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Beijing Foreign Studies University, the first Chinese University to provide its courses online, offers a unique opportunity for international law and non-law professionals to develop an expertise in Chinese Law. These online law programs are approved, recognized and awarded by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China.

With the growing importance of Chinese law on the global stage, more and more international lawyers and non-law professionals are seeking to learn about China’s legal system. Prior to launching these courses, taking in-depth courses in Chinese law required relocating to China for a period of 2 years or more. Realising this is not a practical solution for many busy international professionals, these online law courses seek to take advantage of the latest technology to bring law courses to a wider market, offering in-depth courses in Chinese Law on your terms.

About Online Law School of Beijing Foreign Studies University

The Beijing Foreign Studies University was established in 1941 as China’s first institution specializing in foreign language study, training many of China’s foreign diplomats and earning the nickname China’s Georgetown. With China’s rapid economic growth, the School of Law of the Beijing Foreign Studies University was founded to meet China’s need for a legal profession. Since establishment, the School of Law has grown into a highly competitive law program which today includes an undergraduate LL.B. program, an LL.M. program for Chinese students and LL.M. law program for international students.

The mission of the School of Law of Beijing Foreign Studies University is to prepare its students to become lawyers who have the legal knowledge and skills to practice in a global community. Be relevant, be global and provide solid legal foundations are the goals of the School of Law.
These online law programs is a partnership between Beijing Foreign Studies University and The Spirit of Law School of Law.

Beijing Foreign Studies University provides the teaching, teaching material and course management The Spirit of Law School of Law provides the platform development and course management and China Global Education Services promotes the programs internationally.

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