends to get on board and experience China with the Go Abroad China organization. Please take a look at our Participants’ Feedback and Video Testimonial to understand how we operate.

Payment Policy and Best Competitive Price

When applying for any of our programs, we only require a small deposit as an upfront payment. This deposit will, of course, be deducted from the total program fee; you will NOT be required to pay the full program cost until we provide you with a detailed program placement that you are happy with, this is to ensure that you have no risk.

With over 10 years’ experience and a solid place in the industry, our prices are competitive yet still guarantee that you get the most out of the program you have paid for. As a fully functioning company, we know how the market operates; our niche is providing international standard service at an affordable price, which has kept us operating and able to withstand the competition for many years.

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